Stupid old pick-up truck you never let me drive

Cute, cuter, cutest
Sweet, sweeter, sweetest
Cosy, cosier, Trevor's hoodie <3
Can't believe I by accident found the two that he left here ^^ Sweeeet!
Goodnight world <3

Snowflakes on my tongue

Math test done, Introducing Speech done, this week is practically over and it's almost Almost Sports Break! Wonderfully enough, I'm already packing for the traditional trip up north. Poor Selma broke her toe yesterday so taking care of her is going to be a somewhat difficult issue up there but we'll manage.
Have a nice snowy week <3

Sunset Sailing on April Skies

Thanks Sara, had totally forgotten about this song that I used to totally adore! ^^ Well here it is :)

Love to carry on

People who glorify my day and make me smile :) And people who I barely speak to but when I need them they are there. People who I could call at 3 am and they'd be right there. There are many more, but I just got inspired by this tag-pic from fb and thought I'd put it up here cause I liked it. Don't feel left out if you're not on it ;) Only one name can fit on a spot that holds many <3
Extra love today to my sisters. Wonderful amazing sisters who are the ultimate friends and always have been <3


Today was a pretty CRAZY day.
First hour; Swedish; write a paper in class; unprepared
Second hour; History; Written exam on World War 1
Third hour; English; Discussion and writing about love; unprepared
Fourth hour; French; Reading Test entire hour; texts & questions to answer
Fifth hour; Math; Repetition for next week's big test...

It's crazy how the revolution in Tunisia spread to Egypt, where the dictator lost his power, and on to nearby countries such as Libya and middle east. Suddenly all the arabs are fighting for democracy!
I know it's not widely spread around the world that this is going on, but I think I should inform about this because this is a big deal. Like the american, french and russian revolution all over, only hundreds of years later ;)

What I like about you

Some things I just miss so freakishly much, besides people, about the US ^^
The list goes on and on... ^^

Push it

Been curling today with friends =) It was great fun, liked it a lot! ^^ Yay being able to stand on ice xP

Obladi Oblada Life goes on

The past few days have been interesting enough.
The day started out at Louise's house, because I hung out with her, Sebastian and Axel there Staurday night and then I stayed the night. Didn't sleep nearly enough, considering the fact that at 11 am I had my first class of dancing kids. I managed the next 4 hours cheerfully jumping around pretending to be cars and airplanes and tigers...
Got home and was going to talk to Trevor, but when he had woken up and I'd told him happy birthday
I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep mixed the all the enthusiasm that I fell asleep right there. Woke up later after missing my sunday skype date with Laura (sorry lovely!) and I spent the rest of the evening doing nothing special just being lazy and trying to get tired in time to go to bed (which ofc I didn't do on time because of my nap).
I hate monday mornings. But who doesn't really? Anyways, I woke up this monday morning to my sweetie telling me happy valentine's because it was valentine's here by then but not in Utah yet. Had school, french hearing test, english essay writing in class... got home and tried to wake my sleeping bf but he was too tired to move a finger ;) and so I went off to work and sat there selling chocolate hearts and roses for 5 hours. When i came home I had a "Fat Tuesday Bun" with my family according to tradition (tho it's not Fat Tuesday yet). Then I fell asleep feeling like a stone.

Draw the lines

My heart is for you people <3

Flashback to

Sad but incredibly beautiful song
The Lyrics are just amazing <3

What a Glorious Feeling I'm Happy again

"Anyone who says Sunshine brings Happiness has never Danced in the Rain"
Might sound weird, but one of the things I miss the most about winter is the rain. The positive rain that is fun to run around in, that you can be in without freezing to death, the rain that you can walk in with an umbrella, the rain that gathers in puddles and that dries off in the sun. Summer rain.

Tired of using Technology

No wonder I'm never gonna be a photographer. Aaaaag I'm so angry!!! Crap.
Inspired by the weather I guess, I got up eventually and studied a little, cleaned the entire upper floor and my room and then went out in the snow with the dogs and the camera to capture the snow and the blue sky. Got lots of really nice winter pics, lovely ones and had a great time. Ofc very excited to put some of them on here. But once I try to get them off the camera (after actually seeing them in the folder, so they did exist!) they delete themselves for some reason to me unknown, and I'm left with none at all. Sucky yucky bluaaah meh. Ugh not making me happy at all. Stupid technical things that fail completely at what I want them for. Gets me sooo (not) motivated to take pics again. What's the point if they will just disappear anyways? Meeh.

However, going through the camera a little more carefully I found some very sweet pics that are a bit old, from Christmas break actually, and I hadn't seen yet ;) Here's a selection <3
Oh lovely Christmas Break ^^ Now I'm soon off to work. Ciao!

Purple Butterfly

You are such an amazing person, I don't know what I'd do without you and I honestly really love you to pieces <3 No one understands it but us, if even us, and no one knows how terribly much I miss you, only you.
I thank every lucky star I can find for you, and I hope you keep in mind how much you mean to me.
I love you <3

Our time is here

The Egyptian president Mubarak has resigned. The demonstrations have been going on for a while now, and developped out of the situation in Tunisia some time ago. I guess it's great he has handed over power ot the military and the people, because the protests were starting their 18th day demanding his resignation when it was announced he was stepping down from power. The celebrations were enormous and everyone was surprised, but the cheering of the masses clearly shows this is what the people wanted.
There's an interesting connection of mind here. We are right now discussing the World War (the first one) in History class and just before that, when the demonstrations in Egypt had barely started, we talked about the Vienna Conference and the French Revolution. Today we talked about the Russian Revolution and it's interesting to see how alike revolutions for democracy and power to the people are. Very interesting.
French Revolution 1789
Facts from the bbc online page.

It's c-c-cold in here

Woke up this morning and the snow was just ALL OVER! About as much as it was during Christmas Break, and all came during one night pretty much. First realisation; no buses. Second realisation; no one's gonna get to school on time. Then I made breakfast while dad put on snow chains on the car ^^
Made it to school on time - surprisingly, but then again, my dad's always out in good time and can beat any weather! - which was not the case for about half the school that just seem to have decided to stay at home. People started turning up, about 2-1 new ones every half hour or so till lunch time, when even the people far off had managed to walk the distance :P Literally... Some just took a day off ;)

All dressed in pastel

It's crazy how motivated I was to study yesterday, and today I just feel like meeh. Maybe the lack of talking to Trevor that's affecting me, his internet's been down last night and today. On top of that, i feel like I need to do some random spontaneous fun stuff. Solveig-typea-stuff, so to say... ;)
At least I got caught up in math today. Gotta get a great grade on the next test or my reputation as a straight A student is done and over with. Study study study..
I'm gonna paint my nails, study and then watch a movie ^^ Sounds like a plan :)

Full attack

Gaaaah it feels so good to get homework done with and just leave it and not have to stress about it the day before it's due!! Thank goodness I just sat for 2 hours writing my chemistry report and I'm FINALLY DONE!!! ^^
There has actually been some sunlight outside today! Wonderfulness, makes me feel hopeful spring might be here eventually for real. Very divided there. Part of me wants it to be summer and christmas and summer again cause then I'm out of high school and headed away to live life. Half of me wants time to freeze right now, bring some people across big waters, "capture it remember it" and live today :)

Favorite lines of today, ofc from a song ^^
So, Evil French Essay.. Here I come! ;)

Capture it Remember it

I know I might seem a little too obsessed with Taylor Swift and her music. To be honest, I am no fan of the singer, I like lots of other songs and singers way better. But there is something about her lyrics that just put my thoughts into words in such a great way that I can't help liking it somehow. I know it's weird, but well live with it ;)
Seriously - listen to the lyrics <3

Not much is going on in my life atm, not sure what's coming up and I just hope that I can make it through one day at a time with homework, work, school and still have time to stay in touch with people. Now I'm off to write a chemistry report that really doesn't want to get written. Better get started O.ô
Sep 09 <3

I'm in Orbit

Exhausted! Just got back from four hours of dancing with kids. Waaay fun, but now I can't feel my feet from all the jumping up and down and I doubt I will ever get those songs out of my head ;)
It is the most adorable thing tho, when those little ones come give you a hug and tell you "It was fuuun!! thank you!" and you just feel like awww that totally made my day :D

Awesome Emma, thanks for being there for the early classes tho you just have to be for the later ones. What would I do without your bubble blowing skills ^^ hahah
Now I'm out. Over and *yaaaaawn* ^^

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