Get funky, get funky

These past few weeks have been busy. Though I didn't start school again like everybody else, I've still worked a few extra days at ICA, and both weekends have been occupied with stuff for Funkykidz. Saturday the 18th I worked on a Funkykidz Event all afternoon, as well as driving around the purple Funky-van throughout town, delivering material to the Events, and picking it up later that evening. Last Saturday I had a workshop all day where we worked on the dances for the coming semester, and got off to a great start through the usual kick-off. We also got jackets, shirts and pants that match, a whole outfit to wear when we work for Funkykidz and during out classes. I'm excited to teach again, even if it makes me nervous too. What if I can't memorize the dances in time, or what if I forget something crucial for the first class... 
I'm sure I'll be fine. After all - I've done it a few times before...
Other than that, life is settling into some slow pace that is both nice and boring. Some days when I sit around the apartment mostly, I feel like I'd rather do anything than that. Even school sounds exciting. Then some times I realise that school was boring too sometimes and that it's habits that are boring. Life is fun, as long as you dare take on new things. Therefore, I am trying to use this extra time that I have to do things that I've never had time for. But at the moment I am - like I said - only focused on learning the moves before I have my first class on Sunday.
 Time to make dinner. It's getting cold outside now, fall's coming quickly. Looking back I miss summer :)
Foto taken by Elsa

And she will be loved

Cheesy as ever possible, this old song is stuck in my head right now and I smile. Though I am back to work and summer is close to over, I smile, because I am lucky and happy =D

You and me at the arctic circle

Back from summer vacation now, and what a summer it's been! Road trip, sleeping on ice and sailing.
Trevor and I drove through the entire country in two days, to get to Kiruna up north. We hiked the swedish mountains, including hiking by the tallest mountain in the country! It was really cool, but the mosquitoes like the scene too so we had to share our space with them, sadly.
Then, we had reservations at the world famous IceHotel in Jokkasjärvi! We had ice cream served on ice blocks, drank out of glasses made of ice, and hung out in a freezer all evening. Then - we slept in a room made of ice, where the bed was on an ice swan, by an ice pond with ice swans. It was all very adorable.
Our room was called "Swan me up" and was designed by AnnaSofia Maag.
All in all, it was a great vacation and I had tons of fun. The IceHotel is very much recommended by me, everyone should go see it. Tours are available and it is definately worth it. It was quite the experience.

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