Cross legged on the floor

This is about where I have been for the past week or so. Oh Eliza Doolittle you always word it so well ^^

Renaming the stars and counting them all

So grateful right now for the people I have in my life who really care and really try to show how much I mean to them. That naturally makes them mean a lot to me too. So happy that I could have my three girls over yesterday, that they came and visited, came and hugged me, checked out my new place, slept on our bed and filled our apartment with appreciation and smiles. I have missed you girls <3
Pauline, Louise and I
Extra kram till Solveig för att du stressade hit fast att du jobbade på kvällen <3

Here are also some new pics from our move to the new apartment!
 Moving boxes... Been shopping at IKEA.
Putting together furniture..
Our bed corner with one of the ceiling fans!
New table and chairs!
I'll give you more as it gets done, a little bit at a time ^_^

Beauty in all she is

 No matter how much I nowadays dislike the Twilight series, I did go see some of the movies in theater, and especially the (is it the 4th one??) one that includes a certain wedding scene moved me and was as a matter of fact beautiful. And I will recall Pauline (too) wept at the beautiful moment they had created in a movie franchise that was otherwise lacking much emotion. 
So excuse the scenes from the movie, and just listen to this beautiful song <3
After 9 hours of sleep, today seems bright and exciting. People really underestimate sleep. Then again, there are so many other things calling for attention and who isn't afraid of missing out. But every now and then everyone should appreaciate some sleep.

At the beginning with you

New life, new chapter, new apartment.. Life sure shows a new side behind every bend in the road. Here I sit, alone in this big, beautiful apartment that Trevor and I are living in since yesterday, and I feel incredibly lucky. 
More than anything I feel lucky to have such a marvelous family who won't make up excuses or watch from a distance, but who did everything they could this weekend and yesterday to help us out. My mom has supported and organized all of us, but mainly me when I was chaotic and confused. My dad has driven here and there and back again, and carried more boxes than the rest of us combined. Elsa has supported, understood and been patient, all the while motivating me and making me feel excited about it all. Sara has patiently carried boxes and cheered me on, though I secretly think both my sisters are a little jealous. 
And Trevor, I know we are moving into this apartment together but his neverending patience and energy and plain excitement inspired me and made me feel less of a melancholy about the fact that I move so far away from everyone, and rather appreciate and enjoy the wonderful opportunity and the chances we take. And when he happily continues putting together chairs past midnight, on the floor, I love him.

Just a dream and the wind to carry me

As always when July comes around and August is around the corner, we go sailing. 
These days out on the open water, with sun and wind, and absolute calm.. this is what keeps me going on dark rainy November nights, or during the long cold winter. Sailing is life. 

Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree in Italy

End of June and end of us living at Farkostvägen 1. It's been a great year with good memories and great experiences, but on June 30th we packed up our lives in boxes and bags and moved out. Had some fun cleaning with my mom and my aunt late at night, to add the finishing touches to the apartment before my cousin moved back in. Thanks!
After just two days at my parents (on summer vacation) Trevor and I left for Rome!
What can I say - I've been on a Romantic Getaway with my love and it was Wonderful. Five days in central Rome, living in the middle of the magic at hotel San Remo. A great hotel with a walkable distance to all main attractions, nice service and staff, clean and nice rooms, a big, yummy breakfast and an overall great experience. Very recommended!
After seeing everything from Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican, St Peter's Basilica (even climbed the dome!), Castel Sant'Angelo, City Hall, Colosseum (ofc!) to little cafés, italian food and tons of Gelato (ice cream). 
Then we continued on for five more days on the outskirts of Rome, at a cute little vineyard called Villa Germaine. Wonderful italian food, wine and olive oil made at the villa, pool, sun, thunder and tons of time to spend together just the two of us. Mountainbiking through the grape plantation and watching the sunset together. I love you Trevor for going on this trip with me <3

One summer dream in Turkey

Updating during summer is so difficult, because there is just so much to do and so many places to be at once! I find it way more tempting to procrastinate homework or cleaning, but right now the sun is hiding behind clouds and I am home alone so I figured - why not?
First off - TURKEY!! 
Wonderful amazing trip with my family and Trevor to Alanya, Turkey. Celebrated my mom's birthday in the sun, by the pool and went swimming in the Mediterranian sea. Absolutely amazing and fun vacation!
Thank you mom and dad <3

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