it's the most wonderful time

It's snowing it's snowing it's already snowing!! How exciting, that there has already been some snow on the ground, and it's still October!
Can it be that today is just the kind of day that no one expects and then it turns out great? I think so. Payday today (wihooo!) as well as first snow of the season. Also had Pauline over for lunch which is always nice, and spent the evening with my parents talking trips and plans. Dad made a fire in the fireplace when we realised the garden was getting whiter by the minute, and I ran out with the dogs to check it out. Had tea and stayed till it was completely dark. Lovely evening, for sure. 

I guess the only downside to this day would be the dental visit I had to endure this morning at 7.50 am :S First off, I don't like dentists. Second, I dislike my dentist even more. Third, I came home with my teeth hurting a ton more than they did when I woke up (which was nothing at all). 

Remember to let her into your heart

FINALLY this weekend is over. I honestly don't know how I'd get through these weekends where all I do is work work work (or so it feels to me), without all the support I get. Everything from my parents lending out their van, to Trevor picking me up and dropping me off everywhere, cooking for me and hugging me when I'm tired. I keep thinking of how lucky I am, to have friends who will switch my shifts with me to assure I can make it on time, and to have three part time jobs that make it possible for me to save up just a little bit every month and hope to travel and see the world some day soon.
At least I had a fabulous friday with the girls, including Solveig who has been visiting for a week, and Pauline's two best friends Felicia and Emelie. It was great having some girly time, and the cheesecake with frozen raspberries I brought for dessert was quite the success. There was only a little bit left for me to bring home to Trevor ;)
Today has been a day to repose. Not that I could sleep much, because once you have tasted some pure pineapple juice at 7 am there is no going back to bed. As a matter of fact I doubt anyone could sleep right after breakfast. At least it is impossible for me, so I spent the morning in a state of relaxation. Then at lunch I walked to Centrum and met up with Louise, wandered back to my apartment and had some lunch and tea. To continue my day, I travelled to town to meet up with my brother and help him with his two adorable daughters as the older one (age 4) had gymnastics and needed someone to come to that with her, and the younger one (age 1.5) needed her dad's attention. So there I found myself between 4 and 5 pm, helping little kinds jump obstacles, balance and do handstands. I was a proud aunt =D
Also, it had been pouring and as an aunt.. ofc I jumped some puddles with my niece. It is great fun, the rain. I wish I wasn't so boring and felt more like going out in it to dance (Soso I miss our epic rain dance). Although it would probably risk my health more than it's actually worth, since my weekend also resulted in a dry voice and coughing. I'm terrified I will loose my voice again, like this past spring AND fall... so I'm staying as quiet as I can, keeping my cold and throat under observation, and hope to still be able to play in the rain sooner than later.
This song has been stuck in my head all day and it makes me think of great memories from the Cavern Club in Liverpool about a year ago where Louise and I acted the part as Beatles fans in front of the crowd while an imitation band played. So much fun..! Old music is really the best.
Other than that, the focus of today has been on the releasing of "Riders of Rohan" for LOTRO, which Trevor has been anticipating for months. Finally he can shoot a bow from horseback and compete to see who gets to lvl 85 first. I find it silly, yet the excitement is kind of rubbing off on me.. At least I'm happy to see him so excited =)
But all the same, it's a silly game ^_^


Experimenting a little with my phone and testing whether I can actually blog from it too.. It's amazing what this smart little tool can do if you just know which apps to install ;-)

Also, happy national cinnamon roll day last Thursday!

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