The grass is greener on the other side

Hey, now I'm back from 10 days in Portugal, + a few days to unpack and keep cleaning my room and get things in order back home.
So we went to see our friends in Algarve, southern Portugal, and stayed at their huge beautiful house on the countryside where we met them again after 12 years apart. Catti's now 19 and Freddi's 20, and it was very nice meeting both of them cause I can remember them vaguely from when I was 6.

We visited Algoz, Albufeira and some other towns, and went to the San Rafael Beach a few times where the water of the Atlantic Ocean was waay nice and it's been sunny and beautiful every day. Super hot but nice ^^

We also went to Spain for 2 days, driving to the city Sevilla and the old part of Cadiz, and down to a national park with a 50 km long beach ^^ Pretty cool :P

I got tons of pics that I haven't gone through yet, so I'll just put one or two up here now and get some more later in another post =)

The flowers in their garden, and the pool with a palm tree and one of their little extra houses in late afternoon.

Pretty huh? ^^ <3

Then the mirror exploded

I KNOW i hate "Today's outfit" pics, and i am against ego pics of yourself. But these pics were taken by my little sister as she skyped with me in the US, the day after prom so my hair was still very curly. I really like them and so I decided to put them up here. Well, some of them ;) My sisters always take too many pics ^^ hehe

Alright that's as ego pics-ish I will ever get. Enjoy it ;) heheh

Ev'ry day I see mah dream

I just felt like my blog is lacking some pics (it is) so I decided to put some more summer pics up here ^^ All I do right now anyways is wait for my parents to get back with the dogs.. Enjoy! Oh and btw, they're all mine, with copyright (yes that includes my sisters) so ask first ;) <3

Oh I love swedish summer :D

Inspiration times

Since I left Sweden, during all of my year abroad, and now that I'm back.. all this time I have talked to different people back here who are about to go abroad, or want to, but want some advice. Inspired them and helped with things they wonder about. It's actually been really fun, a good way to inspire and feel like you're doing something good for them.

This one girl I have talked to quite a bit, and I'd like to recommend her blog cause it's awesome. Go check it out!


Hörru anneli, lycka till så mycket och berätta hur det går :D

Today I woke up late and then Sara and I talked to Trevor a bit. So weird how he was still up, it was so freakin late for him but well it was a great time talking at least O=)
Then I hung out with Tessan and we decided to just lay in the garden and tan ^^ heheh yay bikini lines :P She left like an hour ago and since then I have been talkin to my parents and sleeping outside. We have a huge hammock thingy outside hanging in the oak tree, and from it you can see the blue sky through the branches and the sun barely makes it through.. It's very pretty and one of my favorite spots in out garden :)

These hot days, you really don't wanna eat. I had a little piece of bread with butter for breakfast, a peach for lunch, a little bit of ice cream just now, and I'm not hungry at all.. weird. Well well ^^


Picture taken by me, Copyright. Summerish, huh? ^^

Among many...

Time after time... I commited no crime

I am really sorry that I'm so lazy when it comes to blogging. I have had a busy month here with Solveig, and had a busy time making sure she was all set to go home. Thursday night we stayed up (I slept a total of 2 h) and watched the sunrise at 4am. Walked about a block in PJs and rubber boots and sat there on the stairs watching the sun rise. It barely disappeares at all this time of the year. It just sorta floats right below the horizon for like 2 hours, and then starts rising again. This means it never really gets dark in the summer here. Very nice. Can't wait to get those pics from Solveig <3 Oh and dear - I'll make an album too with the ones you didn't get, if you make one for me :)

So after Solveig left from Arlanda at 9 in the morning, Friday, I went home and tried to sleep. I was way upset and cried tons at the airport and in the car on the way home.. Then I slept some more (about 2 more hours) and we went to Persson's for dinner.

Yesterday I hung out with Sofia (awesome to see her again) who just recently got back from half a year studying in Madrid, Spain. She's going back in the fall, and then finishing her last semester next spring. She brough strawberries and ice cream, and we went swimming with Sara. Good times =)

Slept over at Veronica's house (yaaay) before she's leaving for 5 days in Göteborg (south of Sweden)...  It was great, had a good time and helped her pack and stuff (yaaay for Solveig's way of packing, it really worked ^^)

Today's mostly been lazy trying to clean up my room (did clean up all of the basement) and go through old boxes and stuff. Got some help from Trevor on skype (keeping me focused and making sure I didn't get stuck reading through ALL of my old books ^^) and then I went swimming with Sara :)

I will put up more pics soon, but now I'm gonna go watch a movie with my family. Good night <3

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