Those tears won't dry

Woooh Chris that was A LOT of comments! =D Thanks, I hope you had fun but I missed your little comments and talkin to you. I'm glad you're back from.. where where you? =P

Today we picked up the camping car thingy, I'll make sure to get a photo of it for this weekend's posts. And we also had lunch at Grandma's place and I had to say goodbye to her and Helmut. I have realised something about saying goodbye to people. I am getting kinda good at it now and if the person is staying cool just saying "I'll miss you but you'll have a great time and I'll see you in a year..." then there's not a problem and I feel sad of course but I survive it without a breakout of tears. But when someone gets as upset as Vivvi did, and cries, I can't help but join them. Everytime someone cries I do so too.. It's annoying but I can't help it.

Animation1333.gif image by kathys_comments

Right now I'm gonna take a shower because we're leaving really early tomorrow for our camping trip. I'm just gonna finish watching "Beck - Annonsmannen" first because it's thrilling.. ^^

Awesomeness on the edge of sillyness

Hi there

Hope you have noticed my new design ^^ I've been working on it quiet a bit (couldn't sleep) and I really love the effect when you place the mouse on the header or not... xP lovely, or what do you think? I want comments! =)

The day was spent with Tessan <3
First we went to town where we visited an "Expert Shop" because Tessan was buying a new mobile phone she'd already picked out. Unfortunately it was sold out in that shop, so we walked to another one (it was reeeeally far and took long, halfway back to Ropsten to a place called Storängsbotten). There we waited in line, and guess what happens? The girl in front of us buys the VERY LAST ONE of that kind!!! That's just not happening, so very not our day... O.o

Anyway, we had a nice afternoon at home then, and my dear old friend (actually the oldest one I have that's still as close as ever) gosh am I gonna miss her? YES of course I'll miss her like hell. Also, I will miss her birthday (6th of Aug) with only two days... which is kinda sad. But anyway, I'll be home for her 18th birthday which is much bigger here.. kinda like sweet 16 is in America =)

Oh and I've recieved the dates and times for my returning to Sweden next spring!
I'll leave Utah on the 3rd of June (2010) @ about 5 pm (am time). Then I fly til about 11 pm (am time), but I arrive home at 7 am (sw time)... So on my ticket it says
Departure: 5 pm
Arrival: 7 am
Weeeeird xP

Have a nice week now everybody, I will be away camping with my family =) But hopefully I get to write some more tomorrow everning too because we'll just drive and get the camping car thingy tomorrow and won't leave civilization entirely til tuesday morning...

There's no combination of words

Woooh I just had a kind of "near-death-moment" when neither my blog or the page where I write these posts wanted to open...! And I just freaked out like I have 14 MONTHS OF WRITING on this blog and losing that just in one second like that.. woosh I'd have cried.

Right now my computer decided (by its own will) to cheer me up by playing my (right now) favvie song that reminds/makes me think of Sarah <333

Love you girl and I really miss talking to you ^^

This is for you<3

A totally wonderful song, going to learn to play the guitar along singing it tomorrow. And I've listened to it about 20 times in a row already this evening ^^

Other stuff about today:

I spent most of the afternoon painting the outside of the balcony rail on our second floor balcony while dad did the same thing on the inside of the rail. Imagine me on a ladder that's standing on the roof of the little house where we keep stuff (it's about one floor high)... Did I mention I'm afraid of heights in situations like this? Hm..

Then Agnes came here and joined us for dinner and we had fun just talking and I'm gonna miss her and the girls in my class sooo much this year.. Love to Agnes for coming home from her summerhouse over this weekend =)

Now I'm gonna fall asleep (yeah like that's gonna happen, I had three and half gigantic glasses of blueberry milkshake after dinner I'm still hyper) to the sweet sounds of "Better Together" by Jack Johnson <3

Sweet dreams!

In the summersky

I told you there were lots of birthdays in July, didn't I? Well today it's Rachie's time, she's turning 14 and this post is for you Rach!!! <3

I know it's not your birthday yet where you are, but here it's past 1 am and therefore I wanna say Happy Birthday Rachie!!!
Love ^^

Ja må hon leva


Hope you have a wonderful day full of things that make you happy! See you soon ^^


It's extremely insane

Oh I just realised that earlier I got a comment from Solveig saying something like "is it unusual for rollercoasters in sweden to go upsidedown?" Well of course we have a lot of those, but what I thought was so freaky with "Insane" is that it doesn't just go upsidedown but it falls around uncontrolled depending on your weight....

Here's a clip with the swedish "celebrity/singer" Danny when he's testing it. Even though you might not understand the interview, please view it because it really shows how much you're just rolling around in it xD

And then there's this other thing I had never tried before, called Extreme. And even though this clip is made by girls who were only filming because Jason Mraz was it the ride, it shows how much you go upsidedown here too ^^

Hope you enjoyed =P

Got photos, memories and an empty space

Hi my dear readers!
Today, finally, I have the time to upload some photos from the sailing etc. So this will probably be a very long post with lots of photos =)

First, I'm gonna tell you about yesterday evening. I was visiting my brother and his girlfriend who just moved into their new house this Tuesday. It is one of the most wonderful houses I've ever seen, with so many fantastic details. And for them it's huge, with rooms they don't even know what to do with yet xP Wish we had that too heheh
They also have a little garden with a pear tree, and my brother bought a lawnmower yesterday which made him feel very grown up xD Well he is 30 so... Anyway, we had a nice barbeque dinner there, and there dessert was incredibly good.. yum!

Anywho (gen's favvie expression), here are some photos ^^ Enjoy and please comment! (Klick on each pic to see it)

Day 1 - The sky opened up and we got really wet

It was raining all day and still I was up in the rain with dad for almost the entire day. ALso, I realised I have a completely white outfit of rainclothes. White hat (see pic), jacket, pants, rubber boots and even a white life jacket xP Hilerious, isn't it?

Day 2 - After staying at South of Möja over the night, we went on out on the sea, towards the end of the archipelago


Days on "The Swedish Heights"

Swimming with the dogs <3 And rowing with our little boat called "Concha" which means Seashell in Portugese


Perfect for running on the warm cliff and then jump right out in the deep blue <3

- Walking around the island.. Some odd but lovely pics <3


The labyrint thingy, they're all over these islands =P
And notice on the last pic, that there's nothing else outside this group of islands, only sea <3 Lovely sunset it was!

- Sunny day spent swimming


Notice one sister is wearing a cap and one is holding on to a shoe.... I have to admit it, they are kinda crazy sometimes <333 But that's what I love about them!

- "I am Sailing, I am Sailing, Home again, Cross the Sea"


Home again - The garden had changed quite a bit and all the berries were ready for eating xP


Then my sister went and got herself a haircut yesterday ^^ Before and After:


Lovely <3

Soo, if you made it this far and looked at all these photos... you're amazing =P Well done, I hope you liked it, and have a nice day =)
Time for some more packing....

What it's like to be nameless

Tonight I've watched the very last episode of Midsomer Murders, the best show ever in my opinion. Sad the show's over, but it was great and I will miss Barnaby and Jones. There have been two other assistants before Jones - named Troy and Scott - but Jones has been my favourite. I really hope they make more episodes, one can never know =)

Then I found out that my cousin, Stefan Marling, is in this new police thriller movie called Beck - I stormens öga. For you who are american and reading this, I should tell you that Beck is a very famous swedish police series just like Midsomer Murders, but in Swedish of course. And there have been A LOT of movies about the main police Beck and his assistant Gunvald Larsson. In this movie my cousin - as I said - had a pretty big part. He plays one of the really bad guys, and if you look at this trailer belowe, you can see him at several times. He's one of the guys sitting in the car in one scene, then he's watching his mate being shot and screams at the police who shot him (he screams something like "What the fuck do we do now?!" or something..) and he's got long dark hair (hopefully he's had a haircut by now, last winter he looked like that villain in real life too heheh). Then he's being thrown to the floor by the same police who shot (Gunvald Larsson) and later he's being kicked in the face by a woman.. You'll see =)
Anyway, I think it's great he's in such a big movie, and my other cousin Hedvig, she's been in an earlier Beck movie as a relative to the victim... ^^

Enjoy the trailer

Sadly, this film has its premiere a few weeks after I leave for the US, but I will buy it on DVD when I come back home =)

"That's why I sleep with my shoes on"

Hello again,
Though it was supposed to be raining this week, the sun is shining.. weird

I've just come home from shopping, and guess what I bought? xP A new suitcase for my year abroad! And it's PINK =D Wiiiiieee!!

I know I promised photos from the sailing, but I haven't been able to upload them into my computer yet, so they are coming but they are not in this post.. Maybe the next one =)

Yesterday evening I went to the HBP movie (Half-blood prince, in case someone was unfamiliar with HBP) and it surely was good but so many things from the books are missing and they intend (in my opinion) to focus on the wrong things. Dumbledore rarely says anything but the most important stuff, all the mystic around him is gone.. And Harry and Ginny, I was expecting something more than a tiny little butterfly-kiss in secret O.o
Luna was good, and Lavender was just as annoying as expected. Hermione was ok, and Slughorn, well he had a big role that's for sure. I hate it that the funeral wasn't in the movie (not gonna tell who's funeral, in case someone reads this who haven't seen the movie or read the book), but when they all lit their wands... pure magic <3

Oh, and the title of this post is a quote from the film. It's Luna saying it, explaining to Harry how she's never been to a particular part of the castle, at least not awake. Since she's sleepwalking, she might have been there asleep. And that's why she sleeps with her shoes on.. <3 Gotta love Luna =P

Now I'm gonna start packing, which is about the hardest thing I've ever done.. I need to clean out a lot of things from my room so my parents can use my desk if needed, and I like cleaning out stuff so when I come back I can decide what I want to put back on the shelves.. But right now my room looks like a thunderstorm's been passing, and it's a bit hard to make enough space for the new bag.. I might have to put it on my bed for now =)

And, as you might have noticed, today it's TWO WEEKS til I go to the US!!!!! Only two weeks left, that is so incredible little time, just 14 days, 13 nights, 334 h, 20160 minutes... it's crazy

Will write more soon, and upload photos =D

Don't think too much

I'm back I'm back =D

Sad news: We're expecting rain all of next week, so we decided to cancel the rest of the sailing and go home...

Good news: We had some amazing days at the islands at the very end of the Swedish archipelago (is that spelled right?) called "Svenska Högarna" aka The Swedish Hights. I've been swimming a lot and sailing and gosh it was fun <3

I'll write more tomorrow, and post some wonderful pictures too, I promise ^^

But right now it's really time to sleep, I'm tired and my very own bed is calling out for me ;-P

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm home again =)

If there's somebody

I'm going to bed now, since no one is online at all to talk to =/
Here are some pics from what's passed of July so far, enjoy...

Vivvi when we're shopping, I tried a sweet hat on her ^^

Ida being our lovely mom who waited outside every roller coaster thingy we went on, because she was only there as company, the lovely girl <3

Vivvi and my cousin Louise in the big blue roller coaster "Jet stream" or whatever it's called =P They were in the seats behind us...

...and we were in front of them ;-)

Pauline and her cute littlebrother when I visited them by their summer house =)

Now it's bed time, gotta come up with a good idea on how to make sure I have enough time tomorrow morning to find a store where I can buy the right kind of cable to load my phone in the boat, because without a mobile phone for two weeks.. not happening O.o

Sweet dream, til I'm back and writing again; have a good time <3

Raindrops are falling on my head

Ooh guess what happened today?
I was supposed to go sailing, as I said. So I got up at 8 am (I was supposed to at least) and we packed and got ready to leave, and then this happened:

Sooo.. sailing is postponed til tomorrow. Guess it's because we all need to just relax for one day, we've had a busy week. And because of the rain of course. So I'll just chill today and take the last shot of vaccin for Hepatit B. I have to take so many shots before I go to the US, one could think you guys are dangerously unhealthy xP

See you around <3

Jag vill som en blomma stark

Today was the day of Elsa's konfirmation, the bit church thingy that people do when they're about 15 (she's only 14 yet but...) There was this cermony in a church (about the same as I did two years ago) and then we had all the relatives and family for lunch in our garden. Luckily it was sunny because I doubt that all would fit in the livingroom ;-)

I didn't take any own photos from the cermony, because stupid as I am I forgot my camera in the car. So I used Gustav's, and helped him with Siri too =D Anyway, here's a pic of the traditional costumes used...

Right now I'm about to go to sleep - way too late - because tomorrow we're going sailing the whole family. I'll be gone for two weeks so there won't be any posts during that time and no facebooking or msn or whatsoever... :'(

But then I'm back writing, so keep reading and please Chris just realise you're totally gonna fail against me =P hah!

Sweet dreams everyone <3

I'll be here don't you cry

Today I've been to the big Fun park in Stockholm - Gröna Lund - with Louise, Sara, Vivvi and Ida. Other than the things I've tried before, I also managed to overcome my fear of hights and go on the biggest roller coaster and a ride called "Extreme". Pics below:

This weird ride is new, it's a roller coaster you go upsidedown. While I was too much of a coward - there are limits! - Louise and Sara tried it with happy faces.

Some sad stuff is that today I said the final good bye to Vivvi, which was incredibly painful and I cried til I got a headache from all the crying, and so did she. I'll miss her more than there are words to describe. No way I can put such feelings into words here. Try to imagine. Love,

Schweeidisch quiz

Nämn något som gjorde dig glad igår: Syrran kom hem igen
Vad gjorde du kl 08 imorse: sov som en stock
Vad gjorde du för 15 min sedan: försökte förgäves somna
Det sista du sa högt: ska ni ha lite vatten?
Det senaste någon sa till dig: voff voff
Vad har du druckit idag: Vatten, oboy, apelsinjuice, äppelcider
Vad var det senaste du åt: jordgubbar med vaniljglass och mormors kaka
Vad var det senaste du köpte: har inte shoppat på deppigt länge (flera månader)... men typ en glass?
Vad är det för färg på din ytterdörr: brun.. i think... jo den är brun
Vad är det för väder hos dig nu: Nattsvart, och möjligtvis åska för NÅNTING låter mullrigt utanför mitt hus...
Godaste glassmaken: blåbär <3
Tror du på kärlek vid första ögonkastet: möjligt men inte troligt
Sover du tungt: inte förens ja sovit nåra timmar, sen är ja som en sjunken sten...
Drömmer du mardrömmar: inte ofta, men det händer.
Trivs du med ditt jobb: Jobbar inte just nu, men jobbet i midsomras var toppen
Favoritklädsel: leggings och en stor t-shirt
Favoritlåt just nu: Sweetest girl
Vad ser du om du tittar till höger: min najsigt gröna vägg
Vad gör dig glad just nu: att jag har datan, annars skulle ja tillbringat de senaste timmarna med att stirra i taket och räkna får
Vad ska du göra härnäst: försöka somna igen, annars tar ja fram Da Vinci Koden och läser lite...
Höger eller vänsterhänt: Höger
Humör just nu: Trööött men kan inte somna i denna värmen!!
Favoritgodis: CHOKLAD of course
Kläder just nu: en stooor t-shirt med ett tryck som säger "Absolut (svensk flagga) Svensk"
Sommarplaner: Louise kommer imorron, elsa konfa på söndag, segling 2 veckor, husvagn 1 vecka, NY tre dar, Utah ett år.... sen börjar nästa sommar, men den är inte planerad än ;P
Hur många kuddar sover du med: fem stycken.. hihi plus nåra minisar som inte räknas
Spelar du något instrument: Piano och gitarr. Mest piano för tillfället, men det varierar
Morgon eller nattmänniska: Natt, helt klart. Mornar är till för att sova bort
Vad är viktigast för dig: Min familj och mina vänner
Är du kittlig: ofantligt och överallt.. tyvärr ^^
Snarkar du: Nej aldrig. Pratar, mumlar, bråkar och går, men aldrig en snarkning
Stjärntecken: Tjusig tjur
Äckligaste insekten: Hmm fästingar för de sätter sig på hundarna och sväller som fan.. men pissmyror är blääh också, och muggor i allmännhet.
Stökigt eller välstädat: Har stökit, vill ha välstadat. Usch vilket dilemma
Längtar du mest efter just nu: Sömn

God natt <3

Just beat it

How cool is this?!
Look what they did yesterday in Stockholm to honour Michael Jackson! Incredible.

I have no words

Look like a moviestar

Wow I love this dance. Wish I'd been in that group that show, they are really good though but still it's a really fun dance. And this song is kinda funny too ^^

This is a clip from the show at the Vasa Theater this spring, and the dancers and the choreography is from Lidingö Dancecenter :)

Välkommen till Liiidingö

Hahah lmao I just found this clip with the famous Lidingö-song. It's about the island I live on, and most people here are very rich and this song is about how horrible it was growing up with an enormous lot of money.. it's actually a parody of the entire place, and it's incredibly funny in my opinion.. hehehe enjoy ;-)

You can find the lyrics in Swedish here, and well if you translate it you'll see just how funny it is. Remember, it's all ironic ^_^ hahahah xD

Later add

Ok I'm incredibly bored and can't go to sleep.. so I'll translate this silly song for you guys ^^

Remember, there are a few private jokes in it that you have to live on Lidingö or at least near Stockholm to understand... but hey I bet you'll get the point anyway ;)

Lalala, lalala...

Ladies and gentlemen, please sit down, because now I'm gonna tell you
that our souls are cold as snow and all because of our growth environment
Our childhood wasn't totally normal, my street was tough and our moral of the story
Eye for an eye and done is done, that's normal life in every Stockholm suburb.
The memories are haunting me and scars they hurt, but go against, I try to move one
Some dudes they buy the talkin and think that man is ruled by his heritage.
But if they'd lived through my growth environment they'd be dead
Welcome to Liiiidingö

Lidingö, Lidingö, it's a sad growth environment. Big houses, air and light, everyone's laughing on Lidingö.

Only 15 minutes from Stockholm's city, lies a worryless housecomunity. The grass is green and the air is clean.
No wonder we've got detriments. In our hoods we wanted to stay alive, but it was never enough with a smile and a high five.
Forgotten about Lidingö is the number one rule; buy a Merca and get a swimming pool.
And when we start school it was a must, to wear Ralph Lauren or Lacoste.
Other kids were happy for a car with gas in, while we were forced to drive Lamborghini.
You'd think that all Swedes are born the same, but some have to take the crap and be rich.

Well us living nice, that's just bullshit. How can it be cosy with 2000 squaremeters? All houses has a lawn and a pond,
but we're supposed to like the milion program.
And school, that was always hard core boring. The rooms were nice and never short on teachers.
But don't think we were nice, don't buy that talk. Once we tried to trash the school.
We put our hands on the roof (of course) tried to bring it all down (precisely) [that line is from a famous Swedish song]
But no police with tear gas granates, instead there came an educated children psychiatrist.
Ooh I wanted to be bad, I wanted pain. But she took us to the doctor and we accidentally farted.

Lidingö, Lidingö, it's a sad growth environment. No one beats, you understand, the kids on Lidingö.

In the system for kids at Lidingö, the mom is really the GREAT PROBLEM. She raises us without any nagging.
And every day she gives us healthy food. When we were sick she took care of us. 
She sufficated us in clothes from HUGO BOSS. Always so happy with a natural smile. And listening and understanding.
She never had enough
She never drank and smoked cigaretts
She never got depressed and took pills
I wanted to lose it and go to town, but I was stuck with fucking Mother Scan. [a label on food]

And dad he really made life a hell. He was a doctor and he liked his work. He always came home so happy and nice.
And read stories for us for hours every night. And not even for christmas got the dmd, they just borrowed it from Lars Noren.
He even dared to be so freakin mean, he was off work with me as a baby for half a year.
And I nver got a chance to take the first steps. Or steal a car, I always had my own.
And when I burned down our house he said to me "Dear little friend, I do love you". 
It's all been a dance, I've never had a chance. Daddy though I was cool because I had a violin.

Lidingö, Lidingö, it's a sad growth environment. You shall live as you see, the kids on Lidingö.

Now I sit here in a freakin pink shirt. With worn jeans and the dark blue bat. I'm a lion and the hair's my mane.
And my savanna is spelled Stureplan [a place where all the rich snobbs hang out]
I sit and try to feel like home. On Östermalm in a claustrophobic apartment.
I work as the president of a large bank. So no matter how much I shop I never get broke.
Dogge, Petter, Timbuk [famous Swedish rappers] just smile. Be happy your lives aren't wasted. 
Because the limit is reached, I'm sick of it and over it. 
And I swallow some bites of goose liver pâté. 
Some people live, some people die. I go to Stureplan and order a drink.

Lidingö, Lidingö, it's a sad growth environment. Big houses, air and light, everyone's laughing on Lidingö. (2x) 

Lalala lalala....

Hahaha lol I totally have to go to bed now, that took quite a while. Enjoy my nice translation ^_^ Not entirely correct, and it rhymes in swedish too, but hey what can you expect from me at 2 am??!! <3 =P

Pooh Corner

Today I've been working hard on Vivvi's present, and I'll take pics of it and put here later. Can't do it now, in case she would (against all odds because she never reads blogs) read this and see what she's gonna get tomorrow ^_^ It's still a week to her birthday, but still... Tomorrow is our goodbye for a year :'( *sobs*

I found this awsome text on Thea's blog, very thoughtful and deep... It's hers though, so no credit to me or anything. Below belongs to Thea =)

The Golden Year
A year has past and now we stand on the brink of returning to a world where we
are surrounded by the paradox of everything and yet nothing being the same. In
one month we will reluctantly give our hugs, and fighting the tears, say goodbye
to people who were once just names on a sheet of paper to return to the people
we hugged and fought tears to say goodbye to, before we ever left.
We will leave our best friends to return to our best friends. We will go back to
the places we came from and go back to the same things we did last summer
and every summer before.

We will come into town on that same familiar road, and although it has been
months, it will seem like only yesterday. As you walk into your old bedroom,
every emotion will pass through you as you reflect on the way your life has
changed and the person you've become. You suddenly realize that things that were
the most important to you a year ago, dont seem to matter so much anymore,
and the things you hold highest now, no one at home will completely

Who will you call first? What will you do your first weekend at home with your
friends? where are you gonna work? who will be at the party on Saturday night?
what has everyone been up to the past few months? How long will it be
before you actually start missing people barging in without calling or knocking?
Then you start to realize how much things have changed, and you realize the
hardest part of being an exchange student is to balance the two completely
different worlds you now live in, trying desperately to hold on to everything while
trying to figure out what you have left behind. We now know the meaning of tru
friendship. We know who we have kept in touch with over the past year and who
we hold dearest to our hearts. We've left our worlds to deal with the real world.
We've had our hearts broken, we've fallen in love, we've helped our best friends
overcome eating disorders, depressing, stress, and death. We've lit candles at
the grotto, san marco or the vatican and we've stayed up all night on just to talk
to a friend in need. There have been times when we've felt so helpless being
hours away from home when you know your family or friends needed you the
most, and there have been times when we know we have made a difference.
One month from now we will leave. One month from now we will take down our
pictures and pack our clothes. No more going next door to do nothing for
hours. We will leave our friends whose random emails and phone calls
brought us to laughter and tears this summer, and hopefully years to come. We
will take our memories and dreams and put them away for now, saving them for
our return to this world.

One month from now we will unpack our bags and have dinner with our families.
We will drive over to our best friend's house to do nothing for hours. We
will return to the same friends whose random emails and phone calls have
brought us to laughter and tears over the year. We will unpack old dreams and
memories that have been put away for a long time. In one month we will dig
deep inside to find the strength and conviction to adjust to change and still keep
each other close.

And somehow, in some way, find our place between these two worlds.

In one month...are you ready?

Back to my own writing

Oh well I feel totally empty after reading the text above.. Don't know what to write at the moment.

Ok I can write this: Chris I'd totally beat you both mentally, emotionally and physically =P I never give up when fighting a guy, I'm as stubborn as a donkey when it comes to fighting though it mostly ends with me being hurt physically... but anyway, you'd better watch out xD

That's it for today, have a lovely night. Tomorrow my cousin Louise is arriving by train at 9.52!!!!!!!! Gaaaah I have to get up early and not sleep til half past noon lite I did today ^_^


Moments worth Millions

Good morning
or should I say good night?

Vivvi slept here tonight too, and today we went to the gym together. It was great, I'm slightly tired in every muscle I have, I think, but it was worth it ^_^

I'm having a sort of a mental breakdown, because my brain is refusing to realise the truth about the people I love and will have to live without for a year. Like today when we found this really old CD from my childhood that's been gone for years, and me and my sister (Elsa) remembered all the lyrics by heart... Or when Vivvi and I stay up til 5 in the morning just laughing because I'm tired enough to lie under my sheets pretending to be a train or a cow or a pancake... Or when dad falls asleep in front of Midsumer Murders as always... Or when mum hugs me... Or when Selma looks at me with that special look only she can do... Or when Alfonz jumps into my bed and wants to play with me... Or when I play the piano and sing with Vivvi... Or when I play "Wallstreet" with Elsa, Vivvi and Såpa and I win (I did today!) heheh but I love it otherwise too... Or when my sister (Sara) jumps into my bed waaay too early in the morning shouting "Come on Lisa, I wanna show you this card trick I just learned"... Or when Magdalena hugs me tight saying things will work out fine... Or when Pauline and I go crazy singing and "plopping" (p.j.)... Or when Fritjof and Otto go mad at me for not having seen Star Wars... Or when Ida calls me "Sötnöt" and her eyes sparkle like only hers can do... Or when Laura and I study for hours and hours at the time... Or when all the girls in NV08G have picnic and Cornelia is too tired drunk or whatever to be up that early at all, the day after graduation... Or when Fredrik and I fight for life until I can't walk or talk or move at all... Or when Vivvi and I hug forever... Or when me and my sisters get together just the three of us and have really fun... Or when all the girls get together and watch "She's the man"... Or all the times we've stalked people (guys...) ... Or when Keena and I do Ethological Experiments in town... Or all the endless days I've spent with Tessan... Or when I sit up all night chatting with people about random stuff... Or when the friends meet and roast hot dogs by the water til it's completely dark outside, and longer... Or when I give someone a ride on my scooter... Or when my dogs go crazy with happiness just because I come home... Or when me and my sisters play football with Jacob, Emelie and Anna... Or all the times I've said "I'll miss you" and really meant it... Or that one time when I almost beat Adam in chess... Or whenever I get to babysit my niece and see me brother and his girlfriend... And all the new friends I've made the last year, you count the most. I've made more friends the last month than I did during all of my years in Käppala... That's gotta count for something.

All of these moments mean a lot to me, and I will miss you all.. Here are some pics, wonder if anyone on them even reads my blog..? If you do, please comment!! =D  
I really dunno if I should laugh when I remember or cry when I think forward <3 Klick on the pictures to watch..

      Margaretas rundvisning... HAHAHAHA <3    

The theater gang playing Dracula - Some of the girls in my class, at winter end-of-term-thingy - Gen hungry lol - Taking a walk in the dark, Sofia lighting up the way with her blue magic hat - No idea why Vivvi is laughing like hell - Vivvi, me and Tessan before the circus show - Elsa and Sara... Elsa giving a fake funny guided tour of the area hahaha - Elsa and me in Grövelsjön, playing cool gansters... <3 - My old gang at hw's Nerdy-party - My family - My dogs

How will I survive without them all? And with only 20 kg of luggage... someone's got an idea of what's worth bringing?

Btw I think I have a few hundred photos of me and my sisters in the car =P Love forever <3 heheh

Regn påminner mig om tid som rinner bort

Short sum up of the weekend:
Friday night Vivvi slept here, and then we went to Jacob's "konfirmation" (have no idea what it's called in english, it's a big thing with the church...) and met Ida, and later we got everything ready for the evening, because we were having a "non planned party" for Vivvi because it's her birthday in a little more than a week.. The party was fun, though most people are out of town at the moment on holiday so it was just me, Vivvi, Fritjof, Otto, Emil, Benita and Andreas ^_^
Me and Vivvi slept in her little cabin in their garden, and sunday morning began when we woke up at half past eleven ;-) Grandma and Helmut picked up Sara and brought her to their home, and oh I almost forgot to tell you; Elsa is back home since friday!!! =D Tonight me and Vivvi watched "King Kong", and Magdalena was supposed to join too but she couldn't.

Right now I'm listening to an album with all the good old summer songs from my childhood and I remember most of them from our road trips, sailing... aww I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic at the moment.. so I just have to add this lovely wonderful song that I truly love and which is one of the truly best memories I have from my childhood and it's the oldest memory I have with my sisters... <3 love yaa forever sis and sas =)

*Praying to god that this song is available on youtube..*

SCREAMING OF HAPPINESS - yes yes yes it's on youtube!! =D Now, enjoy a lot. It's in Swedish but it's incredibly sweet and as I said...; it's the strongest and oldest memory I have of my childhood ^_^

My summer break - Anita Hegerland

Aaaaw I'm feeling sooo nostalgic right now.. I'll have to translate this lyrics for you guys, they're just too sweet...<3

My summer break
Was wonderful, my summer break will be
You're free all day long
And alla the people want to get out on the countryside
And almost no one wants to remain in town

My summer break
Was wonderful, my summer break will be
with swimming and sun, and strawberries and ice cream
Think, when you run barefoot in the grass
and the bumblebees buzz around in the sun

And I will wish for many sunny days
so it'll be warmth in the water in our bay

My summer break
Was wonderful, my summer break will be
With all the flowers on a green lea
You stand and watch the horses in the pen
And know that nothing is like the summer
And know that nothing is like the summer

Ok I feel incredibly over-ambitious, translating it like that.. but well this is a very special song and can you hear how cute the girl singing is? Hear her accent... love it ^_^

Good nite =)

Later add:

This is a pic from the "konfirmation" of the two people who were the reason me, Vivvi and Ida were at the thingy at all. My neighbour Jacob who's like a brother to me because we grew up together, and Ida's friend, Marie, who was one of the leaders at the camp.

What you want isn't always what you get

Today I woke up from the thunder and for ONCE it was raining!!! Wow I was really surprised, and then the minute I woke up our neighbour's house alarm went off and the noise was sooo annoying. So finally I went over there (with the instructions of my neighbour on the phone) to get rid of the noise.

Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday, and I spent the evening at his place celebrating. Otto was there too and lol he's so funny. The three of us had a great time, and I dunno why but I was really blonde and stupid and they had fun at my expense =P heheh

Soo.. here we go... HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! ^_^
I hope you're having a great time, though I guess you're away to celebrate 4th of July (which is tomorrow wiiiie) but anyway. And I know a lot of people with birthdays in July! Vivvi, Fritjof, Pauline, Solveig, Chris.. just to mention a few. Also, I know A LOT of people with the same b-day as me =) Me, a friend's brother, another friend's sister, my teacher last year, Filippa, Maria... I know there are some more people, but can't remember anyone else right now. For all of us, 8th May Rocks ^^

Solveig, I made a new header yesterday and I'm glad you liked it =) Most people who are going abroad for an exchange year have a header that tells where they're going, and what year. That's because when getting in contact with a lot of people who are also going abroad, you read each other's blogs.. and I intend to keep on blogging while I'm living with you... so well... go check out the blogs that are marked as links on the list to the right, and there are some friends of mine and their blogs (Hedvig and Linda) who are going abroad... Gosh I'm babbling... ^^ I'm glad you liked it, and yeah I thought the pic of the "Main street" was kinda funny so I put it there too =P

And then we have the issue with the Swedish Breakfast... heheh This is what I and most Swedes have for breakfast:

Sour milk with cereals and maybe some fruit or berries

Bread with butter and cheese, ham or whatever you like =P

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate

Juice (i prefer orange juice but there's all kinds)

There are all kinds of breakfasts of course, but this is the ordinary base and then you add things you like, such as maybe make pancakes on sundays or whatever suits you ^^ Doesn't it look tasty? ;-)

That glass of juice surely made me thirsty, time for lunch! Heheh long live summer <3
Thanks for reading

Dancing on the moon

I'm back from Leksand and Pauline's summer house!! =)

We had a great - girly - time, just swimming, getting a good tan and then in the evening we watched girly movies and chatted. Love you girl, it was awsome ^^ And the train trip of 3,5 hours each direction was totally worth it <3

Today it Fritjof's brithday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! <3

I'm home with the dogs today, and I'll go to town to get a few things like presents for my host family (anything special you'd like to get from Sweden Solveig?) ^^

I'll send some "thank you"s to Solveig and Chris. You guys are lovely people who keep reading my blog. You really do lighten up my day =) I hope I'll get a chance to come visit you sometime Chris, or that you'll come here. And Solveig... just wait and see ;-)

Have a lovely day in this totally hot weather =D

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