Thriller, Thriller Night

Hey, just a short post cause it's about 2.14 am... heheh the reason I'm awake is because we went to Tuacahn (think I have explained everything there is to know about that awsome outdoors stage enough for everyone to know what I mean.. right?) and saw their Halloween Production named Thriller. It was absolutely wonderful, so many cool dances and special effects and just great. So glad we went there. Also, there was a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone (on stage) during intermission. So sweet :P

Since we came home I've been finishing Solveig's dress, and Kayla's here to finish hers because tomorrow is Halloween Day in School :D And I've changed back from the idea of being Belle, back to Tinkerbelle. So what if my hair's dark (thanks btw for all the nice comments about it <3 ), I can still be tinkerbelle. So we passed Wallmart at about 11.30 pm and got some green wings for me and flowers for Solveig.

A nice thing today was that Mr Morrise (during the quizzing of our homework in guitar) told me that I played it perfectly and that he'd like to have me in the little guitar group he's forming next semester. He started talking about Region and State Competitons, but we'll see what happens. It was nice to get such a nice comment though :) Most teachers like me a lot since I'm so used to Swedish school that I work hard. No one else does ;P

Also, Elsa and my mom's had their namedays this week. Love to you both!!! Miss you <3 Good nite

Do you see what I see?

This first song is the one that me and four other girls are choreografing to in Dance class. It's a lyrical jazz piece, but it turns out really well already though we've only had two classes to work on it, yet. We will perform it for the rest of the class in a few weeks. Isn't it beautiful? :)


These are some examples of the songs that we sing in Ladies Choir, and that we will use for our Christmas Concert. Enjoy ^^


Hope you realise that's not us singing up there in the video. Just some random choir from youtube. We are only about 30 people in our choir :)

Now I have to do lots of homework. Booooring. See ya <3

The darkest hour never comes in the night

Ok, remember that surprise I was talking about...? It turned out as a surprise for me to hehe. Tinkerbell was the plan for the dance on Friday, so me and Solveig (with a lot - really a ton - of help from Kayla) dyed our hair Monday evening ^^ Solveig turned out as a redhead (she's so adorable, it's kinda an Ariel-red, but still very cute) and I was going blond. Well not entirely blond but definately lighter than before. Well... As my hair dried, it turned out to be darker than before... But (to my big happiness) with a shade of red copper that is only seen when lights reflect on my hair :) Oh how happy I am ^^

Don't worry mamma, it's not permanent. It will slowly fade after about 28 washes.

But really, I like it a lot :D

Remember this?

Transformation and a wonderful Kayla later...

It actually looks kinda the same on the pics, too bad.. There really is a big difference, promise ;P

Anyway, now that you've seen my hair you might agree with me that Tinkerbell is probably not the best idea for Halloween... Right now I'm leaning towards being Belle, because I got to borrow this awsome blue dress and it would work out just fine. But somehow it's like some part of me doesn't want to, just because of the reason that Solveig is Belle in the Musical and also everyone in school knows this musical is Belle so it seems like I'm completely lame and have no imagination or ability to come up with own ideas, at all... But my hair matches Belle's really well, and as I said I have the dress.. Well it's a little late to start thinking about something else, right? Though I spent late at night yesterday (1.20 am) to finish Kayla's dress for her (she slept over). It's hard. I hate decisions, some are so hard to make :/ Haven't heard that before, have we? :P

While mentioning it (or not), there might be snow tomorrow here in Apple Valley! Woh winter's coming way fast...

I'm going to bed now to make up for some (a lot of) lost sleep.


Today we blocked the scene "Be our guest" from the show, and it was fun but a lot of time waiting for Angela to give us more instructions. And very confusing since I wasn't there last time. But it worked out quite well.

Anyways, Good nite :)

I just gotta add this thing that I found on Madde's blog hahah it's a conversation from her life as an exchange student in Oklahoma. Here's her blog:

Ok, this, I think, is funny^^

Kacey; Yea, so my friend, Joa, well he's from Brazil, and..well, he have to go back, there's something about his visa..
Brianna; Awe..that's soo sad...
Kacey; I know..
Brian; Wait, why did he have to go back did you say?
Kacey; It was something about his credit card...
Alla andra; HAHAHAHAHA!

Haha, amerikaner - gotta love them!

Happened to come across these...

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.
Stanley Horowitz

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
Marion C. Garretty

You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back.

William D. Tammeus

A sister smiles when one tells one's stories - for she knows where the decoration has been added.
Chris Montaigne

Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn't seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
Elizabeth Lawrence

Eight days a week I love you.
John Lennon

To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.
Clara Ortega

It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.
Marlene Dietrich

I shall never be ashamed to quote a bad author if what he says is good.
Seneca the Younger

A parent is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces he/she never did care for pie.

Tenneva Jordan

Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of AMerica.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't.
Barbara Kingsolver

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls

My sister taught me everything I really need to know, and she was only in sixth grade at the time.
Linda Sunshine

Things are beautiful if you love them.
Jean Anouilh

And we'll make a lovely dress for Cinderella

Oh my. I just had dinner after sewing the whole day. The entire day - or at least the part that I've been awake - have I spent making Solveig's Halloween dress. It. Looks. Totally. Awsome.

Eight hours, eight slow yet very fun hours ^^ And now I'm done with the dress itself and only the details like some flowers to attach, some lace to add here and there... I'm gonna take pictures of it tomorrow when Solveig tries it on and post them here :D Ok it sounds like I'm trying to brag but I'm not, this dress looks really cool comsidering the fact that I have done it completely without any guidance or instructions, not even model example thingies.. But well you'll see what I mean :)

Ok so that way what I've done today. Yesterday (Saturday) evening we (the hostfamily) went to see a musical called Life Divine. It was.. strange.. but interesting and well if they'd been more into it and not looked so bored and mechanic, it might have been better. Then we passed Wallmart and got.. well you'll see that tomorrow too tehee ^^ Surprise! Gonna be awsome.

Soo, Friday then (working my way back through the days).. After school all day, we left for the Dixie College Tournament (debate) and I did three rounds of interpret of my shakespeare scene (act 1 scene 3) :D It went just fine, for being the first time. We had lots of fun inbetween rounds, hanging out and watching Brenton flirting like crazy with a girl haha it even ended in kissing ;)

Ok, so I'm going to bed pretty soon I think. Oh sjutton också... I have government homework to do! Quiz tomorrow :/ And since Kayla's coming over after school to finish everyone's halloween costumes for the dance on friday, I will have to work on my tuesday homework tonight too. Isch bluah. Ok so here are what we're gonna look like on Friday :)

Me, is going to be Tinkerbell ^^

Solveig, is soon gonna look like Giselle :)

Kayla, she'll be the Queen of Hearts :P And Krystal, of course, is Alice ^^

Cute huh? ^^

Jag vill leva, jag vill dö, i Norden

Guess what we did during our second SLC trip this weekend that I forgot to tell you??????

We went to IKEA! Wiiiie it was awsome; me, Solveig and Kayla wandering around in there looking at all the stuff and I just love love love it how they'd kept the swedish names on everything like the table "fniss" or the chair "inpiration" or the towel "bästis" :D So cute <3


We got some awsome Swedish candy and chocolate there too xD Not that they had a lot, but some nice marabou, juleskum and singoalla I got my hands on ^^ Oh how lovely it was. I got all happy from going there :)

Changeing the subject completely, today I had a LONG schoolday. Starting out with the UBSCT Test in Reading (kinda like the national tests in sweden) during first hour, I did very well on that cause it was simply very easy :)

Second hour I had Government and we had a test. I guess I should have checked it with someone, but I don't know anyone in that class that well that I can call them and ask about class.. Well I obviously missed class this tuesday, and they didn't do the test. Instead they took notes on Financial stuff about elections. Bluah, I didn't. 80 % of the test was on that chapter. I didn't even know we had that. Bluah. I screwed up completely. 66%. Isch how very very bad. Haven't gotten that bad on a test since eight grade fall just after I'd been sick for over a month, and I got G (swedish grade, lowest yet still passing) on the Map Reading Skills 2 Test. It was the one and only time I've gotten a G on a test. Bluah. Besides today then. BUT (and yes there is a big but to this story), most of the class got about 25-30 % on this test, so at least I wasn't down at the bottom alone.

After lunch I had Theater, and after like an hour of that I had to leave cause I was called to the counceling office and got to talk to Mrs Stratton or whatever her name is about my diploma and graduation. I'll get to know next week what classes I have to take this spring in order to graduate.

I left my stuff in Theater, cause I didn't think I'd be that long, but I had to go directly to Choir and thankfully Gaby had brought my stuff <3 Thanks for that Gabs^^

Then I had about 20 min break before rehearsal, and I spent it in a line waiting to pay my Drama Fee at the front office. Rehearsal for hours and hours (it was fun though, lots of fun people I get to mingle around with during the village scene). From 6-6.30 I had a break and then I had to stay for Debate Practise til 8.30. I worked on my IE for tomorrow's Tournament. I'm still doing the Scene 3 Act 1 from A midsummer night's dream, cause Rich seems to like it a lot.. But I'm playing all characters at once :S It's as confusing as it sounds :P

Getting a ride home with Tess (Solveig's not in Debate), I had dinner and here I am. Ended up practising all the years of each president through history for the test tomorrow... So boring. Bluah.
Good night.

Aggies vs Utes

I'm back in the south!

The two days with Kayla and Solveig were wonderful, so much fun and so much driving!

Tuesday we went past Salt Lake City and up to Logan where USU (Utah State University) is. It took us quite some time to find it, but it was really pretty with all the red leaves and campus was kinda small and all together. We got a tour from a really cute student ambassador guy there named Evan, and then we stayed at the University Hotel... Well we went to Olive Garden for dinner and then drove to Dollar Tree where we got the funniest hats we could find and some badminton rackets... (A) Then we spent the evening playing badminton in our hotel room xD It was tons of fun. So hard to play inside with all the furniture...

Wednesday morning. Breakfast at the hotel and then off back to SLC. Once we found the U of U (University of Utah) we parked there and took the Trax (spårvagn) downtown to the Public Library. That was truly an amazing library, so cool design and awsome with a garden on the roof and stuff :) Lisa likes ^^

Then back up the hill to campus, which was giganticly enormous, with the Trax. We got information about the college and got a tour around campus and another tour of the housing area. We had to get there with the Shuffle which was like a bus kinda thing that goes around campus for free :)

The dorms were nice, and I like it how it was all near SLC. But no doubt USU has a friendlier atmosphere. Well, I am really jealous of both Solveig and Kayla. I wanna go to College too instead of going back to two more years of Horrible High School in Sweden... :/

Anyway, we didn't have anything to eat from breakfast at 8 til after the tours at about 4, so we drove right to Subway and got lunch/dinner there before heading back south.

I didn't have to drive at all, but Solveig and Kayla took turns in driving, and I felt sorry for them since it takes several hours to get to SLC from Hurricane... So tireing it must be.

We'll see who ends up at what college. But I got papers and information and stuff from U of U because they thought I was applying to go there... hmm ;)

Gotta sleep now, tomorrow's gonna be hell on earth (sorry all mormons in town, strong word was needed..) Something kinda like the Swedish National Tests was tuesday and wednesday, but I missed it but the third one is tomorrow first hour. Second hour I have a Government Test. Third hour I have to decide if I'm going to the debate tournament this weekend. I really need to sleep and get back on track, but it's worth a lot of points.. But really I can't miss Friday to go there, no matter how nice it would be to only have one day of school this week, because I had the big third presidents quiz today (I was obviously not there to take it) so I'm taking that on friday and also my art thingy is due (was due today but well the same thing there... late because of excused abscense).

Getting sleepy right now. Love <3

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a spider
It twiggled and whatever and swiggled inside her!
She swallowed te spider to catch the fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a bird
How absurd to swallow a bird!
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
She swallowed te spider to catch the fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a cat
Fancy that, to swallow a cat!
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
She swallowed te spider to catch the fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a dog
What a hog, to swallow a dog!
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
She swallowed te spider to catch the fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a cow
I don't know how she swallowed a cow!
She swallowed the cow to catch the dog
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider
She swallowed te spider to catch the fly
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
perhaps she'll die

There was an old woman who swallowed a horse
She died of course.

Just gotta love that. It got stuck in my head somewhere around Cedar City on the way south :P

Shiniest legs and best accent

That was my nomination for the goofy awards today at the Cast Party of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We had fun, eating unhealthy stuff and playing games like "murderer in the dark" (I've never played that before, it was fun cause I won haha) and Lap Tag ^^

Gonna miss the case to incredibly much, hope I'll see as many as possible of them for Alice in Wonderland.. But wait, the younger ones aren't allowed in that one, or so I've heard. Well I'll see them anyway :) love and goodnight. Tomorrow me, Solveig and Kayla are off on adventure instead of school x) College Tours for two days, this is gonna be fun fun fun :D byyye

Last Day of the Week

And finally when Sunday arrived, we started it with another gigantic buffet. Breakfast/Brunch this time, with everything you can imagine for breakfast (they even had chocolate mousse and ice cream!!) Also, we were companied by Muster again and Ingela. It was very nice. Made me not want to eat anything else for the rest of the day. I had some snacks at about 5 pm, and that's it.

Then we started the trip back south. Going through "Red Cliff Canyon" and "Bryce Cenyon", we got some amazing pictures. Click on them to see the whole thing! =)



The Day After Friday

Saturday yes.

Waking up at the hotel, we decided to go get smoothies for breakfast. Once we finally got to the Gateway (the mall) me and Solveig just had to run in and check out Forever 21. I bought a pair of jeans there and a black t-shirt. Continuing, we found Wet Seal where they had a huge sale xD Oh happy happy us

5 things for $20. So hard to resist. I got two tank tops that weren't on that sale, and then 5 things. Solveig only found 3 things she wanted, so I got two more so she'd get the 3 things cheaper ($4 each). So I bought 9 things in that store (A)

Once we finally made it to the smoothie store, it was more like lunchtime but we got smoothies anyway. Shopping before breakfast was fun, but one got kinda hungry from it. Being done shopping for the day (or so we thought) we left to go to the Marina and see the Great Salt Lake.

It was wonderful to feel the smeel of salt water again. I mean, I'm used to living by the sea and now I live in a desert on a mountain... Duuh there are no salty lakes up there :P

After that we went to a gigantic buffet (don't make fun of my spelling Solveig!) with Solveig and Morgan's aunt (de kallar henne Muster, ett försök till Moster haha) and the food was just awsome and I got so full and the chocolate desserts were awsome ^^

After finishing the "lunch/dinner/whatever it was" we went to a place called the "Playhouse" and watched a real version of Beauty and the Beast. It was very well made and it was good inspiration for Solveig.


I'm back from the awsome weekend in Salt Lake City ^^

Gonna post one post about each day, and here comes the first one. Friday.

Leaving early in the morning - well about 9.30 at least - we drove north during most of the day. We passed through the rocky mountain, and saw the beautiful leaves turn red and orange.


After arriving to the hotel in SLC, we took a walk to Temple Square to see that, and got some pictures there too...

That evening, we went to see Snooty and the Beast which was a very funny version of the old tale. We also had dinner in front of the show, and the whole house was just like old western-ish ^^ I liked it a lot.

The show contained quotes that were quite memorable like "And as Beauty walked through the woods, she felt very lonely. She felt more lonely than a democrat in Utah County" x)
Or "And they named their daughter Belle. When their next daughter was born, they weren't as impressed. They named her Average." And wonderful things like Edward Toilet-brush-hands ^^ It was trully a very funny show =)

I almost forgot to write about what me and Solveig did after that ^^

In SLC, there was a big Haunted House called Nightmare on 13th, and it had been rated top 10 in the US. Of course we had to visit :P

There was a long line, but we had prebooked VIP tickets so we just entered into the nightmare. I think one of the scariest things in there was the last room of the normal section.. We chosed to go on to the Xtreme part, which was horrifying. ANyway, that last room... Me and Solveig were walking behind a group of girls, and as they rounded a corner we heard them scream and they came backing towards us in horror. We peek around the corner in the half-dark light, and see a man in a circular room, going crazy on the floor with a chainsaw! As we approached he turned towards us, and started following us around the room with the saw behind out feet. Screaming and running around we tried to find the exit, but it was really hard to tell where the door was and we all freaked out.

Solveig survived through the thing quoting Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream aloud xP I joined her on some of the scariest parts, like when Jigsaw was walking around breathing in people's ears, or when we walked by Samara in front of a TV screen showing "The Ring".... That freaked me out a lot more than her since she hasn't seen those movies. And though it was kinda embarrassing - we got some funny looks from monsters and other people in there - it worked! ^^

It really freaked me out. Well at least I got to scream my lungs out at Jigsaw, using all the male deep voice I could master ^^ hahaha

If we shadows have offended

Guess what?
My 4 days weekend's gonna be awsome anyway. Tomorrow morning we leave for Salt Lake City. Going to Snooty and the beast as well as going to a haunted hourse rated as one of the 10 scariest in the US. Saturday's gonna be spent in Salt Lake, and then we're gonna se the real musical of Beauty and the Beast.. Also, we'll meet Ingela sunday before returning to the south.

Monday we have the Drama Party inkluding Bowling and watching the film :) It's gonna be awsome ^^
You know why there's a 4 days weekend? It's Deer Hunting Weekend så we get out fo school.. weird.

Anyway, then on Tuesday and Wednesday I have crazy many tests that I'll miss ;)

Reason: I will be out of town still. We're going to Solveig's, Krystal's and Kayla's potential colleges on a tour. It's gonna be exciting though I'm not going to college to see a real college. Now she's standing here.  

The following weekend there's a Debate Tournament which I might take part in as an actor with a drama scene... Rich wants me to do the IE but alone, three characters in one person... :)

Then the weekend after that there's the big drama Mascarade so everyone now to go let's listen; Important info will be up soon :)

Crazy week coming up right? If you only knew...

Going to sleep now ^^ Sleep well! <3

Fairy, Lion, Vampire or what?

You all know how obsessed I used to be with Twilight... I've actually seen the movie about 19 times I think it was, and so I know it all - every line and piece of music - and that's such a waste of brain capacity... lol hehe

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures in the Green Room during the show of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and in one of the pictures Gareth looks crazy much like Edward Cullen! I can't help but noticing it, so I told Solveig and she agreed and said I should compare with a pic of Edward... Here's the result. It's scary.

Let's just put some white make up on Gareth's face and tada! It's creepy! But somehow a little weird and funny too. Gareth did look pretty scary with all that make up on, and his hair standing straight up like Edward's does.. Oh well, this was just a little weird observation by me. I hope Gareth doesn't eat Emelie ^^

Good night :)

People remember my name

New header, what do you think? Anyone liking it? :)

Today I slept for 12 hours. From 12-12 tehee seems like shakespeare competition was as tireing as everyone said it would be. And, since we didn't stay for the award cermony yesterday, we got home in time for (well that's what we thought) watching the three hours movie "Meet Joe Black" that we never have time to see.. I fell asleep for a while when watching it, so Solveig decided we should sleep. Good decision, I can say now afterwards.

Today I've been lazy. I created an album on Facebook with lots and lots of pictures from the show and the competition. Take a look!

Now, Shakespeare is officially over. Sad. I really really like this team, they're like a family who are always there to help you. Lovely people. Gonna miss the ones who are not in Beauty and the Beast.

While mentioning it, I can also tell you that I constantly hear the songs from the musical, since solveig's listening to them in the car, in her room, in her headphones... Well I can't hear that but you get it right?

She's gonna be an awsome Belle. And I can't wait to try out for Alice in Wonderland. That would be such a fun part to do, but it's not til this spring.

Anywho, this afternoon we all went to see the new version of Fame :) It was really good, following the plot of the old one almost the entire time. Just some characters were changed...

Gonna go grab an apple now, and go to sleep. Sweet Dreams <3

P.S. HUGE CONGRATS TO ELSA, SELMA AND ALFONZ!!! My awsome sister and our lovely dogs got firstplace the other day, and it was Alfonz's first competition ever! Iiiiiiih keep it up Elsa, you're the best! <3

Shakespeare Competition <3

I have had the most amazing week. Not only did it start with the awsome show of a midsummer night's dream, we ended it with Shakespeare Competition Friday and Saturday. Ok so we all panicked this wednesday because we had almost no blocking done for the high school ensamble scene and we were going to compete with it Saturday. Rushing through the blocking, we actually had it all blocked two days before competition. Sadly we didn't have rehearsal on Friday (dooh, we were at competition all day...) so all we could do was practise the ensamble on the bus to and from Cedar City on Friday.


Left school in normal time to drive up to Cedar City, and everyone was very excited. We all screamed and practised on the bus all the way up. After a workshop about improvising at 11, we had "lunch" at the cutest little place (actually all we did is that everyone got chocolate coke which turned out to be disgusting (i tried Krystal's) and so me and Lana shared a chocolate shake ^^ Yummie

Tech Olympics were during the day, and at four a clock our IEs started. So me, Kyndal and Jennifer got to our first round with our directors McKenna and Sharissa. They were awsome, taking good care of the three of us though they were both there volunterily ^^ love

During our first round I was so nervous, but the judge didn't say anything, just wrote on our ballot and then when everone was done she just said bye. No comments. Gaaah -_- Before the second round we had a lot of extra time, about 45 min, so we just hung out outside the classroom where the round would be held, and had lots of fun taking pictures...


The second round was probably the best we've ever done with the scene, everything went awsome. The judge liked it a lot, and he's done the play 7 times and still thought that we beautifully expressed the music in the words... or something like that. Well he liked it a lot and we were the only ones not getting fix notes :D

Being all hyper, and having about halv an hour before our third and last round, we decided to have some fun. We spent our hyper energy on jumping around taking awsome pics around a pretty waterfall set.


Then all of a sudden we found this cute little bench that was soo romantic. So Jenn grabbed a guy who happened to walk by (the SUU - Southern Utah University - was full of students/actors walking around) and she got a cute picture with him on the bench. He was a little shocked when Kyndal stopped him from running away and so she got a picture too.. Cuuuute ^^


After he left three other guys came up to us and asked if they could be in our pictures too. So Jenn had some fun with them.. Haha random lovely Jenn :P

The third round was our least best that day, though I still think we did great. Heading back to the group, we met the middle schoolers who had just done their Ensamble Scene. We finally got on the bus after a long time of waiting for a group that was in a postponed round, and got back to Hurricane. Driving home I managed to stay awake, but the minute I got home and realised I would be back again in school - on a Saturday - within seven hours, I fell asleep.


Luckily we didn't do the IEs today, because Jennifer got sick along with her sister Sara, so it would have been hard to do our trio scene without Jenn as Oberon. Anyway, we met at school at 7 am, which was way to early for some people.. for most people. Everyone was tired, but there is nothing to wake you up like Rich full of energy and some crazy warm ups with the team. Gosh I love this team... <3

So, we left for Cedar again, and arrived in time to let the middle schoolers off to their IEs, since it was the opposite way from Friday today, and we did a few run throughs of the Ensamble Scene in an empty parking lot, the whole high school cast. I must say, for not having had the blocking for more than two days, we did pretty awsome ^^


Watching some other ensamble scenes before lunch, we saw (among others) Tuacahn's playing a really creepy scene. Scary, oh yes. Then more run throughs and at 2 we went to get ready for the preformance.

We did good. We actually did good. The judges liked it and we had fun, and that's all that counts. At one point, Gareth shouted "Cupid" at the wrong place, but since he did it with confidence it didn't matter. It sounded right. And at the end Courtney didn't get any sticks so Gareth who happened to be sitting next to her according to colour of our shirts gave her one of his so they both had one each and that melted the judges' hearts. Big Gareth helping little adorable Courtney out of trouble... cute ^^

We got good feedback, some critique, but mostly good. Hahaha the best part was when the woman judge said that Brian was a little too into it, and that she had been thinking "C'mon and blink, Obe baby, blink!" x)

Also, we had the funny moment of Rich saying that Gareth's beat for the first line was to be sexier than Brad Pitt xP hahaha

All in all, to sum it up. It's been a wonderful two days though our school only made like 9th place and the best we did was 3rd for the middle school ensamble. But still, I think that's awsome because there were A LOT of schools there and we had the most fun, no doubt :D

I have like a billion of pictures from there, but I can't fit them all here. Gonna create an album on Facebook tomorrow so you can all see everything from the Shakespeare Competition, the Show of the Play in school, and everything else that's got to do with Shakespeare...

Love to Lana for being totally awsome ^^

Now I have to sleep. Love to you all <3

Puck you

Helluu people :)

Sorry about a few days off there, I've been soo constantly busy. Drama shows mon and tuesday, drama rehearsal wednesday and then choir concert. Today there was a rehearsal til 7 pm, which was tireing but fun. Drama here is always fun ^^

I want to upload some pics from the week so far, but I don't have the time right now since it's past midnight and I have to get up early tomorrow to go to competition in Cedar City... It's gonna be AWSOME!!!!! xD

Well, the main reason for this post is to celebrate my little sister's 15th Birthday =D Wiiiiiie!!!

Älskade Elsa Grattis på 15årsdagen min sötis!!!!! Aaaaah saknar er men hoppas ni har det bra, hälsa alla underbara människor som kommer och firar dig ikväll (jag vet att det är fredagen den nionde redan för dig, och tekniskt sett för mig med eftersom klockan är 00.15, men jag kom inte åt datan fören nu... Älskar dej ändå ^^ löööve <3

Adorable right?

Go Tigers, competition tomorrow wohooo!!! Peace and love <3

Over and out :P

Sing in our sweet lullaby

Hi dearies,

today Da List was up. At first I couldn't find anything besides the fact that Trevor Cox got the part as the Beast. But as I looked, I found Solveig's name next to Belle. Oh. My. God. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Solveig's playing Belle and I'm so excited for her. I feel like the best person in the world, because I'm not jealous at all though she's my sister and normally that would mean that I got madly jealous of her.. But Seriously, I'm just happy that so many lovely people from the Shakespeare Team are in the next show too..! So, once I'd found my name too (candle-seller, mob, assistant stage manager) among the ensamble-people, I was happy. It's sad though about the people who're not staying. Like Kyndal, I've really started to like her a lot. And all the other nice people. But Brian, Tess, Courtney, Jenny, Tyler etc are still in it, so that's gonna be fun. Brian's Gaston, Jenny is the clock guy, Tyler the candle stick.. hahah gonna be fun.

So, tonight we had the first show of A midsummer night's dream. Michelle filmed it so hopefully I'll get it on dvd soon. We have one more show tomorrow, and here's a lovely pic of the wonderful makeup Erica helped us with. She's talented that girl...

My arm that's not covered with growing lillies, it looked like this thanks to Charissa<3 :

This was how I had my hair during the show...:

And here are three of the random pics taken when we got ready for Homecoming Dance ^^


Love you all <3


Oh Dear Dear Nostalgy... What would life be like without it?

Anyone recognising anything? I know my sisters will, but anyone else? ^^

By the way, tomorrow we start showing A Midsummer Night's Dream, at seven pm at HHS. Everyone come see it. If you're in another part of the world, you're excused :P It's gonna be so exciting! And we show it again on tuesday. Then there's the choir concert on wednesday, and friday and saturday is competition!!! Wiiie

Also, tomorrow Da List we be up, the casting of Beauty and the Beast.... Geeez nervousness taking over here...!

Sweet dreams! <3

That tonight's gonna be a good night

Just got home from Homecoming Dance!!! Aaaaaaaaaah

It was absolutely awsome!!! Aaaaaaaaaah

I went without a date and I'm so glad I did because all couples were much more awkward than my group of lovely friends ^^ We had a blast!!! Aaaaaaaaaah

My feet hurt and now I'm gonna sleep and have the first sleep in in several weeks... Aaaaaaaaaah

Who's excited? I am x)

P.S: The awsome Homecoming Dance was at Lichfield's pond which was great :P

Well I gotta sleep. Sweet dreams, it's almost fairy time ^^

The eye of the Tiger

WWooooohoooo today's been crazy SPIRIT DAY!!!! WIIIIIIIEEEE

After dressing up in the cute red and black dress with white spots that I bought the other day (I woke up ten minutes before we had to leave!) I had shorter classes today and spent first hour watching the cheerleaders put up posters in the Gym. Helped out a bit and had Gov before the Pep Rally thingy in the Gym with awsome stuff :D The scenes of the classes and the people being taped to the wall and the "Mr Tiger candidates" danced at cheer dance and it was all lots of fun. Got some videos and pics that will appear here later :D

Short lunch and then we joined the Drama council for the parade from the Elementary School to the high school, all councils riding in the back of trucks and the football team on a fire fighter car thingy.. So we drove along for long, throwing candy to the kids of the elementary school (that's what parades are all about, throwing candy to the kids watching) screaming cheers and it was fun and awsome ^^

After third and fourth hour we got tickets for homecoming and had rehearsal til 6.10

That was the short version, as soon as I'm not falling asleep with Kayla massaging my feet... aah lovely :P

Also, we went to the game tonight, THE HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME and Hurricane Tigers beat the Bulldogs with 52-7 Mowhahahaha we RULE!!!

Tigers are what? RED HOT!!! Tigers are what? RED HOT!!! R-E-D-H-O-T We're bad, we know it, we've got the stuff to show it, wooh!

The cookie monster says that the Tigers are, the big crunchy cookies at the top of the jar. The cookie monster says that the Bulldogs are, the small tiny pieces at the bottom of the jar.

Wooooooh GO TIGERS!!!!!

There is nothing to it, just gotta do it

Hey do you know what I did the other day that I'm really proud of? I managed to - bored to death during Guitar Class as always - tune the guitar by ear!!! Iiiih I'm so impressed, I barely ever manage to tune it even if someone's playing the note for me.. And using the scale that I now know on the first 4 frets, I tuned all the strings!!! ^^

Ok so yesterday at Footloose (it was played at that amazing out doors theater that I spoke of once earlier where we saw Aida) it was freezing cold but it was an awsome show about dancing and they were all great actors.

Image Image

Today we had an extra long rehearsal which was great because then we made it almost all the way through the rest of the play... meaning we only have two scenes left :D
And it's always fun being around drama people. I'm thinking about how I'm never gonna be able to do drama ever again after going back to sweden, because nothing there can ever get even close enough to the way it is here. We're a team, we're the team. We are crazy energetic focused happy hardworking people who are doing the best we can to put on a great show, and I love it! Compared to the theater and drama I've done before... there's nothing to even compare with, I'm ashamed of the swedish drama we have on high school level.

Just think about this: We had rehearsal (not like usually ever day from 3.10-5.40 but) from 3.10-7.00 pm. And having a blast, me and a group of about ten people stuck around til about 7.45 pm... That's how much I love being around those people and the drama/acting/stage overall. There's just nothing like it, not even close.

Well, that's about all I have to say today. I've had a great day. Tomorrow's spirit day and for sure I'm gonna be Red, Black and White :D love highschool spirit, you just gotta love it <3

The theme for Homecoming this year is "Once upon a Dream"
Lovely huh? And this is the picture they've been using for posters etc:

Well ttyl =)

Right from the moment

Feeling better today, it's been a great day :)

Going to see Footloose at Tuacahn now ^^ see ya

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