I'mma be under the Mistletoe

I'm off to Utah. I'll see you when I see you! :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a holly jolly Christmas

Sara and the Gingerbread House of Malmer design :)
Quick recap of the last preparations...
Monday: Last Drama class of the year. Excited to keep the play going next semester!
Tuesday: School 10-12 then went with Louise and got Christmas yummies, sat down to exchange gifts and made Christmas cards all afternoon.
Wednesday: Christmas Ceremony at school, then off on break! I started it by going home and cleaning the entire day. Erik stopped by to drop of my films, but besides that I was busy cleaning and decorating the christmas tree all day!
Thursday: Got everything in place for the Little Christmas we have with my brothers and their families. My nieces were adorable, all three of them, and the food was great and it was all wonderful till I had to go work at 4. But now I'm off work till I get back from the break :)
Today, Friday: Got the last presents in the mail so I can now wrap them up and be excited!
Now I just hope I've been good enough to get some presents tomorrow! :D Merry Christmas Everyone!

Victory is Red

Wohooo big congrats to both the girls team and guys team from my school who both won the annual game of american football against our green rivals, the Killers. Long live the Hooligans! Check out this great trailer video thingy :)
Also had a great evening, first getting ready with Pauline and having marshmellow santas.. then in town in light snowfall and the football party was fun too :) Danced for a few hours there before heading home. Tiring day, with grandpa's 80th birthday party and all, but fun fun :)
I do find it amusing that my high school in Sweden shares the same colors as Hurricane High in Utah :) We might be the Hooligans while my fellow American students were tigers, but the red and black shines through both. And how strange yet exciting that both Hooligan teams won the annual game this year, the very year that the Tigers finally got their state championship title in the snowstorm :) Isn't it?

I'm the kind girl that would love to be yours

I can't believe I leave for Utah in a week. Next Sunday I will spend the whole day on a plane and then at 6ish pm I will land in Las Vegas to meet Laura and Trevor, and though I feel sad about missing out on traditional stuff back home I will have the best time possible and I know it's cheesy and stuff to go on and on about it but I am so excited to see my love again because it's been way too long since I hugged him last. Today I get to be the cute silly teenage girl who is so in love it makes her smile at everyone and walk around humming sweet songs all day. Today I get to be the girl who feels pretty in baggy jeans and no makeup, the girl who knows she is loved and the girl who can't wait to be a few thousand miles closer to her boyfriend. I love being this girl and though I try to keep her somewhat contained most of the time because I don't want people to start puking rainbows, I love being her some days.

Royal Opera Ballet

Went to see the Nutcracker at the opera last night :) A very beautiful ballet where they had taken Elsa Beskow's story about "Aunt Green, aunt Brown and aunt Purple" and "Uncle Blue", and added the music from the famous nutcracker :) There were dancing gingerbread cookies, dancing christmas candy, dancing rats and various dancing ornaments. And the two playing the children were wonderful too. A very nice evening, big thanks to the girls who went with me :D

Today my school's american football team plays against our rivals in the one game a year! Gooo Hooligans!
I am off to my grandpa's 80th birthdayparty though. But tonight I come back for the (hopefully victorious) party :)

Sweet Sugar Candyman

We made Christmas Candy in Chemistry today! So much fun and ours turned out great so I'm superproud of Louise, Sebastian and me who made the best ones ;) hahah and they tasted great too!
And here's a pic of Louise with our oh so very Christmasy Chemistry teacher Anders, and one of Louise and me;
Playing Christmas music and singing along while making candy really made it my fav chemistry class ever :D Then the whole day continued in a happy sort of dream state ^_^

Next year I'll be just as good

There are few joys as great as wrapping christmas presents to christmas music with less than two weeks to go till the day in question :) Heading off to a Christmas party with the family soon, and the only sadness in the world is the lack of snow still..
"Santa buddy" by Michael Bublé
Yesterday Solveig, Louise and I had the end-of-semester dance show with our belly dance group. I think we did great and we looked so hot ;) hahah and when we came home Solveig and I did our performance number for the family and Elsa took pics... here are some...
Love the sound the hip scarves make when doing the movement shown above... ^^

Ragab... sahbak aho shafni

Here are a few pics from the belly dance show yesterday :) I'm the one in the front, to the right from the audience's (and your) perspective. We're awesome! ;)
psst: The title is from our performance music Ragab and it means "Ragab, I Counted To 100"...

aDORKable <3

Piglet and the Heffalump

I was reading some in my Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh and I came across these two poems that I find adorable :) They are both from When we were young (which is a one of the books within the book) and here they are:
In a corner of the bedroom is a great big curtain,
Someone lives behind it, but I don't know who;
I think it is a Brownie, but I'm not quite certain.
(Nanny isn't certain, too.)
I looked behind the curtain, but he went so quickly-
Brownies never wait to say, "How do you do?"
They wiggle off at once because they're all so tickly.
(Nanny says they're tickly too.)

Halfway Down
Halfway down the stairs
is a stair
where I sit.
There isn't any
other stair
quite like
I'm not at the bottom,
I'm not at the top;
so this is the stair
I always
Halfway up the stairs
isn't up,
and isn't down.
It isn't the nursery,
it isn't in the town.
And all sorts of funny thoughts
run round my head:
"It isn't really
It's somewhere else

said the night wind to the little lamb

Been visiting the Christmas Market in Old Town today, and done some shopping. Really hoping for snow now, because this grey weather is getting me all worried about the white christmas I want :P
Today is also "Andra Advent", the second Sunday before Christmas and so we light the second candle. Beautiful. Getting closer...!
At the market I tried some really tasty Blue Cheese and Raindeer sausage.. Yum!
Hahaha might not look like it but it is really good ;)

Aw memories to this song... anyone recall it? ;) I miss those Choir Days <3

stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

Awe Breaking Dawn was so pretty! I had no idea it would be so emotional and pretty.. So for this one post I get to be a total Twilight fan and then I'll stop again I promise :)
Let's just say the film was great, teary eye moments and breath taking moments and cute, silly, funny, intense, exciting, romantic, dreamy, horrifying, lovable moments. It was better than expected and I totally Adored that they put the song from Prom back into the wedding it was so cute how it was like in their heads and like no one was there but those two.. Here's the soundtrack of that part, wish I had the clip but couldn't find it.. however, it's better with the rest of the movie with it anyways. Check it out, it seriously made all three of us teary eyed :)
Thanks sweet Pauline and Louise for a girly and wonderful evening <3

Scent of Ginger

Now me and my girlies are off to see Breaking Dawn at the movie theater! :D

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