I will lead them Up and Down

5.30 - Get up and shower
6.45 - Driving an hour to Gillinge
8-12 - Driving on Ice practise, breaks and speed
12 - Driving an hour home again
1-1.40 - French class
2 pm - Seniors put on Graduation Caps-Ceremony
3 pm - Driving lesson for 70 min

I'm exhausted. It's pretty outside, it's sunny and warm and nice, but all I feel like doing is hide under a blanket and sleep. So that is what I will do. Just thought I'd mention what an absolute rollercoaster I've had today emotionally.. Early morning, freeway driving stress, practise breaks on ice with adrenaline pumping for hours, freeway driving stress while somewhat tired, a tear in the corner of my eye as all my friends happily go through the "put on graduation cap-ceremony", super focus on driving for an hour... now I am as close to a stressed out me as I get. So tonight will be the night that I go to bed early, I suppose.
Swedish Graduation Caps held up, ready to put on

<3 Some of my friends right after the ceremony :')

Please don't Stop the Music

Feeling a little bit better today, so I will go to work at 4. That means I have about an hour to get done with all the studying I'm trying to do that I didn't do all break... Aaaaaah O.o
If I meet the person who invented Trigonometry I can not be held responsible for my actions O=)
Spent the day with this radio station on, so much good nostalgic music on it! ^^ Heheh
I'm off for work, have a nice sunny day!

Song Challenge

Yes I'm extremely bored tonight. Bored and lovesick and missing people a lot. So to keep my mind busy and feel less lonely... I do this ^^

1. The song with the highest play count on your iPod/mp3 player
2. A song that makes you happy
3. A song that makes you sad
4. A song you listen to when you are happy
5. A song you listen to when you are sad
6. A song you listen to when you are angry
7. A song you like to wake up to
8. A song you like to fall asleep to
9. A song that makes you think of a past relationship
10. A song that makes you think of a bad break up
11. A song you want to play at your wedding
12. A song you want to play at your funeral
(I cry just thinking about it. Always loved this song in a sad way)
13. A song from the first album you bought
14. A song you know all the words to
15. A song you listen to in the car with your windows down and the radio cranked up
20. A song that describes you
21. A song that makes you think of your mom
22. A song that makes you think of your dad
23. A song you liked in the 90’s / your childhood (lol)
26. A song that is your favourite soundtrack
Nice ending. There were so many more songs I could have put in here.. But well.. Hope someone enjoyed it ;)
Night <3

Solsken varje dag

I love that it's spring!! It's actually almost summer here :D Cause it's about as warm as it gets in June, right now. So either this is (sadly) all the summer we get, already... or it's gonna be a warm and nice summer! That's great, cause I'm soo looking forward to it! Got lots of stuff to look forward to :) Summer rocks!
It's been almost a year... Can't wait! ^^

Watch Out

I have a cold and that sucks. Haven't been sick in so long (pepper pepper) but I guess it's my turn.. Watch out everyone, sneezes may lead to more sneezing :P
I have been practising my driving skills lots today tho :) Drove to other side of town and rolled around for two hours on the roads. Now I just want a blanket, a movie and some hot soup :)

Bright Sunshine Day

Spent the day decorating for Easter!! So happy for the break and the sun that makes it possible to wear shorts, and the blue sky and life's just wonderful!! <3
Also, my wonderful sister got me a surprise when I came home from work and really needed it ^^

Cause I'll Always have You

I've had a pretty awesome start of the Easter Break!
Yesterday my two best friends kidnapped-ish me and Veronica spent two hours picking out an outfit for me and then we got ready and they decided they had to take me out. The two of us and Tessan went to meet up with some people, then we headed to 360, a nightclub in Göta Källare. Lots of fun there, stayed till 1.30 am when we got a ride home, and I started talking to Trevor before blacking out.. Soo exhausted! Finally done with all the studying for a while, and with all the working and late nights lately... I needed the sleepin till 11 that I took today ^^
I had a really good time. Not really what I usually spend my weekends doing (usually I study and work.. meh) so nice for a change. Thanks sweeties <3 Tessan and Vivvi <3
A really old pic of the tree of us ^^

Today I actually spent some time cleaning my room and parts of the house, before going to Veronica's house to get some of my stuff I left there as well i give back her jacket. We sat for an hour eating chocolate and talking, studying some drivers license test stuff, but mostly talking :) Nice chatting ^^
Summer 09 - Vivvi and me <3

HHS Hallway

I miss you Sabi <3
Your, Abagail, James, your whole family =) You're absolutely amazing!

Ni hao!

My parents just got back from China!! They've had a great week there, while grandma's been living with us girls. Weird thing is, my parents who never really care about shopping, did lots of it ^^ We got some really nice presents =) Glad to have them back tho... Someone needs to do the laundry soon 0=) heheh

Capture the Moment

I have a love hate relationship to photographs. Photos are pretty, happy and save memories in a great way so that you can be reminded of wonderful things that have happened, what it looked like... Trigger your own memory, so to say. On the other hand, I always feel so awkward posing for photos! It's like, I wish there was some way that real moments were always captured on camera, because whenever you bring out even a cellphone, people start acting for it instead of just being. But the beautiful pictures make up for that, I think.
This is the reason - though - that I don't post many photos of myself on here. I just don't take photos of my every day life, and things that are cool enough to bring out a camera without being weird rarely seem to happen to me any more. It was easier in Utah where I could just be the tourist and take photos of drinking fountains etc ^^
Here is one or two though, enjoy!
Photo of my pretty earring, by Elsa, taken with my camera recently
Me a few months ago..

Posters on my Wall

FFFFOUND! | Desired Hearts × 86era Tees — "Pursue Your Passions" on the Behance Network
Yup that's me. Chemistry Final's coming up, the big one, the one that sets our entire grade in that class... At least I did study a lot today ^^ So that's great :D Yay me <3 Now all I have is tomorrow to finish up with some stuff I still don't know perfectly, and relax. Then one more day (Friday) after the test, and then EASTER BREAK!!! :D
Today I've been to one of the mandatory classes to take before getting your driver's license, the "Don't drink and drive-class". It was pretty much sitting through 3 hours of "Don't take drugs then drive", "don't drink then drive" and "Don't drive when you're about to fall asleep". Hmm.. Guess I won't then.. ;)
The other day something pretty Awesome happened ^^ I was at work, in the cash register, and I'm beeping this guy's groceries, and realise he only speaks english. So I reply in english, and he starts talking about how impressive my english is. Where did I get that accent? Utah, I respond, and he starts laughing. "Utah? Well that explains A LOT girl! Like why you don't look like a swede at all and why you speek so well! You originally from Utah?" xD I take that as a compliment ^^
Finally, some extra love to my wonderful Trevor who puts up with so much stuff and is always there for me ^^ Love you <3

I think I may be falling for you, dropping so quickly

Happy Happy Spring =) It makes me smile inside, and outside, and all over :D
I've had an alright day, but here I am now, stressed to the limit. Realising I work Sat 16-21, Sun 11-21 and Mon school+16-21... And Tuesday I have the "Don't drink and drive course" that's mandatory before getting your drivers license, and that takes that whole night, and what is left before my HUGE NIGHTMARE CHEMISTRY TEST?!? Wednesday night. Great. Crap.
I'm gonna see Veronica for a bit just to relax my nerves before I dig into the dirty stuff that's called studying.. Bury myself in it, more likely :P Oh joyful, peaceful Friday..... At least it's not snowing here, like in Utah ;) hahah

So many memories in this song ^^ Love it

Every Scene from Our Film

Spring!! Officially I'd like to say that today spring is here. I walked outside without a coat for a little bit. When I got home I opened my window for 10 min without freezing. They took away all the muddy slush from the football field. There is dead grass visible. There is tons and tons of gravel on the streets, but no snow. The sun was warm today. Life is pretty =)
Ok so there are more reasons I am happy today ^^
My class just won the final in badminton for girls at my school. 6-0 :D
I got back the physics test I had been super scared of, and got top grade :D
I took out the scooter today and drove a little bit to make sure it works :D
I have had a wonderful day surrounded by positive people who do everything they can to motivate me and make me smile. I'd say I couldn't make it through the days without all the support =)

Speechless over the Edge just Breathless

ADORABLE. Click to enlarge.
I heart this art <3

You make a Better me, so Smile

Did the Swedish ACT yesterday, and did really really well compared to last time I took it. Huge improvement :D Wiie. Today I've worked, and already then weekend is almost over though I feel like it's barely started. It's raining.
Count the little joys in life =) Here I sit, analysing a Swedish poem from 1805, and it sorta speaks to me as I feel all bleh and ugh and meh.. Dead leaves in a window against rain is not the most cheerful sight after all.. But the poem says "Enjoy what you have and appreciate that you are loved by someone". So I will. So I do.
Thank you.

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