Shattered heart

"One day my heart will burst from happiness, and I will put in my will that you are to have whatever pieces of it you can find"

Someone told me this was a cute quote. The same someone I wrote it for - came up with it for - on the spot :P

I'd gladly hit the road, get up and go

Today's been a very active day ^^
During PE the girls in my class played soccer, and it was Waaay fun. We all got really into it, and it was a great time. Felt really gross afterwards tho. Lucky people in Sweden actually do shower after PE, unlike people at HHS ;) heheh no offence ^^

So that was about an hour of running, and then after school (got out around 4.45 pm) I went to Louise's house and we were being all good and ran for a while (I have the hardest time running, cause I can't breath. Not like i get tired I just stop breathing and it's very unpleasant..) there and then we sat and talked and then I taught her some swing steps that I learnt in Social Dance at Hurricane. And we decided to have a leadership class for PE (gives us extra credit) and teach the class some simple swing steps :D Gonna be awesome ;)

Then I came home, had meatballs and came upstairs to say hi to Trevor before he left for class. Now I'm gonna go have a shower cause of all the movement I've done today ;P heheh oh I'm so out of shape and so unflexible. Silly american habits ^^ Bluah <3

You make my heart beat <3

You make my smile grow
and everything's fine
I'm certain, I know
you make my eyes shine

You make my world spin
first fast and then slow
a feeling within
you make my hair flow

You make my feet dance
the rules that I break
no one stands a chance
you make my hands shake

You make my cheeks red
from sweet things I hear
when you tilt your head
you make me feel near

You make my eyes wet
I hide near the heat
a hug and I let
you make my heart beat

Alright, I know I should write about my day and not about the same topic all the time, and I promise I won't just write about this topic, but I felt some inspiration and above's the result... O=)

And all the glaciers melted into puddles

As I melt too <3 Miss you so much

Life doesn't stop for late passengers

It's raining outside, unbelievebly much rain is coming down. I know, I drove home in it :P Not too pleasant

So, I've started my swedish High School again. First day (Monday) I got there early and nice, and found my old class were to be in the room next to my new class. Yeah that was sorta sad, I really felt like I belong with the seniors.. Ok so well, I got in the classroom with NV09C, but after about half an hour the teachers realised I was not on their list so they sent me to the Office and I found out they had moved me to NV09E.. So now I'm in that class, was a little confusing at first but well, Charlie from NV08G's in there, and some younger siblings of people I know, and nice people in general =) I'm really glad I met Louise the very first day, she's really sweet and well it's always super nice when someone comes up to you had say hi and introduce themselves, cause we'll I don't know anyone so.. yeah :P

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a looong and slooow day. I had so many classes, thought it'd never end! But it was still a nice day, met a lot of people from my class and got to know a bunch of really nice guys, cause I haven't really gotten to know many of the girls yet besides Louise and Cecilia, and ofc Catti and Linnea who I'd already met.

I got SO FREAKISHLY MUCH math homework yesterday that I spent all evening (literally from when I got home around 4.30 til late at night) studying what we had done in class and gotten to have done by Wednesday -.- Then I fell asleep without changing into PJs (Thanks Trevor for waking me up again O=) or at least for telling me to go change when I woke up hehe) and then woke up to take out the dogs - just like last night and the night before - cause they're sick, and so I slept quite a bit (alright, not too much or well but alright) but still I was so tired today..

Today (Wednesday) I met some more people, made some more friends, had more classes (seriously, who made our schedule?? Double class in math in the morning????? umm.. stupid^^) and drove home in the rain. I'm so tired I just want to sleep, but I made dinner and now I've done some homework (thanks again Trevor for helping me with that stuff I didn't know last night) in math and will probably go see veronica for a little bit. Gotta get to bed on time tho, Exhausted ;P

I wanna be this kitty. I really do.

Don't bother me with all of your reality

Tho Friday was the official last day of summer break, today is too in a way. School starts tomorrow and I'm very feeling very iffy about it all. I wanna start school again, see people and make time fly, while I also want to just have summer keep going... I feel as if I'd love to start school for a few weeks and then have another summer break. Yeah sounds like a good idea? Who's with me? ^^

So I guess what I have to do today is get really ready for school so I will survive getting up in time tomorrow O.ô

Wish it could be that simple

Feel like typing something, don't really know what. But I'm just sitting here waiting for something to happen. Trying to make myself do something of the things I need to do, like take out the trash from cleaning yesterday, or clean my night stand, or read one of the books I'm working on getting through, or email some of the people I rarely email though I should... All that stuff.. And yet what I feel like doing is just sitting here and typing without thinking. I'm sure someone's gonna read this babble anyways someday and nothing bad comes from just typing thoughts.

Seriously - how cute isn't this random pic?? ^^

Guess I could write what I've done today. I woke up around 8 after too few hours of sleep, spent a sleepy morning talking to Trevor, had breakfast (did I? hmm think so..) and worked a little on getting things ready for school starting, deciding what bag to use and stuff.. Had a shower and lunch, hung out with Sara some and showered Alfonz several times during the day cause he's sick again, and had some cake with mom and Sara, watched Wipeout instead of intended movie, woke up my adorable bf, had dinner and now I'm waiting for the 9 o'clock movie (War of the Worlds) to start. Bet I'll fall asleep before it's over, but I've seen it before so no big deal..

Found this pic of me a whole bunch of years ago, about the same time I started this blog I think... Yeah it's long ago. First post is from May 2008! Anyways, Time to take a nap so I might last the movie. Night! <3

Still Preoccupied

So school starts on Monday. Yeah it does. Not too excited. But I have my whole experience from HHS with me and it means so much to me. And guess what? Though I'm now starting "Gymnasiet" again, it's true that "High School never ends" <3

I can think of 50 reasons

Good morning world the last day of summer break. Techincally there's a weekend left too, but that's off anyways so.. last day of summer is today. Feel sorta weird, can't believe I start school again on Monday. I slept in for long and now I'm cleaning my room and listening to music (currently Hey Stephen with Taylor Swift - love that song) while sorting through the last shelf of my book case that still has kids books and old school work and magazines and all that stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else. Gonna clean it out and leave space for new things. Starting school, getting ready for a fresh start this fall. Gonna have a great time and get to know lots of new people. Yay staying positive ;P

Enjoy the day :D

Hey soul sister

The amazingness is accomplished when two souls meet, when people who never met before realise they are meant to meet. My high school year was the best thing that I've ever done, but none of it would have been possible if it hadn't been for the most wonderful soul sister in the world, the sweet dear Jellyfish, Solveig. I love you so much sweetie <3 And miss you like crazy <3

Arrived, all scared, and got a big hug <3

Roller skating with the short one in the park ^^

Sister fight with the awwwesome balloons xD

All the places we've gone... things we've done...

Oh we're so hot ;)

What would the world be like without us? Boooring ^^

Glöm inte vad vi ska göra på den där stranden en dag xP heheh

Oh we're so swedish ^^ heheh walking around Vegas in flower crowns... yeah ;)

Hahahah we look so horrible in all the other pics, that I just put this one of our feet up here and I know you will understand why a pic says more than a thousand words <3

Love you to death Solveig <3 Will forever be the most wonderful person I know

There were never such devoted sisters
Never had to have a chaperone "No, sir"
I'm there to keep my eye on her
Caring, Sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress and I stayed home
All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff'rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one AHAAA
Those who've
Seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us
Many men have tried to split us up but no one can
Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister
Who comes between me and my man

Jellyfish <3


The water is blue if the sky is too. The water is grey if it's a rainy day. The water gets white if the sun shines bright. The water is seethrough, and through it I see you <3

Because two is better than one

So.. I guess I'm in a really "missing Utah mood" these days when none of my friends are home (or if they are they work all day) and I spend most of my time just home.. hanging out with my sisters and dogs, or on my computer. So I made a post for Laura yesterday, and I thought I'd keep going and make some posts for other special people... =)

So here's a post for Trevor. Trevor Trevor Trevor... ^^

Everything that you do for me, mean to me and how I can talk to you about absolutely everything. I miss you so much - I think you have a pretty good idea of just how much - and I can't wait to see you again sometime <3

You amazing sweet caring loving silly adorable crazy awesome cute absolutely wonderful you <3 So distracting O=)

No need for words. Tons of Hugs <3 PoK

Always <3

Sunshine Day

My wonderful friends ^^ This was the best birthday party ever <3 had such a good time, and here we all get together and Sing :D Loves!!!

I do believe I have been changed for the better

I'm having a major missing Laura moment, and so here I put some of our songs that have touched my at the bottom of my heart. I have so many memories with you sweetie, and "I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you.." <3

For Good - Sung by us, graduating choir seniors and Chamber Choir =')


Sourwood mountain - Region Choir.. needless to say, it was kinda hard to memorize and hilerious to sing ^^ hahah <3 I think we sung "sourwood mountain" once in the beginning then only "bom", "plink", "doo", "plank" etc ;P


Do you hear what I hear - the Choir Trip to Salt Lake in Dec 09.. and us messing up the verses and having a great time up on the bus, and singing at that hospital for the kids.. Unforgettable <3


Build me up Buttercup - this version is cool, imagine that we sung the part that the guys sing here ^^ hehe love it that the guys get to sing "You could be the guy I adore" tho they changed it.. anyways <3


What'll I do - the one song where the Altos had the melody!! Woho ALTO POWER <3


St Louis Blues - Hahah I can totally see Laura performing it like this ^^ So much fun <3


Oh Shenandoah - I thought this was a very entertaining version of it ^^ Heheh


Laura dear I really think we should sing that version of For Good some times, it's sooo pretty and makes me cry every time I listen to it. Miss you lovely <3

Ny layout

yeupp, tar det här på svenska :)
ny design här inne, gjord av mig, Elsa. Hoppas ni gillare <3
tjing <3

Same same but different ^^

So today, Elsa and I decided I should let her dye my hair O.o
It actually turned out really nice. It was blonder, like this..

(what a horrible pic..)

and turned out something like this (I know it's blurry but well... it's something). Very much closer to the color I had last fall, in the US, first time I dyed my hair ever. I think it's pretty much the same as then =)

I like it =)

Sure that the sun's gonna rise

Back home for a little bit in the middle of sailing. It's been a few wonderful days, full of sun, swimming, rain, storms, wind, waves and mosquitoes ^^ All pics by me so well.. They're mine ;)

Loove this beatle thingy ^^ soo cool! Hanging on for dear life..

My wonderful parents <3

I know it's blurry but.. it's me ;)

It's crazy windy and the boat's leaning A LOT :D wohooo!

Loveli Alfonz got sick and fell asleep in Elsa's sleepingbag <3

Not sure when we're off again, picking up Sara from her scout camp tomorrow Monday, and then we'll see ^^

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