C'est Moi?

Stevie made a "Celeb look alikes" album on facebook and I thought it hysterically funny that she tagged me as Drew Barrymore! When I was little, me and my sisters (one very blonde, one very dark haired) would be the three girls in totally spies, aka the three girls in Charlie's Angels. Every time we watched it, I was always Drew Barrymore's character. Quite interesting I grew up looking like her, according to Stevie.. ;)
What do you think?

Today I got my License

Drove in one of these Mini coopers at the test, panicking every minute and scaring myself to death when a light turned red as I passed it... Almost got hit by a crazy driver coming in from the left, and hyperventilated for half an hour when I found out I passed!!! Adult enough? Well at least I can drive now xD

Not Now Not Never

Totally had a great weekend. Party with work, celebrating Erik's 18th birthday and sleeping some and studying lots.
Here are some epic pics from Friday..
The cake Louise and I made of Erik, for Erik ;)

Make me move like a Freak

Crazy times, crazy much going on.
I really felt like writing this whole long post about all the exciting stuff that I've done these past few days, but I'll just put it into pics ;) The time for Graduation Parties all night is here...
So tired now.. O.ô Several nights in a row with little sleep, and days filled with tests. Ugh

I strongly disagree

My laptop's name is officially Astrid ;P

I just got home from school after having my first round debate. I won! :D yaay now I am not as nervous and stressed out about the Finals any more, I know I can do it :) I am spending the day at home studying for physics and driver's license theory. And of course, I now need to start writing arguments for the next debate, with the proposition "It should be prohibited to have more than two children per family in Sweden". I'm debating affirmative. Any ideas?

A long long time ago...

I am sorting through my old LG laptop's pictures, and I found this old adorable pic of my sisters ;) Hope they don't mind, it's not like anyone could tell it's them unless you knew them back then ;) heheh
Love you cuties!! <3

Dinner time

Home from a really really REALLY exhausting day. Having dinner in my bed and just trying hard to NOT study :P
Two slices of bread with sausage, a tomato, a glass of milk and a slice of "Roll cake" ;) yum

When it moved forward there's no looking back

Started up my new ASUS laptop last night so this is the first post from it! ^^ A little sentimental about leaving my dear old LG behind but I really needed it. So now I have a lot of work ahead of me sorting through pictures and documents and music and stuff :P Still need a name for the new one tho.. hmm

This morning I went to the gym with Tessan and survived through one hour of BodyPump O.o Never felt so weak in my life before ^^ The rest of the day I've pretty much just recovered and tried to study though it is hard and boring and feels pointless and endless.

Sorry I haven't really gotten any pics over from my old LG yet, but at least I just got this one off my phone. Took a walk with Selma and picked these beauties in the season of yellow flowers :)
They are now placed in my window :) Very nice touch of summer

Love oh Love

This has to be the best commercial of all time ^^ Do watch and do enjoy! <3

Let me Rock you

I spent the weekend being a "former foreign exchange student" on the Explorius meetings for the students leaving for the US this fall. It was great, got to talk about lots of fun memories and experiences, as well as give advice and answer questions for 5 hours both Saturday and Sunday.
Today my parents celebrate 25 years since they met and so we went out to eat Sunday night and it was very nice and really nice time spent with the family. I had super spicy thai food so my mouth was burning for forever ;P

It's been super rainy and grey lately. What happened to the summer?? <3

SoSoul Sister

Yes, dear Solveig, I do consider you a sister of mine too ;) In a different way but well.. cause I love you and cause I've had this song stuck in my head all week that reminds me of you... here you go, a post in your honor ^^
Always you and me <3

My love, My life, My sisters <3

Happy May 8th

I love May 8th!

Had a great day yesterday, first grandpa visiting during the day, then in the evening I had Louise, Sebastian, Axel and Erik over and we had cake and watched movies and had a great time :) You guys are so sweet :D
Today I woke up from my wonderful sweet bf singing to me, then the family and I got cake for breakfast and presents and now I'm just enjoying the absolutely fabulous weather and getting the house ready for the relatives that are coming over tonight :)

Summer Feelings

I'm Talking to You

To you <3

Click them...
I love you :) Thanks for being amazing <3


Goodnight <3

May 4th - Nerdy Me

I have realised what a nerd I am. And I can even admit it ^^
I was crazy about Harry Potter for years, read every book about 20 times, have the whole series in both English and Swedish and know everything there is to know about the secret world hidden from muggles ;)

I read all three Lord of the Rings books BEFORE I watched the movies, I have all the extended collector boxes for the films, I have sat through an 11 hour marathon of all three movies, I have played the game (and failed miserably.. yes) and I know what LotR stands for ;)

I have most of the books about Alex Rider and I've read the entire series by Anthony Horowitz (just that I know the name by heart means I have searched it on the library Several times..). I also went and saw the one movie they made at the movie theater..

The series caught me in a second and I was totally, completely hooked for the few days it took me to get through the three books. I even brought it to school and read it inbetween classes... And well.. she's got the same birthday as me ^^

I got the complete works for Christmas, I could once quote almost an entire play and I am fascinated by his words. The absolute top nerd, yes.

It took me forever to get this joke before I saw the picture (while it was just a "May the 4th be with you" on fb statuses) but once I got it.. I thought it was pretty funny :P

I have also spent this wonderful day that I had almost entirely off school, studying. Yes I'm a nerd. But at least I can admit it! ;)

CopyRight, Right?

I know you're not supposed to copy other people's pictures, but I do sometimes and I don't claim them to be my own and now that I've made a fuss about writing here that it's not mine, I feel I can without feeling guilty provide you with this adorable picture of Alfonz <3
It's taken from my sister's blog (elsa94.blogg.se) and she got it from hundliv.webb.se

Days Turn Into Weeks Turn Into Months

Had a great weekend really =)
Saturday during the day we went on the annual "mom's birthday picnic among the white flowers" with the whole family. Very pretty and tasty and just great. Then was the annual big fire to celebrate spring's arrival. I worked till 9.30, but then found some of my friends, watched the fire and went to Sebastian's house with the group to watch a movie and hang out. Pretty nice day. Even got home at a decent time this time ;)

Sunday was amazing. I devoted the day pretty much to the Funkykidz Show. My amazing cute little 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8-year-olds were doing a Great job and I'm way proud of them! It was fun taking care of stuff and being that idolized person they all look up to ^_^
Got a ride back with my brother and his family, to celebrate mom some more and have a birthday dinner for her :) It was very nice and yummy <3

Monday was mom's birthday
Happy Birthday!!! <3

Tuesday I got lots of tests back from school. Starting off with the bad news, I scored two points below the mvg (A) limit on my Chemistry Final, which makes me very uncertain if I'll make the A in that class.. In physics, I got to talk grades with my teacher and apparently I need a strong mvg on the final to get an mvg at all in that class.. meh.
Better news are that on my first Math D test I got mvg and also I got back my score from the ACT!! Last time I tried it I got 1.3 out of 2.0 possible. This time I raised that all the way up to 1.7!!!! So happy :D That means, if I just pass all my classes, theoretically, I could get into college on just that score ;) yay me :D

Wednesday, oh joyful Wednesday ^^ All I had today was volleyball at 1 pm :D
We might have lost every match we played - partly because we were just four girls there - but it was fun!

Can you Paint with all the Colors of the Wind?

I'd like some advice. Before summer, I gotta do something about my hair. Do I cut it? Do I dye it? What color? What style? Help please? I've had everything from this... to that ;)
Click to enlarge

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