There's a Calm Surrender

Cosy time in front of the fire with julmust watching TV and just being lazy <3 Perfect sleepy Saturday night ;)

Don't blame it on the sunshine

It's only Saturday evening and I've had a great weekend so far already :) Friday at Louise's house making lots of chocolate cakes and practising the tango! Today visiting my great aunt and then shopping with Elsa <3

Great news! A week ago, I was desperately looking for a job. Now suddenly - I have two!

1) I'm hired as a dance instructor for little kids aged 2-8 with Funkykidz
2) I'm starting Monday at ICA (grocery store) to learn how stuff works :)

I'm gonna have my hands full just getting through the weeks but it's worth it. I hope it will be, at least. I'm sure I'll have a blast =) Oh top of this next week, I also have the auditions for next year's musical at my school, and learning all the 25 or so dances before next Sunday when Funkykidz starts :P
Remember this? Dyed my hair a while ago, here's the before and after pics that Elsa insisted on taking :P Click them!

Loves for now <3

There is beauty

Maybe I like it

I've had a splendid day =) Sleepin, english test that was easy, lunch with nice people, information in the Auditorium about next years electives, the "Electives Day" fun fun and then the gym for 1,5 h working out, then walked home from the busstop instead of taking the train. Short summary of a great day :)
I do wish spring was coming sooner though! ^^

"Like a Party Ant"

Good News, or great actually =) After spending the weekend dancing with a bunch of people and being tested on teaching kids and doing things with lots and lots of enthusiasm, I ended up with my head full of kids songs, 9 hours on public transportation, 20 hours of education, many hours of studying dances at home at night, some new friends and a job! :D
Starting week 5 I'm gonna teach classes here on the island for kids aged 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8 so I have A LOT of dances and games to learn perfectly by then!! ;) But it will be fun fun and the girl helping me out is sweet and I bet we're gonna have fun times with the little ones :P The classes go on for 10 weeks + a show at the end.
If anyone reads this and knows any 2-3 yearolds that wanna come dance, sign them up NOW cause then I get another class to teach that is now only half filled and "unsure".
So that was a great weekend, now only problem is I have so much homework from school to catch up on and I'm really not in the mood to study. Guess tomorrow will HAVE TO be math day, I'm simply not in the mood and I don't seem to get anything right now. And I have two papers to write for Friday O.o

I'm gonna say night for tonight, go to bed at a decent time (which I will need after a weekend of early mornings) and I can make it through this week!
Oh EXCITING!!! Today I got the copy of "Alice in Wonderland" from last spring's production at HHS!! Watched some of it today and it was so FUN to see all those familiar faces again! Miss everyone so much! <3
Last but not least, here's an adorable clip that I have my dear sister Elsa to thank for. Enjoy! <3
I miss the snow! Now it's all just slush :P
Over and out <3

Från och med du

I have this song stuck in my head and can't get rid of it. It is sorta pretty, and tho it's in swedish I'll put it up here and translate the first part and the chorus for anyone reading this who doesn't speak Swedish ;)

Standing in your doorways standing just still
One minute ago you were mine
A third of who I was goes home
Because one is broken, one is yours
This is the end of the film

From now and on
From you and on
(now and you rhyme in swedish where the sentence is "från och med nu, från och med du")

Seeing you in blue ones in april
On the phone in new jeans
But I wear the same old clothing, walking and smoking the same marlboro
I remember every scene from our film

From now and on
From you and on

I will never be the same again, from you and on
From then and on, from you and on..

Can't stand it, can't stand it
A year disappears without light
Even if a century passes I will always wait for our turn
From then and on
From you and on
A little depressing of a song, but as I said.. can't get it out of my head so might as well post it up here =)

I'm holding every breath for you

I'm glad the weekend's approaching cause I've had a tough week so far. Really tired and not being able to sleep all that well. Today I had the French national test thingy and it sucked but oh well doesn't go on the grade and just for fun so.. :P Also, me and three girls represented our class in the finals of girls' pingpong and got second out of the whole school ^^ heheh oh yeah we rock ;)
Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I'm spending every wake second at an education for Funkykidz because I want to become one of their instructors for little kids (starting with 2-3yearolds ^^ Adorable!!). My whole weekend goes for this so it better be good and hopefully give me a job.
Other than that life just slowly moves closer and closer to graduation. Still 1,5 year left so not too hopeful. I'm glad Solveig's coming soon though, can't wait! This girl is amazing. Love you dearie <3 Thanks for being there when I need you ^^
And Trevor - no matter how much you drive me insane some times, I love you to pieces and you're absolutely wonderful <3 Thanks for being there too, thanks for doing everything you can for me and thanks for surviving with 5000 miles between us
(camera shy as always hihi ^^)

Hey, did anyone notice my new design? Let me know opinions on it, Elsa I know you wanted to do it, but all I did really was some small stuff plus change the heading. Likie?

The little things you do to me

I miss you like crazy. Can't help wishing you were still here or at least coming back soon enough that I could count the days. I miss those cute little things that make me love you so <3
Made by Trevor

So now it's been a week, I've made it through the weekend without studying at all but worked out both yesterday and today (brought Elsa today, which was way nice and fun). Gathering my courage to be able to head off to school tomorrow morning smiling. I really just want spring instead of this slush that's been here ever since last Sunday.
I'm ready for Sunshine :)

Happiness in Darkness

So school is up and running again. I don't really know how I made it through last Sunday, but the Monday I can for sure say thanks to Louise and Tessan who came to cheer me up.
Wednesday - back to school. Did alright on my final speech, not perfect but we'll see how it went when I get the grade. Got a ride home from Max - thanks, very nice - and was given the presents Solveig had sent over. Thanks darling, love it all ^^ <3
I still have trouble falling asleep on time. I think it's a mix between missing Trevor and just not being back on school schedule yet. I really don't know what's up with me these days, I'm being all moody and tired all the time and I feel so empty and pointless. I do come alive from time to time, it's not like I'm a dead fish, but occasionally when I sit down I find myself just staring at the falling snow or into the same page of a book for 20 min.
It's a strange missing longing feeling and I don't know how to explain it, but I really like this quote =]
"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected."
~Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

as well as this one

"Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will."
~Author Unknown

I give you - Happiness

You make me feel so beautiful

Just thought I'd put up a few nice pics from our three wonderful weeks together.
(click to enlarge the miniatures)
Miss you already <3


I wasn't gonna write a blog post. I said I wouldn't, just an hour ago. But I can't help feeling like I have to write some. I need to do something or I'm gonna go insane. I've been home for maybe 10 minutes after the morning trip to the Airport to send Trevor back to the states. Back 5000 miles away, for who knows how long..
I can't do anything now without feeling this big knot in my stomach and lose my ability to breath properly. Trevor's flight took off 7 min ago. I'm back downstairs in our room. Tried to start a movie but not even LotR can put me to sleep like it usually does. just makes me cry.
So this is a rather depressing post, I know, but I just feel sick and sad and keep needing to blow my nose so I'm just gonna leave it at that right now. I feel like crap. Anyone who has the patience to read this short egoistic sad post - congrats. I'll shut up now. Over and out.

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