When you wish upon a star

Joy to the world

Well, I'm off to see the wizard!
Nah, just picking up Trevor at the airport, leaving in less than an hour so I better get ready and have some breakfast :) So Excited!!! ^^
Wish Max the best of luck, seems all flights from Arlanda, Stockholm are late at leaving, delayed and well... I hope he gets going soon. Guess it's because of the blizzard.
Not gonna bother typing up how I feel right now cause I just can't explain it. Loves and hugs and Merry Christmas whoever reads this! <3
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Santa Claus is coming to town

Christmas Break begun today!! Went shopping with Louise, Axel and Sebastian and didn't find much stuff but had a good time. cleaned cleaned and cleaned, got the house ready for Christmas, and went to Louise's house to hang out for a bit. always as nice to go there ^^
A girl in my class is dropping our of High School because of opportunities in her singing career and i decided to mention the song she sung at the aauditorium thingy today (Gabriella's song). it was amazingly beautiiful when she did it. just crazy.
So, Trevor is right now somewhere over the Atlantic, he has left NY a while ago (I got a text) and I get to see him in only 8 hours ^^ I can't sleep.. :P and I've painted my nails super duper christmasy red :D yay that makes me happy

Sänk dina vita vingar

Guess what guess what guess whaaaat??
Tomorrow's the big physics test (diiiieee physics book die!) then wednesday and thursday are normal school days, don't have any big tests though, then Friday's the "End of year cermony" at school and on Saturday Trevor comes here!!! :D So excited I could just pass out!
And then in a week... it's Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Am I excited or whaaat?? xD
My morning started with the Lucia Pageant at 8 and 8.30, then I had a long break and went home and had lunch with dad who was making chairs :P Back to school for PE and english.
Geez my comment of the day is to crazy guys who think girls love getting a ball thrown in their stomach from a meters distance with All The Force They Have...! We Don't! And it hurts. And it makes us dislike them. So stop ;)
Went to the gym for a bit, came home and how I'm about to swallow my physics book whole cause then at least maybe some of it would stick to my brain... bluaaah >.<

Shoutin in the Street

Big Thanks to Sara for cheering me up today when I came home feeling like a used tissue pretty much... Lots of hugs to you for that ^^ Now awaits a calm evening with the family at home, couldn't go anywhere if I wanted to and decided tho this wasn't the original plan it will still work out. Looking forward to fruit sallad and the Idol Final on tv. Yes, sleepy me :P
So today was the RED DAY in school, and the pep rally after school - which I didn't go to for reasons mentioned above - all for tomorrow's big game. Yesterday they sold the tickets. So this is how it works here; you buy a red Hooligan shirt about 2 months before the once-a-year game, then the week before, on one day, they sell about 90 tickets to the seniors. Next day (today) they sell tickets to the sophomores and juniors, and they have to run and beat their way to get to buy a ticket to the game, because of our climate the game is indoors and therefore the number of seats is very limited and the tickets expensive.
We have a girl team (Hersby Lady Hooligans) and a guy team (Hersby Hooligans) and this is american football we're talking about here, tho over in the country of its origin it's known as just "football". We play one game a year against the green, Gångsätra Killers.
Here's the trailer for this year's girls team. Enjoy xP heheh
Kill the Killers!!!! ^^

Counted webs from all the spiders

It bothers me that the most exciting thing about today has been that internet just died on me and I lost the whole post I'd written. Yay. My day has been lame enough that I don't even bother retyping it all.
I know officially I'm a junior. I am also graduated. But somewhere inbetween I was actually I senior and I know for sure the disease I have starts with the name of the grade and with something close to -itis.

Not for thy fairy kingdom

Today we performed "A midsummer night's dream" in class, and I think it went well, we all did great for the tiny amount of time we have practised. Anyways, Micke filmed it and here it is, divided into three movies. Watch them in the presented order. Enjoy! ;D

Gosh I miss acting ;P

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