"You're the world's best dance teacher Lisa"

I had SUCH a fun day today! Half sick and tired, but soo proud of my ADORABLE WONDERFUL AMAZING little dancers and how well they did at the show! They are just amazing!
Out of about 30 of the 2-3yearolds, 5 showed up with their parents. They were happy and excited and did great :) Then the 4-5yearolds were so nervous and they got somewhat scared of the audience but when they crawled across the stage on all four, wooffing, the whole audience melted. And the cute way they jump up and down clapping their hands got the whole place clapping along ^^
My big ones, the 6-8yearolds.. wow. everyone found their places by themselves, and they knew it all and they were true little stars up there!
Then after the teachers' dance and the final number with all dancers on stage, I got soo many hugs I couldn't count them, and tons of "bye Lisa I will see you this spring" and "I'm going to miss dancing with you" and "You are the world's best dance teacher" and "I want a picture with you Lisa!" and "Thank you for a great semester, we will be back in the spring for sure!".... quite the confidence booster but really I just feel soo happy that they all had a great time and though not everyone will come back many will and I am looking forward to it!
I even got a sunflower and that made my day ^^ <3

dunno why but that's how it is

Today I have been christmas shopping with Solveig :) Even though we got barely no shopping done, it was still very nice. They have decorated town (see pic above - right outside the mall) and it's so neat and I really wish there'd be some snow soon because the sight isn't what it could be without some real snow on the ground...
Now I am going to roll up in a blanket, read and sleep. I feel like ugh meh and bleh at the same time. Throat hurts and head hurts and I just hope I can sleep it off and feel better in the morning :)

Let the good times roll

(photo from Christmas break 2009 in California)
Loved it. Love it. Always love.
Front row (of course!): Soso, me, Gaby, Kayla and Morgan

..and while I'm at it, here comes another one. Joke's on me ;) But to be honest... I was having the time of my life xD
Fall 2009

it's glistening once again

Wonderful song for the season :)

Smiley Day

What a mixture of good and tiring things today!
I woke up to talk to my wonderful boyfriend!
I had a stressful morning and ate breakfast really fast...
I made it to the train on time!
I felt tired and faint in belly dance class...
Dance class was quite the work out though!
We only have like two more times before the show and I'm starting to get nervous...
Then I stayed at a sale with Solveig and found a black hip scarf for only 50 kr!!
It took forever to get home with the train alone...
But at home we made Saffran Buns for Christmas!

And that was my day in smiley faces :P Hahah

May the odds be ever in your favor

Here's the trailer for the Hunger Games movie that comes next year! Aah exciting!!
The books are amazing, read them!

Your hand in mine

Nice nail polish huh? ;)

"Born to Kill the Killers"

Every year in December there is one game of american football between my high school and the other high school on the island. Actually there are two teams, but instead of it being varsity and jv, it's the guys and the girls. Divided into two seperate teams. It's only once a year, and the build up is intense. Already the attacks between the schools have begun. In the past we once came to school to find all the entrances blocked with snow walls spray painted in green (their color), and once a mob of green dressed supporters came running into our school just to turn on the spot and run back out ;) We have cheerleaders practise all fall for just this one occasion, and the players work for it all fall too and I am actually kind of excited to hopefully be able to go to the game this year, being my senior year and all. Tickets are kind of hard to get, since you have to make a run for it to get your hands on one when they are released... So, I proudly present:

We are the Hersby Hooligans and our color is red. Against us we have the Gångsätra Killers in green. Go Hooligans! Kill those Killers :P
(I do think we have a nicer slogan "Kill the Killers" than their very not creative "F**k the Hooligans")

A year and a half Today


Some cute little lyrics from adorable love songs :)

Are you watching closely?

Tonight I had one of those nice cosy movie nights with Louise. We watched Vampires Suck (oh that movie is just soo amazing) and The Prestige. The latter was a lot like the Illusionist but scarier and more intense, more of a thriller and with lots more extreme tricks and acts. Like the Illusionist, the end was shocking, but in a very different way. I'm not sure if I really liked it or not, but it was good. But creepy. But good.
Hugh Jackman, Robert Angier
Anyways, it made me think of the Illusionist and that Amazingly beautiful locket he gives her. I found a company that make them online and oh how I'd want one... but they are way too expensive, sadly. But a pretty dream :)

Oh summer where did you go to

My awesome racer boat that WON the race last summer xD Oh sailing.. ^^

You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first

had a horrible day for no specific reason, everything just felt meh. I think the lack of sunlight makes everyone sorta ugh and meh and tired and frustrated... Welcome to November.. Well I shouldn't let that get me down! So most of the day I tried my hardest to go with the attitude of:
So I was going to study for the math test Friday, but things got in the way, I wasn't up for it, and tada! Procrastinated my way through all day :P Love this video:

You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first, I loved you first.
beneath the stars came falling on our hands, but they're just old light, they're just old light.
And he told me that I'd done alright, and kissed me till the morning light, the morning light.
You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first.

your love, your love, your love is my drug

Just barely remembered the cute videoclip my sister filmed last Christmas when we went cross country skiing on the island.. Here's an image from the video :)
I'm starting to get excited for snow, hot chocolate, mittens, beanies, scarves, skiing, sledding and everything else that comes with Winter! :D

Let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back

Well.. what do I do when I get home from work and my bf is not at home, then he comes home, says hi, then goes off to hang with his family.. am I really so much depending on talking to him that I now sit and feel lonely..? yes. I hate long distance relationships. It is amazing yes that we have made it through 1.5 years on different continents. I am so excited for Christmas Break when I get to see him again for a few weeks. People just don't know how to appreciate it when they date someone they can actually see for real. Someone who is not blurry on a screen. Someone who doesn't limit you to sitting in your room to even talk. Someone who doesn't go to sleep when you wake up and vice versa. Someone who can surprise you with cute things and sweep you off your feet unexpectedly. Someone you can hug and kiss and hold hands with. Oh I really know this would be so much easier if I knew for a fact that the long distance part was going to be over soon. But future is never certain and it's all about playing by ear and winging it. But I can wish... And with how strongly I feel for someone across the world, I would like to be able to express it more than in typing.
So, in my lonelyness, I blog.

YAY-BIG recommendations for the movie "The life before her eyes". Watched it last night and it is soo interesting with movies like that where the end is so unexpected, spectacular and leaves you thinking. The type of movie I would like to watch again :) See it!

Yes. I made snickerdoodles today. For you <3 For us. I miss cooking with you. I am going to put together a cook book with all the recepies I want to make with you and put check boxes on every page till we have made them all.
Everything on the first pages is going to be chocolate related. and sweet like you.

When I feel low Kesha's songs just always cheer me up and make me want to dance around and have a great time. So here is for dancing wild and crazy and screaming, girly times and absolute awesomeness!

Oh the wonder of laughter and the humour of Disney

How troubled I am

Having a calm day to just be.
I feel I need to calm down a bit if I am going to make it through this fall alive.

Then I do work in a few hours and need to get started on studying for my Chemistry test..

Me thinks tomorrow I will make some Snickerdoodles (missing a certain someone)

But terror takes the sound before you make it

Home again after two days at my soul sister's student housing. Girly times and awesomeness ;) Most epic Halloween ever we managed to create on the way there, where we got on several random subways and went through all of Stockholm's underground dressed up as zombies. Walking funny, staring at people and being those weird people you stop and take pictures of... it was a blast. I never knew I was so good at keeping a straight face!
These pics are from right before we left:

The annual dinner looked like this....
.....with creepy colorful food.....
....an amazing chocolatey dessert (marshmellows on chocolate sause on whipped cream convering the chocolate pudding underneath).....
.....and I looked like this:

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