Stoppin for Lunch

Home for lunch break before going back for one more class. My AMAZING sister just sent me these pics, isn't she just GREAT at what she does with a camera and editing and whatever else she does?!?! Wish I had her skills ;)

Gotta start working on a new header and stuff... This blog needs some updating after a sleepy summer :)

I can still recall

Wishing I was back there
"My shorts are gonna get wet!" <3


I'll still feel you here

Welcome back to reality. the 28th of August, Trevor has left and I feel like a big empty balloon just sitting here. I'm restless, tired, empty, hungry, tired, feeling sick, worried and very tired.
At the same time I am just so incredibly happy and I feel wonderful inside because I know I have a wonderful boyfriend who is amazing and always there for me and though times apart might be on our doorstep I feel so different from when he left in January. I am so sure of my feelings and his feelings and I know things will work out. I can't wait to see him again. It is going to be so empty now after this summer filled with people that we have had.

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