La Même Soleil

Ok I know it might be a bit silly, but I can't help it. I've had this song stuck in my head since we listened to it in French class, and now I thought I'd post it up here. No one will understand it. It's in french. But it's beautiful, has a good message and it VERY easily gets stuck in your head ^^ I'm curious if anyone would understand it though, just by looking at the video and listening..? Psst, Soleil = Sun, Même = Same, Tous = All ^^
Today I've had classes, CPR in P.E., went to the gym, the to my driving class, then home to eat Tacos, then I've been writing on my Persuasive Speech for Speech class. It's going slow. I'm so tired of studying but I have tons of stuff ahead of me to better just bite the lemon and get on with it. Smile everyone <3

Bulletproof in Baggy Jeans

And another week starts....
Went shopping saturday, finally got paid for February which was great, so deserved a little treat and bought myself the new bag I really needed. Wiie shopping!!! <3

He gonna miss tha girl

Wednesday. I really feel like doing nothing at all but watch a movie, read and be super lazy. But no. I'm gonna be good and go work out before dinner and then study. Thursdays are not my favourite day of the week, but today's been pretty easy on me. On the other hand, I feel a bit unmotivated down to a "bleh" and a "meeh" and I am trying to think of ways to cheer myself up enough to go outside. Maybe blogging is not the best way to accomplish this though...
At least it's been warm enough to dig out the little car so I can drive again! Drivers License - Here I come!
Me and Sassi last summer

Awwh <3
Which version is the best?
I wanna go in a rowing boat with Sebastian singing crab songs around my head!! ^^

The words are hushed

Goodmorning world. News for you. I'm off fb for a week. Starting yesterday. But I'm gonna last through it, with not a single little peek at it even once, because I'm proving to someone that you can overcome addictions and last through them ;)
I'm headed off to school in a little bit, don't have speech cause all English C students in the senior year are on Ireland with my speech teacher. So that's nice, gives me a little sleepin today :)
Lyrics: Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

Funkykidz det är vi visst

I've had a crazy weekend for sure!
After school I went to the Funkykidz meeting/dinner in town to discuss the upcoming show for our little dancers. It was great to see everyone again, and thai buffe is never wrong, right? ;)
Went to Louise's house right after that and had ice cream in front of "Love at first Hiccup". Totally adorable movie, sooo good! Watch watch watch!! :P
Work at 8. Yay. Got there early, then worked till 4 pm. Since I switched shifts with Elin tho, I didn't have to work the evening which was nice. Instead I went to my sister-in-law's 30th birthdayparty. Tired as I was tho, didn't too late. It was waay nice to meet my adorable niece again though! She is so sweet and never makes a fuss about anything. Peaceful cute girl ^^
Sunday morning and up again for Funkykidz as always. First two classes only had 4 kids in each, which was interesting. Then for the 4-5 and 6-8 FUNKY was visiting. My fellow instructor Emma dressed up in the mascot outfit for the big cosy bear, and it was a success! A kid or two our of the 4yearolds started crying, but most of them loved him! ;) Click to see bigger.. Enjoy! ^^
Oh yeah Funky! ;) hahah <3 Love it!

Finished the Sunday with ICA Cashregister sitting again, as will I do today. But because I have nothing important all morning, or barely anything at all, I am staying in bed till 10 before I go to school :) very nice. Good morning!

It's not a big big thing

I was looking around for commercials for my Speech class tomorrow, and I found this one. It really touched my heart.
Watch it :')


I found these along with a recipe for them on this nice blog, very good advice on yummy stuff there ^^ I think I know some people who would love this blog, and especially Sara ;) Check it out! Click on the yummy chocolate thingies!!!

Friday oh sweet Friday :D Just made dinner with Sara, the lemon chicken turned out way better than I'd ever have expected considering we made the recipe up as we went along ^^
Friday... Time for a weekend of doing nothing but Sleep, Study and See Veronica :) That's all I've got planned (besides Funkykidz on Sunday). May the weekend go by slowly, because Monday's off too ^^
That one's on me ;) Smoooooothie! <3

Beautiful Goodbye

Yesterday I was with my family at the funeral of my aunt Eva. It was a very beautiful goodbye with lots of people who came to pay their respect, and my thoughts go to her husband, son, daughter and grandkids, as well as her sister and my dad.
Rest in Peace Eva.

Statistics don't lie

I wonder what happens with my visitors and viewers and readers. My amount of comments does not at all cope with the amount of people who visit my blog according to the statistics I get. I mean, with that many people (the blue line) visiting my page that many times (red line) in the past few days, how come I have like no comments? :P heheh just an interesting thought...

Not too hungry

Today is the day to celebrate Women and Fat Tuesday Buns!

Unfortunately I have spent the day sleeping and trying to drink some water. Don't know if I have the stomach flu or just ate something bad, but it's not very pleasant to be sick :(
Hope to get better soon!

Colors that Spin

Laura said she wanted more of my poetry, so here's a poem I wrote at Region Debate last year :) I like it a lot.. very random ^^ Enjoy and please comment! =)
It's called "Through the whirls" and i own copyright to it cause I wrote it! ;)

The Pretty Lights

Back from a week up north! :D It's been great, the trip there was a pain since I had to take the train and bus and bluah it took forever and it was cold but I got there alright and now I've been in the snow and came back last night.
I've been skiing on the mountains, downhill slalom and snow board. I'm still sore after the saturday in snow storm fighting with the snow board to make it move like I wanted. Wouldn't say I can do it, but I'm learning :) Wiho^^
Fun fun week :D

Today I'm taking care of myself, being all sore and tired. unpacking, cleaning.. About to meet my newborn niece!! Excited! ^^ Then tomorrow Louise and I are teaching the class to do the Tango in PE :P lol that's gonna be.. weird.. ;)

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