From the bottom of my Heart

Christmas Eve - with all its magic and traditions - was as great as always. Thank you my wonderful family for being everything I could wish for on Christmas <3
With Christmas Love
Elsa and me
Sara and me
me and Trevor

Mayan Dooms Day

Feels like whatever I do I hurt someone's feelings nowadays. Serious attitude change needed on my part. How about I make some new year's resolutions right away? That means they start right away too. 
Hopefully today will continue as it is, and the Mayan Dooms Day won't come here. But in case it does.. hah just kidding I don't even believe in that stuff... right?

Making footprints in the snow

View from the balcony in the afternoon.
Marsipan candies in chocolate
Me with the Knäck!
Yummy Christmas baking!

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead

At the midnight premiere in a theater full of elves and hobbits, Trevor and I found ourselves a minute before the clock showed 12, on Dec 12th, 2012. It was epic :D

All I want for Christmas

Have spent a wonderful evening decorating the apartment for Christmas. So extremely excited now that most of the decorations are up, and the Christmas feeling is starting to spread through the rooms. Even got wrapped gifts under the tree heheh :D

It still amazes me how lucky I am to get to spend another magical Christmas with you. 
And - as if this wasn't exciting enough, guess what's sitting on our fridge....
Notice the titel. Notice the time. Notice the date. Feel the envy ^_^

Back to December

Welcome oh dear month of snow, candy, presents and anticipation!

Today I made chocolate mousse cake and got julmust to celebrate! Yum!

Forwards and Backwards and UpSideDown

Sleepy Friday and just exhausted, I sit here suddenly feeling "homesick". After visiting Utah last week for Thanksgiving I realised how much I enjoy the climate, the people and the whole American approach overall. I just got done working for Explorius for two whole days at "Career Days" and it makes me think back to my year  in Hurricane and how much it meant for me in so many ways. Besides all the friendships and love that came out of my year, I also changed a lot as a person. I think back of who I was before and I can't imagine where I'd be at today if I hadn't gone abroad in 2009 and found myself. 
Just a little backflash.. I'm allowed to be nostalgic, am I not? ^_^

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