I'll say Hi


If you read my last post (now deleted) called "Sceam it", I want to clarify that I was having a really bad day. That's it.

Today though, I've had a great day and I'm looking forward to this calm weekend that's ahead of me. Tomorrow I'm going ice skating with the ASSE exchange students, and then I have no further plans. Might hang out with Sabrina, who knows.

Guess what I had today? Oh I feel so american, because americans mix the weirdest things on sandwishes. Krystal usually has peanutbutter and banana on hers, and Kayla likes peanutbutter and jelly... Today I had a cheese-meat-mayonnaise-mustard-sandwish that Mitch was super nice and made for me when he went home during 4th hour, so I'd survive through rehearsal. IT WAS AWSOME. I can't believe it, it sounds so gross but it was really good ^^ Strange huh?

Here's about the cutest song I've heard today, it's wonderful and it's my song of the day <3

On the Brightside - Never shout never

I'd be so pleased to see you

Good afternoon.
I've had a wonderful day again :D I had my cha cha test first hour, with Mitch, and it went quite well. We screwed up one time but it was fun. Then I talked to him as we waited for everyone else to dance.
Second hour was supposed to be History test, but the Jody talked to the Juniors about classes for next year, and since I'm not a junior I could spend the hour in the library with people like Sharissa, Sakura and Morgan.
Third hour was financial literacy, and directly after that I had Speech and Debate. Mitch decided to sit in that class until rehearsal, and so that was fun too :) Then I had rehearsal and I got to yell a lot at people ^^ "Off with his HEAD!" etc

I know I posted this song before, but in case anyone missed it, here it is again. It's stuck in my mind :)

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better

I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me

Cutest and most beautiful lyrics ever <3

Another song you should all listen too because it's sweet is Dashboard Confessional's "So Impossible" ^^

Off with his head!


Today, the list for Alice was up!

Congrats to everyone who made it, there are some wonderful people in the play and great actors for IEs. I was sort of annoyed because everything we did last night, the council, with putting people in Individual Events, Rich completely mixed it all up. So I'm no longer doing a scene with Mitchel, but an old scene (probably shakespeare) with Solveig.

For the play, wonderful news! LAURA is Alice!!!!! Oh awsomeness, she's so perfect for the part and I'm so glad for her sake! She's an amazing person, actor, singer... She really deserves it.

I love you girlyyyy!!! <3

Some of the other things I remember are that Solveig's the White queen, Cheila's the Red queen, Courtney H is the Mock Turtle, Zoe and Freya are the cat, Bill is the white rabbit, Mitchel is the caterpillar (he's awsome at it hah), Cedric's the King of Hearts and I AM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to yell "off with his head!" all the time and wooh I love it that I get to be evil!! xD YAAAAAAAY


Hahahah wonderful huh?! ^_^

read read read


Hahahah I was so surprised when hw told me they'd published this on the exchange student page!

It's in Swedish but well.. It's still cool ^^

Btw, today's been an absolutely amazing day! I had fun in most classes (?!), spent the afternoon being all powerful and casting for Spring Team (list is up tomorrow for Alice!) and went to Subway with the drama council afterwards. Today is good. Wohooo <3


This is the cutest commercial I have seen in my entire life. It's amazing. Ok so if you don't get it because it's in Swedish, this is the story. There are millions of good bacteria in this yoghurt, that will help your stomach feel better. The bacteria are on a boot camp in this clip, and aren't they the cutest??? End of story.

Today, I went to see Avatar, and I'm telling you.. I thought it would be weird and fantasy and strange, but geeez it was GOOD. Such a touching story, and with an important message. Beautiful. Amazing in 3D. Go See It!!!

Over and out <3

I pity some people

So guess what I over heard in the girls' locker room the other day? It's hilarious..

Three girls are getting dressed. M, K and J (don't wanna give out names).

K (to J):
So guess what? My brother sent me pictures from Africa! Y'know, he's on his misson (with the mormon church) there, and the pics are awsome!
J: Wow, has he seen like any wild animals?
K: Yeah, and there was even a picture of him petting a LION! Like a REAL LION!
J: That's so cool!
K: Oh, and you know what? He told me that there are actually cities there!
M (joins conversation, confused): What do you mean?
J: Yeah, what do you mean cities, K?
K: Well there are actually cities! Seriously, everybody say that third world countries are so poor and that we should all feel sorry for them, but they do have cities, so that's just bull...
M: So they don't live in the wild?
K: No.
J: That's so weird. I thought they all just lived with wild animals, like out in the forest or something.
K: No, I'm telling you, they're like normal!

I laughed so hard x'D These people I pity, because of their lack of knowledge about the world. it's not like everyone's been to Africa, but I don't think anyone in Europe would be surprised if they heard that there are cities in Africa... What do they think, really?
It's sad.

Holding this inside my head

Saturday morning. Having breakfast in bed, grapefruit and toast :D and answering emails, just waiting for the day to start (it's past mid-day now so I guess the day really is started) and for Solveig and Krystal to wake up. Going backwards in time...

Last night
Spent the evening with S and K (the above) watching REPO and working on my prom dress. REPO is an amazing movie, so weird and strange and crazy and gross and awsome and I dunno what.. It's REPO - the genetic opera. It's as simple as that :P

Spent my first hour (dance) watching Moulin Rouge on Krystal's iPod with Jenny, second hour I was really good at badminton and me and my partner stayed on or next to the champion court for the entire class. Lunch was nice, like always, with people by our lockers. In teather we had a sub, since Rich was in Taylorsville for the debate tournament, and we spent the class with one student at a time going up on stage and the others asking how they felt, what they need, what they want, strong/postivite/urgent and all that. In choir we changed our seats to a half circle, which was awsome for the altos but not too awsome for the sopranos... Well that was as exciting as my friday got.

Learned the final step and dip of the cha cha in Social Dance. Reading = History. Lunch wasn't more eventful that usually, but fun still. Financial Literacy.. I can't even remember what we did in that class.. Seems like all we do there is packages. Work sheets. PPPs. And then we had Speech and Debate.

Later added

Now I just had chocolate cake that Krystal and Solveig made last night after I fell asleep. heheh it was awsome. Have a NICE day

Happy Birthday

Hey guess what?!?!

TODAY IS MAGDALENA'S BIRTHDAY AND SHE TURNS 20!!!! Yaaay Congrats to Magda, you're so sweet my little darling, I miss you so!!! Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!! 20, 20, 20, woooow!!! xD

<3 love ya

Puss Puss

HAH did anyone ever notice that Alexander Skarsgård is in this with Lady Gaga?? I sure didn't til now... He's a really famous Swedish actor, and they actually speak swedish in the clip xD Tehee

Mon dessin ne représentait pas un chapeau!

"Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c'est fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours et toujours leur donner des explications."

I just got a package from mom, with the french book she has tried to make me read before, Le Petit Prince :)

I'm tired. I dunno what else to write today. It was snowing this morning, but it dissappeared before we reached Hurricane. In Theater, me and Gaby got to do our Yin-Yang performance for the class. It was kinda weird but fun.

Oh, tomorrow's the day. The day Laura's been waiting for forever!! Auditions for Alice in Wonderland and Spring Team!!! I'm so nervous..

I have to do homework, but I don't want to. History is so booooring! x/

Random pictures that I felt like putting right here

http://www.wunderground.com/data/wximagenew/t/trigirl/6.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3388/3539089539_f9e1fa91c2.jpg http://52ways.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/heart-tree-crop.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/101/253298167_df0fc7cd60.jpg http://lcassorla.home.comcast.net/~lcassorla/blog/uploaded_images/Bleeding_Heart_1-745862.jpg http://heartshapesinnature.com/wp-content/themes/mandigo_131/images/01_cloud_01.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_0ofKDi9J1aI/SZe8PeQF6qI/AAAAAAAAAWA/HXNiP6sTXz0/s400/heart2.jpg Heart Shaped River Rockhttp://15.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ksffduMWbq1qaox13o1_400.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2348/2047701851_040bf5f0b3.jpg http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01475/heart-shaped-potat_1475413i.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_vY5RzwlvdwM/SZHFAYUEhHI/AAAAAAAAA7o/4onE6p08ewQ/s400/Heart_Shaped_Tornado.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BINL175ToeI/SZWzAqIx_DI/AAAAAAAAAhQ/-hAGrySO9Ps/s320/heart+shaped+cloud http://abluteau.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/lake-of-love.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vY5RzwlvdwM/SZHFwILs4FI/AAAAAAAAA8A/Yo4Wd2KpdXg/s400/345688~Tree-Against-Sky-with-Heart-Shaped-Cloud-Posters.jpg http://farm1.static.flickr.com/44/109628930_b0682ecd88.jpg http://withfriendship.com/user/images/89/heart-shaped-tree-palm-island.jpg

Aren't those cute pictures?? Love is everywhere.

We were given two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

Don't stop, make it pop

I love this kind of dancing, it's so amazing. If I only got to do one thing in my life, it'd be dancing like this, every day. it's so fun!!!

Yay you go Minivibe!! ^_^

Watch the dance

Today's Martin Luther King Jr's Day or something like that. All it means to me is that we're out of school :D

See Elsa! I can write short posts too!! Hah! x)

"War is bad. People die. Yeah."

I'm baaack after spending 13 hours at HHS, debating. I'm like a jelly worm. And my feet are in pain...

So I woke up at 5 am, and Rachael and her sister picked me up at 6.20. We started getting the school ready, putting up papers and info and clearing classrooms and stuff. The other schools arrived, and suddenly the hallways were filled with people.

In my first LD round I was going against a guy who had done a lot of debating before, but we talked a little before and he was nice and trying to make it possible for me to understand what he said. I didn't. I said the title of this post, as my answer to his attacks, in my 6 min long defence speech. Yeah.

Before my second LD round I had to wait outside like forever and this little freshman that I was gonna go against talked to me forever. He wasn't that great at debating, because he (for a while) debated my case!! Hahah awsome!

My third round of LD was against another nice guy, and I managed to successfully crush all of his contentions (tags, arguments) with only one sentence, because they were all about the same thing.


My Dramatic Interps in the afternoon were boring, because I ended up with the same girls as in the last tournament where I went against them. They even had the same scripts!!! And I had a new one, I rocked. Still, one of them won the DI section at the awards cermony.

I hung out a lot with another girl on the team today because she was a new LD debater too, and Trevor Cox because so was he. I think I did pretty awsome for being my first tournament ever!

I got home about an hour ago, and had dinner, and is now going to bed. I will sleep. Good night :)

P.S. did you know that you can't have ice cream from a cup - through a straw - unless it's warm and melted? hah I do x)

A huge, gigantic cup full of vanilla ice cream... or not

It's Friday today.

My first two hours were pretty lazy and boring, but after lunch I went with Gareth, Bryan and Tim to the Middle school to talk about drama, Spring Team, Alice in Wonderland and Debate Tournaments. I did my little dramatic monologue, and I talked, and we got to stick around while the teacher talked about pantamime and then play a game with the little kids. I don't think I've had that much fun all week. The presentations were pretty boring and mostly Bryan just talked. And we had to do it three times for different classes.

But while the teacher was talking about pantamime, me and Gareth were having so much fun just joking about everything she said. I've never fully appreciated straws, paint & paintbrushes, cups, ice cream etc until now hahaha it was great I love it when I meet people here who actually have the same kind of mind as I can have xD If not worse.

We got a lot of nice "thanks for coming!" (see what I mean.....? Well I guess most people aren't as bad as we.. hah) and I think they liked it. I might go there on Tuesday too, just because we had so much fun. Though then I would miss Social Dance and I don't want to do that. I'll see.


I just barely got the cases from Rachel and Cedric this afternoon, and the debate is TOMORROW!!! No way I'm going to understand a single thing they say, and freak out. Well, then I will freak out with Swedish courage because it takes a lot of that to enter a LD debate as your first one ever..!

I feel like I should work on my case, but I really don't know what to do with it.

I give in.

Hah why oh why does everything seem so weird to me now that my mind is set on those funny things?? I better throw some hot chocolate over Gareth the next time I see him. or not.

Keep this to myself

I've had a very interesting day today.

I spent lunch in the library watching youtube clips with Mitchel, which was fun and now I know what Jackass is and such things... Very educational :)

After school I hung out with Laura and then we spent the afternoon helping with the preparations for the Debate Tournament that HHS is hosting this Saturday. Most of the time I spent with James, colouring maps for the coaches from the other schools.

Then the volunteers went to Subway (me, Laura, James, Rachel, Cedric and of course Rich) and we had a blast walking back to the school in the dark. I have grass stains on my jeans knee ^^ It kinda turned into a chase/tickling attack from Cedric and Rachel.

Debate practise consisted of me teaching Laura and Kilie how to do interps. Now I've had pizza for dinner and talked to Solveig forever, and I'm going to sleep. Goodnight!

Born and raised in South Detroit

I'm sorry I'm so into Music and posting all these songs all the time. I just love 'em ^-^ These guys are actually amazingly good! Listen!

Dropping so quickly

Wednesday. School. Sub first hour. Badminton second. Lunch. Theater. Scenes with tears. Choir. We are the world. Bus. Snack. Homework. That's pretty much my day.

I actually had a pretty fun experience in Advanced Theater today. Since Solveig wasn't there today (Sterling Scholar meeting) the new guy, James I think his name was, got to work with me, Gaby and Mitchell. So we had to come up with a scene (short, like a minute) where everyone in the group cried on stage. Real tears, y'know. Great practise. So it turned out something like me and Mitchell having dinner with our daughter (Gaby) and James knocked on the door and told us that our son had died in an accident. I felt so bad at first because I just looked shocked, and didn't cry (or so I thought). But once we sat down people said "wow that looked so real Lisa, good job with the crying!" and stuff.. Hm

I hope Melanie (Mrs Suman) is back for Social Dance tomorrow so we don't have to have that sub again...

On Friday I will (because I'm on the drama council) go to the middle school during 3rd and 4th hour and demonstrate what a dramatic monologue is, and try to make the 9th graders to join Alice in Wonderland and Spring Team!

Now I'm gonna continue doing homework. Solveig and Kayla are lazy haha they're watching a movie... :P

Forever's gonna start tonight

I'm just about to fall asleep, but came across some songs sung by Mimmi Sandén. Here's an explanation for you americans... Molly Sandén had a big breakthrough when she was like 13 or something, and she's a really good singer. She won the Swedish Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and has done tons of singing everywhere.
Her younger sister Frida won the same competition the year after, but has not been very visible after that.
Their youngest sister, Mimmi, has been in this kids show and then she entered "Sweden's got Talent 2007" and made it to the final. Now she's really big and has been singing a lot. When she almost won the Talentshow, she was only 11. I think it's pretty amazing. She knows english so well and she sings like.. like who knows what.. Amazing. And in her Final number, both her older sisters and standing behind her with the girls, singing backup. They are the two girls closest to the middle of the stage, in the back. Anyways, Enjoy!

First try out - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Semi Finals - Knock on Wood

Finals - Hero

Then there is of course this song that I performed in ninth grade, here sung by Mimmi Sandén.

Good Night <3

For all ya Swedes

Hah visste ni att Filmen Dårfinkar och Dönickar (nån som minns?) om tjejen Simone och börjar ny skolan när hon och hennes mamma flyttar till mammans kille, och blir misstagen för en kille och kallad Simon....
A iallafall den filmen, har massa scener inspelade på Lidingö! Ni vet det röda döda huset man ser från lidingöbanan mellan AGA och Skärsätra, med tornet och svarta brädor för fönstrena..? Det är där dom bor i filmen.. Ganska unikt hah ;P


Kollar på lite gamla program och ska sova snart. Imorgon börjar hetsen inför Debatt Turneringen :S

God Natt!

I'm gonna walk all over you

Guess what arrived today?!?!?!?!?!?

MY TAP SHOES!!!! Wohoo

Can't wait to learn how to tap.

Also, today I auditioned my dance to "Circus" for Dance Company, and they liked it alot and so hopefully I'll get to teach about 10 people the dance and perform at the Spring Recital!!!

The only bad thing today was that in Theater we practised crying while acting, but making real tears appear. It wasn't pleasant or fun.

But, I'm high on life :D

Från Ida

Om himlen inte var djup och blå
skelle jag en knut på min tunga kunna slå
var dag som vi är isär
kanske ibland kan skapa misär
men frukta ej min duva kär
tiden den är endå bara som ett bär
sakta att växa men snabb att förtära
ohh vad du saknas min kära
men tänkas dock att avund finnas
tänk det finns fortfarande mycketatt hinnas...
för du är där i landet av drömmar
bara tanken på möjligheter, mitt hjätra det ömmar
så ledsen ska du ej vara
du som för allt har så lätt att klara
en lögn jag skulle tala om jag nekar vår saknad för vår sköna
men bit ihop för här vi hör skröna
ett dubbelspel på både gott och något lite
lev ut vår dröm och kom hem med "daenske bite"
så allt jag har att säga dej
ha inte hemlängtan det lönar sig ej

Just got this from Ida. Oh I miss you girl, you are amazing and wonderful, and I wish I could bring you here because I know how much you want to be here, and I can't wait to see you again :) Ida lilla Ida... <3 älskar alltid dej!!!

Let the sunshine in

I have finished writing about my dance and then I went over to Sabrina's house today and we worked on our dance and guess what happens? Her knee that she's had problems with before, it disconnects and then pops back, and if we're lucky she can walk tomorrow but not dance, absolutely not. Therefore, we are not doing our dance tomorrow. Maybe wednesday, we'll see. We're not even done with it yet...

I'm done with my version of Circus though, and I'm excited about tomorrow :)

Though not about Speech and Debate. I'm too sick of economic sanction already!!!

My wonderful adorable niece Siri!! Miss my little girl, especially when taking care of Abby with Sabrina... <3

Let the Monday come!

Hör fåglar sjunga glatt

I'm just so happy that my internet works again, that I feel like posting another post. Also, I woke up early to see if my family was online in Sweden, but apparently they're not.

Today's big challanges are (1) to figure out details to write about my dance - and write them down on Melanie's paper. Stuff like the concept of the dance and what lightning and props I'd like etc. Also (2) I need to get together with Sabrina and finish our dance and do the same thing with that and it's paper. Then (3) I need to read freakishly much about economic sanction for the debate tournament next weekend. I'm gonna do Lincoln-Douglas Debate which is really hard but luckily me and the other girl who are new at it, we have Cedric and Rachel to help us out. They are good old debaters... Though in LD debate, you debate completely alone. Aaaa I'm scared. But well, the worst thing that can happen is that I completely freak out and forget all my english and has to say "Je suis desolé, mais je suis malade et dois aller á la toilette. Au revoir!" and run out x) Still, I'm a little nervous. And I'm mad at all the thousands of papers I have to read with hard english!

Anyways, the day started out pretty well. I've just finished my breakfast (chocolate muffin and milk) and am planning on talking to Veronica on msn at noon. Til then, I'll just stick around here, read some "Dear John" and wait for my parents or sisters to get online...

Hear me as I am

I have been ice skating! Yay go St George for getting a rink finally open!!
I actually had an awsome time with Solveig, Kayla, Sabrina, Talon and Garett yesterday when we went there and then to Olive Garden and then just randomly hung out in St George for a few hours ^^

Today the Beauty and the Beast Cast went, and it was fun to se everyone who had never skated before :) So cute. But some people, like Gareth, were so freakin good at it for being their first time. And Laura - great job!!
Solveig also improved a lot :P

Had a quite fun time just now driving home with Solveig and Trevor, singing in the car ahaha I love doing that. Just the fact that we can drive around only friends, no parents giving us a ride or anything, and it's greeeeaaat!!

Today I installed Firefow, because my internet's been going crazy lately. One thing is that it's not allowed me to post on my blog, and it's been slow and weird. So now I'm using firefox. Kinda weird to me :P

Now I'm gonna finish my senior portfolio for english (gotta revise it) or I will end up in remediation to not fail. Failing for me = back to Sweden, no graduation, just directly home. Ug...

Then tomorrow I'm gonna hang out with Sabrina.

here are some pretty epic pictures from our skating last night...

Firefow uploads pictures so freakin fast!! OMG!!!! Love it!

Last, but not least, the Fjortis-attack!! Hahah Sabrina and I were having a good time in the store xP

Hahahah over and out ^^

All eyes on me

I love A-days ^-^
I only have fun classes, no homework-classes, and I have class with Sabrina and other fun people who I don't see on B-days at all... I'm sorry my Government class is over, but fun people from that class, like Morgan, are in my Racket class in stead! :D

Today I've spent totally about 9 hours doing physical activities. Dance Company first hour, Racket second hour, choreographing my dance from 3.30-6 pm. I then went on our daily walk, had dinner, and kept working on my dance til just now. Now I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow I'm going ice skating with Solveig, Kayla, Sabrina, Talon and Garett. Guess Sabrina'll be my date hah :P She's so sweet though, I'm so glad she moved here!

I will not be able to go to sleep right away, I just know it. I never fall asleep this early. Maybe in like an hour if I'm lucky... I'll give it a try anyway.

Good night


Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister

Working, not working, working, not working... well if I don't post in a while at least you know why :)

A late New Year's wish from ICA :P

Today's been pretty boring. Solveig and Kayla didn't have 3rd or 4th hour so they went shopping after 2nd. I spent lunch pretty much looking for people I knew, like laura and sabrina, but couldn't find anyone til just before class started.

My social dance class consists of about 10 guys and about 35 girls. Hm. Great :S Hopefully some more guys will join...

My Financial Literacy class is pretty boring, all we did today was boring at least. But some people I know are in that class, like Rachel from my Guitar class who's now also in my History class (she switched into it). Overall, B-days are gonna be pretty lame but well. Still have speech and debate last hour at least :)

I got out late from last period and so I didn't have time (or battery on my phone) to call Solveig and ask if they'd pick me up. Instead I ran into Laura and Tyler, asking if they had Solveig's number so i could call her, but they didn't so I continued running/walking fast to the bus and took the bus up to Apple Valley. Walking from the bus stop I realised no one would be home yet (Stephen's in Texas for a few weeks apparently) and so I prepared myself to sit outside (in the sun, it wasn't to bad, especially not for January) but a door was unlocked and I got inside and called Solveig and got some fruit and went outside with a book to wait for Solveig and Kayla to come back from St George.

There's a debate next weekend at HHS, and I'm apparently doing LD (Lincoln-Douglas) on that and also my DI (dramatic interp) from Advanced Theater.

This weekend I'll go ice skating with the B&B cast in Saturday, and maybe with Solveig, Kayla and their two guy friends.. Hm I'll see about that. Might bring Sabrina or just hang out with her and praactise our dance instead... We'll see :)

Oh and I put up some pictures from the break on FB, here's the link (only my friends on FB can see this album, so if you're a friend of mine but not on FB, add me now!)

Christmas Break Photos:

I think that's it for today. Have a sweet day <3

Back on Track


I've been so mad lately, because my blog just constantly refused to open the page where I write my posts! But it's finally working again :D

So, a lot's been going on since my dots-list...

I spent Sunday at Sabrina's house with her boyfriend James and cousin Will, and little Abby of course. Me and Sabrina worked on our dance for the spring recital (theme decided today in class - "Express yourself") and she taught me some tapping though her tapping shoes were waaay too small for me. We also played some games and watched the guys play video games. Then we had dinner and watched a funny movie about a beer contest where the Swedish team consisted of blonde girls in fluffy white vests and short blue skirts, giggling and being all (stereotype) Swedish.. Hah..
It was really nice seeing that (besides my hostfamily and Kayla and Krystal) there are some people who are not religious, and still living in southern Utah. Not that I mind mormons at all. They are quite nice ^^ It's just nice with some difference.

Monday we all woke up by the fire alarms going off at 6 am. The woodstove had apparently started leaking into the house, but all the smoke disappeared once the windows had been open for a while. But the house still smells kinda smokey, and likewise everything we own and wear...

Today school started again. This is my schedule for this semester:

Dance Company
Racket Class (Badminton and Tennis)
Advanced Theater
Ladies Choir

Social Dance/Ballroom
US History
Financial Literacy
Speech and Debate

Nice huh? A-days at least are gonna be quite chill with no homework at all :)

See ya later!


  • New Years Resolution:
    Me and Solveig will walk or run the mile around Apple Valley 6 days a week.
  • Swedes: did you ever realise that Apple Valley is acually the place where "Bröderna Lejonhjärta" end up after they die in Nangiala... "Äppeldalen", y'know..? Thought that as kinda funny...
  • Yesterday I went shopping with Solveig and Kayla, and it was a blast. I got new jeans and two new shirts, and socks and a christmas present for Laura..
  • Now I'm just about to head down to Hurricane to hang out with Sabrina for a while.
  • BIG CONGRATS to Elsa and Selma who had their first competition on level 2 today. They got 7th, 11th and 11th out of around 30 people competing!!! Yaaaaay! Champion sister, champion dog ^^ <3
  • School starts on Tuesday... hm
  • Auditions for Alice in Wonderland are at the end of this month!

Have a sweet day! <3

The Year of the Tiger

In Sweden it's 2010 now, the Year of the Tiger has begun. There. Here it's still a little after 6 pm, 2009. I can't believe how lucky I am to graduate from Hurricane High School - Home of the Tigers - during the year of the Tiger!!!

Anyway, I thought you might want to see the picture that we bought at Universal Studios in LA, from the Jurassic Park Ride. It was pretty awsome actually, though the line lasted forever (over an hour).

Solveig, Me, Gaby, Kayla and Morgan are in the front, and Gundel and Stephen are behind us. There was a lot of water splashing, that's for sure ^^

Happy New Year!!

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