Paint with all the colors of the wind

Fall is finally here and though it's colder and the world suddenly seems a few shades closer to grey, it's nice in its own way. Lots of beautiful leaves on the trees, rainstorms, hot chocolate and movies and total appreciation for just the tiniest glimpse of sunlight. 
Put on the cute beanies and scarves!
Make homemade panncake-cake
The big Law-Students-Dinner-Party
At my first "Nation Gasque" (dinne party)
Both my sisters have their birthdays (=much cake!)
Beautiful leaves color the world
Conference in Oslo Norway with Explorius (Agnes and Kristina in the pic)
Me in Olso!
Nu kör vi hösten! Fullt ös framåt!
 Shoutout to my little sister Elsa who is in France all on her own and turning 19 today! Wihoo for youu!

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