Första Advent

Happy Birthday again Kayla!!
Yesterday we spent the evening at Kayla's house, celebrating her 18th birthday (which was actually on Friday but whatever) with two big cakes, pizza, movies, a group of girls in PJs and fun fun fun :)

Solveig wasn't feeling too well, and I felt really sorry for her the entire night. But we slept over and go home sometime around noon today, Sunday. Then I've spent the day not doing so much but being lazy (tomorrow school starts again and the upcoming week's gonna be very busy though the play's over now) and then me and Morgan decorated the Christmas Tree. We put it up on Thanksgiving, and the lights were already in it, but we put up all the little decorations in it. Cute.

Christmas has always been my favourite part of the year, and though I know it's not gonna be as usual this year, I'm still gonna like it. All these decorations and christmas carols that are constantly played everywhere... They make me kinda somesick sometimes. I hope that everyone back home is having a wonderful beautiful first advent, lighting a candle and everything.. I sure wish I could both experience this and at the same time be home with you all.

Now I'm gonna continue working on learning all the presidents + dates + parties + (issues x2)
Värsta ekvationen där alltså ^^

Btw, do you like my awsome ego pic of me with curled hair for the play..?

I think it looks pretty nice :)

Glad första advent allihop! puss


I've had a totally AMAZING day!!!!!

Guess what I've been doing..? Hah you'd never guess right. I've been horsebackriding western style out in the wilderness hah and it was awsome!!

We went to Colorado City (on the border to Arizona) and got to ride for a few hours. My horse was named Mercedes and she was very sweet. All soft and fuzzy, chocolate brown in color.

Here are some pics...


Oh I've missed horses.. I even got to gallop some, and the guy who owned the horses taught me because western saddles are completely different from English ones (European ones).


Thanksgiving was awsome, a day spent like this:
Woke up
Took a shower
Helped some in the kitchen
Built a Christmas tree
Set the table
Ate more
Ate some more
Ate even more
Watched a movie
Had pumpkin pie for dinner (so yummie)

Nice day huh? And the constant sound of christmas music in the background :P

Anyway so the day was pretty slow and sweet, you know like Christmas Day, after you've slept in and then spend the day just being content. Or play with your new toys or whatever.

Living in southern Utah, there aren't exactly a lot of trees around. Like none actually. Especially no pine trees or potential Christmas trees. My hostfamily therefore has an awsome Christmas tree that you build yourself. I felt kinda like Pettson and Findus (at least I know swedish people know who they are), y'know when they build a Christmas tree themselves and decorate it with spoons and stuff..? Tehee cute ^^

If you've never heard of them, here's who they are :)

Have a lovely day everyone!


Today's thanksgiving, and thanks to that we have a break from school. Only had school til lunch yesterday (wednesday) and then we (the whole family inkluding Ingela, and Gaby) saw New Moon. It was good, almost as good as Twilight :P

Have a nice day everyone! ^^

Je vais presenter...

Here's parts of the cast.. :D

Gaston and the Silly Girls ^^

Babette, Madame de la grande Bouche, Mrs Potts and Chip

A bunch of lovely villagers, including my "son" in the front :P

"Don't believe me? Ask the Dishes!"

Villagers... (I'm on the front, in brown costume..)

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast... La la la...

Sei Candlestick, and the clock =)

Closing night tomorrow. Gonna get it filmed then. Love and goodnight :)

Rose to Shelly

The football team lost state. It's sad but true. They were winning when the other team scored a touchdown during the last minutes and won by 2 points. Hm

More importantly, the play opened tonight and we had about 1/3 of the seats filled which was pretty awsome for being a night of football state championship =)
We made some mistakes, but geez it was opening night.. Overall, we had a freakishly awsome time and lots of fun. I love this cast more every time I see them!

Today's rose, love, hug, spotlight.. whatever you wanna call it... goes to Shelly!! She gave mer her complete collection of all the american quaters with the states, a collection of 50 coins on a map and oh my gosh that was so nice of her. Wonderful Shelly, I love her so much she's an amazing person. I'm so glad her and I are assistant-stage-managing together ^^ LOVE YOU SHELLY <3

Now I'm gonna sleep. Or yeah, I'm too hyper at the moment but I just got home so I guess I will eat some or at least have some tea or something (too hyper to eat too I guess)... Then I'll try my hardest to sleep, though it's a bit nicer than last night because tomorrow we don't meet til 1 pm. Last night I got home so late, and then I fell asleep with my school clothes on and woke up at 5 am, changed into pjs and got back to sleep for one more hour. It was crazy how I made it through the day ;P

Tomorrow we have two shows! Yaaay go Drama Tigers!!!

It's 11.25 pm

Just got home from school. I've spent the past 16 hours in Hurricane High School, because we had a "late night before opening-rehearsal" tonight... Starting at 3 pm, it's been going on til now. I'm so freakishly tired and yet I have homework to do now.

Rehearsal was awsome, we actually made it all the way through the play once :D Yaaay

Considering we were there for seven hour or more, I'm glad we did hahaha

Had a great time, and oh I tought a lot of people how to stage kiss, and surprised everyone now and then by "kissing them"... Hahah Even Morgan lol ^^ He looks way creepy cause he plays D'Arc (Evil guy who wants to put Morrise in a mental hospital, y'know) but anyway it was a fun rehearsal

Also, I expanded my character's family. Til now, I've had little Cammy be my daughter in the play when we're villagers, but I discovered that tiny Eme didn't have parents at all in the play so I adopted her too. I'm now the one and only mom in the play lol I've got a seven year old and a six year old. It's almost more than I can take haha I feel very strongly for all mothers today :P

Now I've gotta get started. Love you, wish me luck tomorrow :D It's gonna be grande and formidable!

Rather like my thighs

I've got this stupid song stuck in my head. It's Gaston's song "Me" from the musical, and geeez it's funny and haha Bryan's doing a great job being an ego on stage hahah :P

Enjoy or hate (I know Solveig will heh)...

Isn't it just fabulous..? lmao

You've been dreaming, just one dream Nearly all your life
Hoping, scheming, just one theme: Will you be a wife?
Will you be some he-man's property? Good news! That he-man's me!
This equation, girl plus man Doesn't help just you
On occasion, women can Have their uses too
Mainly to extend the fam'ly tree. Pumpkin, extend with me!
We'll be raising sons galore
Each built six foot four!
Each stuffed with ev'ry Gaston gene!
I'm not hearing this!
You'll be keeping house with pride!
Just incredible!
Oh so gratified
So unweddable!
That you are a part of this idyllic scene.
Picture this: A rustic hunting lodge,
my latest kill roasting over the fire,
my little wife massaging my feet, while
the little ones play on the floor with the dogs.
We'll have six or seven!
No, Belle! Strapping boys...like me!
Imagine that!
I can see that we will share All that love implies
We shall be a perfect pair Rather like my thighs
You are face to face with destiny!
All roads lead to... The best things in life are...
All's well that ends with me! Escape me? There's no way
Certain as "Do, Re," Belle, when you marry...
So Belle, what would it be? Is it "yes", or is it "oh, yes"?
I...I just don't deserve you!
Who does? ME!

When I grow up

I'm sorry I won't be able to blog a lot this week. I have rehearsal every day, from 3 til around 8 or 8.30

The show opens on Friday. We show it twice on Saturday, then twice on Monday and once on Tuesday. It's gonna be fabulous and amazing, and I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, today was Senior Career Day and every senior except me (being an exchangestudents..) went to Dixie all day. This meant my Government class was just me and Mr Pearson, and he left after a few minutes so I sat all alone all class reading ahead in the textbook. Boooring. Then in Theater I was the only one doing my interp and it was just fine. Rich liked it and (the bell rang before I got to the end) and get to do the end for the rest of the class (I did the end for him after class) on Thursday.

Today was had an orchestra in the pit!!

Now I'm gonna finish my orange and wait for Solveig to read so she can borrow my computer for her college quiz. Good nite folks :)


No Beauty could move me

Hi there,

Today has basically been rehearsal. Morning til 1 pm, as usual saturdays. But it's worth it and it's so much fun :) I love rehearsals! Here are some pics from today, taken by Solveig, of the cast as things in Be our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. Sneak Peek!

Me and my little daughter Camie (as villagers) but here we are the "Fellow candle sticks" ^^

I'm a candlestick! Wiiie

Tyler and Erica as Lumiere and Babette (the feather duster)

Adorable Keeley is the salt on fire hahah ;P but usually she has a head too.. ^^

Johnny as Lefou, Bryan as Gaston surrounded by the Silly Girls hahah they are awsome xP

Gastoooooooooooooooooooooooon! "Drinks on Lefou!"

Notice the amazing backdrop that Kayla and Stevie painted for us! :D

The look on Kelsey's, McKarty's and Jenna's faces says it all... HaHaHa ^^

P.S. Bryan's got fake muscles heheh

Conor once he's transformed back from being Chip ^^ Cuute

And here's the song that Trevor (Beast) sings just before intermission. It's not him singing in this clip, but he does an awsome job and it's gonna be great :D We heard it today during rehearsal and I actually think Trevor's better than this guy ^^

More pics up here sooner or later :) Sweet dreams!

Oh and P.S. Tonight's Sadie's.

Indecided Major

Today, most of my schoolday seemed completely pointless.

  • Our football team played their semi final
  • Like 75% of the school was up in Salt Lake City cheering
  • My dance class includes all the Tigerettes and the Cheerleaders, and the four of us who weren't at the game today but in class...
  • My Gov class included only a few people and a sub, and we had to spend the class going through the text book to find all the vocabs and copy them down on a paper. Booooring. But fun was that Morgan was back after being gone for a week so I had someone to talk to. It was kinda funny because he got his wisdom teeth pulled out Monday, and he was still on pain meds. It made him kinda instable and stuff.. I felt sorry for him though, it must hurt a lot
  • Lunch was ok, Laura wasn't with the band up in SLC, and I love her for that, so I ate with her
  • Before theater I freaked out because I couldn't find my Interp that was due today in class + performance.
  • Rich decided we should do interps later (next week) and so we spent the class watching the football game online... Fun O.o
  • Mr Morrise was with the band up north so we had a sub in Choir too, but Laurie took over the class and led it through. THen I got an amazing ourple cup from Krystal.

I am now officially falling a sleep as I eant to. Not fair :P


GOodnight ^^

Are you on my list?

  • Tonight I went to a play/musical with Solveig, Morgan and Myrna. It was.. interesting... Some of the actors still had scripts in hand, and they broke character now and then and well it was very unprofessional but still lots of fun ^^ And the chinese dragon that they had dance in was hilerious xD
  • Tomorrow Friday we had to change rehearsal from 3-6 til 7-10.. Some people were really unhappy about it, because it's since about half of the cast really really want to go with the spirit bus up north for the football game tomorrow. Congrats Tigers, our football team made it to State Championship Semi Finals (played tomorrow) and that's why most of the school won't be in school tomorrow..
  • Tomorrow I'm preforming my Interp of "The Evil" from a Swedish novel originally. It's scary, I hope I don't get a blackout and forget my lines.. That would be bad.
  • Yesterday Wednesday there was a new girl in my dance class and we had art together this morning too. Sabrina just moved here from California, and it was amazing to for once be the one who was familiar with things ^^ Heheh Lisa's own little joy in life :P
  • I agree with some girls in the cast that we should have a sleepover in the auditorium. We will stay til 10 on Friday, and be back at 8.25 am on Saturday. Why not stay and sleep there..? Bet Rich wouldn't like it, but it would be awsome hahah ^^
  • Guess what? I'm freakishly busy right now. I appologise a lot to all the people who've emailed me lately (especially my family members) and I will be answering everything as soon as this long Friday-Saturday is over. Maybe tomorrow, or sometime during the weekend.
  • I am apparently still alive, so no need to worry :D
  • I've gotta sleep now because I'm supertired and since Morgan get's her wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow things gets complicated with rides so I have to get up extra early + have a shower in the morning to stay awak through the day.

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ^^

Swedish poem about death on x-mas

Svenskt inlägg!!! Wohooo xD

Det är helt galet hur det börjar dyka upp juldekorationer överallt här redan.. De spelar julmusik i affärer, de har girlanger och julgranar att köpa osv. Iallafall, jag kände mig lite på julhumör idag (kan vara efter att vi åkterigen spenderade danslektionen i ett rum fyllt med olika julsånger (varje grupp har sin egen sång..)

Såå.. Ett starkt minne jag har från högstadiet är julavslutningen i sjuan eller åttan. Min mentor och NO-lärare (Fredrik) höll i klassamlingen innan lovet började. Han läste den här dikten för oss.. Jag kan inte glömma hans halvironiska, sarkastiska lätt djävulslika flin. Heheh njut av äkta jul-stämning;

[parodi på Viktor Rydbergs original]

Midvinternattens köld är svår.
Tio små Nissar i djupsnö går.
Rävsax gömd under skynke vitt
knipsar Nisse av på mitt.
Livsandarna snabbt för honom tryter,
snart i eget blod han flyter.

Nio små tomtar i midnattstimma
traskar fram i månljusstrimma.
Ugglan hoar i sitt näste.
Istapp faller tyst från fäste.
Nisse spetsas utav tappen,
Tomte ligger död på trappen.

Utanför dörren står gröten och ångar.
Åtta nissars intresse den fångar.
Under stigande hunger faten de nalkar,
en stackars tomte på kanten halkar.
Han sliter, han kämpar, han svettar sig blöt,
men sjunker likväl i kvicksandslik gröt.

Många springor stugan har
där sju tomtar in sig tar.
Katten som bak dörren ruva,
slukar Nisse med hull och luva.
Resterna av tomtehand
suger Misse bort från tand.

Sex små Nissar mot julbord ila,
snabbt dom uppför bordsben kila.
När sista tomten över kanten hasa,
han tappar greppet och nedåt rasa
Faller nedåt likt ett lod.
Mattan röd av tomteblod.

Tomtar fem i väldig iver
springer runt, ty hungern river.
Nisse snubblar på sitt skägg,
faller rätt på knivens egg.
Lilla Nisse, stackars saten
rinner ut i sillsalaten.

Fyra nissar har festat på sill
och nu de törsten sin släcka vill.
Mot glöggen de springer i samlad tropp
och tar för sig av drycken i varsin kopp.
Ner faller Nisse i glögghett hav.
Likt skållad mandel hans skinn faller av.

Tre små tomtar i granen svingar
mellan ljus och änglavingar.
Nisse sig för nära våga,
strax han står i ljusan låga
Doftar snart likt vidbränd stek
ångrar då sin ystra lek.

Två små tomtar omkring sig tittar
då en smällkaramell de hittar.
Nisse ner på den då hoppar,
men för detta den ej stoppar.
I tak, på golv, på gardin med frans
finns nu Nisses hjärnsubstans.

Husbonn stiger upp i natten
för att kasta lite vatten.
Under husbonns tunga toffla,
Nisse blir till krämig våffla.
Snön ligger vit lite här och var,
inte en jäkla tomte finns kvar.

För att citera Fredrik: Mowhahahahaha ;P

Hugs and Kisses and Smultron in a row

I'm to tired to come up with a title

Right now I'm eating a coconut lollipop sucker thingy that remind me of the bath oil I have back home.. Hm...

Today after lunch we had college day, which means we got out of 3rd and 4th hour to go to rooms and talk to people from different colleges.. It was interesting. I went to hear more about USU and U of U (the two we visited earlier this fall) and also Westminister. That's a really expensive college, but they had awsome scholarships so.. Well it doesn't apply to me anyway :P

Also, Rich liked most of the ballroom dance for the musical so he just changed a few steps but kept my favourite parts. I'm glad :D

Also also, we didn't have the Gov test because of college day, so instead we spent the lesson watching a movie/documentary about The Spanish Flu in 1918.. It was horrifying, and now I feel like the H1N1 aka Svineflu virus should maybe be seen more seriously. But above all, I think I washed my hands like 20 times today.. Good job Lisa ^^

Time to start studying for the 5th president quiz, which includes all names, all dates and the 25 first's political parties. Oh my...


The obvious reason is because of the season

This has been a musical weekend. Friday night we went to see Brigadoon at Pine View High School, and it was a good play though the actors didn't seem to have much energy at all. The story in short is that two guys from NY go to Scottland and find a village called Brigadoon. It turns out that the village is only alive for one day every 100 years. When the villagers go to sleep in the evening, the village dissappeares in the mist and they wake up (as if it was the next day to them) 100 years later. Of course on of the guys fall in love with a girl in the village, and has to decide if he wants to leave everything he has and knows just to be with her for eternity...

Then on Saturday - after spending til lunch at school having a rehearsal (Rich was half an hour late so we all formed the walk of shame for him hahah) and having Kayla over after lunch for the Sterling Scholarship Party - we went to see Dixie High School do "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". The show was amazing, with such talanted teenagers, wonderful choreography, sweet clothes and unbelivable sets. Of course, they have a lot more money than HHS to build sets and such, but I wish we had more sets like theirs...

Here's the trailer from the Original Movie... It's really old but the songs are the same :D tehee

Here's the story: Adam, the eldest of seven brothers, goes to town to get a wife. He convinces Milly to marry him that same day. They return to his backwoods home. Only then does she discover he has six brothers -- all living in his cabin. Milly sets out to reform the uncouth siblings, who are anxious to get wives of their own. Then, after reading about the Roman capture of the Sabine women, Adam develops an inspired solution to his brothers' loneliness . . . kidnap the women they want! When Milly tells him how horrible he's treated the poor girls, he decides to run away up in the mountain. Milly is left alone to take care of six girl and six brothers...

Anyway, today I've spent hours studying for the Gov test I have tomorrow. Then me and Solveig choreographed the ballroom scene (Tale as old as time..) for the Musical... Hopefully Rich will like it and have us use it. Or rather, have Solveig and Trevor use it. I really hope he likes it because we spent a lot of time on it...

Now I'm gonna get some tea and go to bed. I'm tired. Love


New Autumn-Made, Egoistic Design

Got a comment about new design, so voila! What do you think? Like my autumn design?
It actually is fall, though it seems more like late august/early september here to me ^^

Gotta let Solveig and Kayla continue their "Sterling Scholarship Party" now... On my computer... :/ Boring, cause that means I have to start studying or doing homework..

Bye for now <3

The nonsense of words

Sorry I have't blogged in a few days. I've got a life, you know, and it takes up a lot of time... ^^

Ok so this week's been anti drug week with different fun themes of dressing up every day... Tomorrow we end it all with a Redout xD

Today I actually talked to Trevor for almost the entire lunch hour, which was nice considering we rarely see him around. In choir we took awsome pics of us by the Hurricane Tigers-sign, half of us sitting on the sign in gross stuff the birds left behind...

In Guitar yesterday we also took pics in the hallway, all this for yearbook :) And in guitar me, Gaby and the guys got to not sit for an hour and wait for everyone to be listened to by Mr Morrise but instead we got to go into the choir room and practise our ensamble thingy.. I play 2nd guitar.

Today in Government we were split into commettees and I was the chairman of mine (mowhahah). We each got a bill and our commettee debated it, changed it etc til we brought it back to class where we debated it and voted. None of class' three bills became a law... sadly :/ but we got to play senators for an hour or so :D

Can't really come up with anything else to write right now. It's friday tomorrow. I have to sleep now because since I've done my homework and finished a letter I have been up late. Time to sleep.

And mum don't worry <3 I've seen your email and I will answer it a.s.a.p :) It's just that I have to sleep now..

Goodnite ^^

Oh I almost forgot the P.S.

Today Shelly brought her pet snake to school. Chicka (a rubber boa) was adorable and joined us in rehearsal too... I so wanna get a snake now. She was so little and sweet and not gross or scary in any way. And she couldn't bit you either. Just sweet company on your arm. Rubber Boas apparently loves to make it around your arm like a bracelet. SO adorable...!

Ok, now it's goodnite for real <3

When the saints go marching in

Got some Weekend to catch up on writing about..

Friday was Halloween in school. People were dressed up, awsome, and I got some pictures of some friends... As usual, just klick on the pic to see it bigger :)

Erica had a baby doll from class, you know one of those you take care of for a few days, so she was dressed up as a pregnant housewife x)

Zoe was a cute Santa's little helper ^^

Brian was a pirate...

Two random people whos costumes I liked

Some girls from my dance class.. We all got ready in the locker room after class.
Isn't Kim so cute as Snow White? ^^

During lunch I got photos of other friends.. Courtney was a magician, Kayla Wueen of Hearts, Krystal Alice in Wonderland, Tess and Trevor were Marion and Robin Hood ^^ cute...

That night, we had the awsome Halloween Dance in the gym ^^ Wohooo I had so much fun and to my surprise, Laura was able to come to the masquerade too so we had tons of fun :D

Adorable Shelly was a bumblebee <3

Solveig as Giselle... <3

Is there some Tyler under this pink fluff..?

I know both Solveig and Courtney were more than slightly annoyed by these pics, but I couldn't just let the moments pass.. Tehee my cute friends dancing.. ^^
Brian and Solveig, Tyler and Courtney ^^ tehee

After the party, me solveig Kayla and Krystal were supposed to have a horror movie night but we all just talked and had ice cream, and then fell asleep.

Saturday we got up early, had rehearsal til 12.30, and then I spent the afternoon carving pumpkins with Solveig and Morgan. I've never done it the was americans do it before, and it was quite interesting.

Mine, Morgan's and Solveig's pumpkins ^^

We went trick or treating for a while, or should I say we drove trick or treating... Hahah I understand it but I still think it's funny that americans apparently see it as perfectly normal to drive from house to house.. I mean, part of the whole thing for me and my friends back home has always been that we walk around in the dark and get all scared and run away after doing tricks... Well...

We finished Halloween - me and Solveig - by staying up watching "The Blair Witch Project" which is a horror movie about three teenagers dissappering in the woods. The whole film is from their own cameras as they wander through the woods, haunted. Geez it was scary. But I have seen scarier things, like the Omen and the Grudge.. Or the Grudge is more gross than creepy. But nothing - never ever - will come close to "The Ring". I shiver just by thinking of it.

Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Oh yeah and we spent the choir lesson singing christmas songs but with Halloween lyrics.. Kinda funny ^^

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