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Oh I really am bored. Thinking over what I can do, realising the one thing I have to do is Choir, and I don't really feel like singing right now. And history but I have that paper in school and it's just colouring some letters and it's for Tuesday. In class this Friday me and Mr Parker spent the lesson debating the US vs Sweden which was fun because I think he's very much the opposite to all the swedes I know. Therefore I didn't have time to finish colouring my pict-o-word about Mercantilism... Hm

I found this in one of my very first posts.. 1,5 year seems so long ago. It's a test, but since I'm so very bored at the moment I'm gonna fill it in again (have to translate it first since it's in swedish) and then paint my nails I think.. haha not important information but well here we go ^^

1. What jacket are you using? None since it's like 40 degrees (Celsius)
2. What shoes do you use? White "Ballerina" with a little bow-thingy at the toes
3. Favourite colour of clothes? Pink at the moment... and influenced by purple and light blue
4. Favourite material of clothes? Anything not hot really
5. What clothes would you like to get right now? Some pants that are good to dance in
6. Favourit shops? Haha I loved that one with like 20 different free samples everywhere.. That totally made my lunch. But considering clothes.. well I don't know many yet :)

What type of ...... do you have?:
1. Wallet?
Still my purple one
2. Jewlery? Mostly my puple sister-stone or the heart with my dogs in it (necklaces) and maybe some earrings
3. Sunglasses? Unbelivable, but I still have the same ones as last time I did this. But then again, I hate sunglasses so..
4. Mp3? Uses Da Phone
5. Cell Phone? Hahah I got two of them! My Swedish Samsung Touch to contact Sweden (no signal in Apple Valley though) and an American one for local calls. It's from South Central but that's all I know.

1. What to you keep in your...?:
a) Pocket of your jacket? Well since I don't use a jacket it's obviously empty ;P
b) Handbag? Heavy books from school, and always always my script for drama
2. What are you addicted to? Music, Friends, Family, Lunchables, Fruit, Drama People and Air Condition
3. What kind of lip balm do you use? Have never used any
4. What do you believe in? Love, Friendship, the Creation of your own Destiny and if I pray I pray to the stars
5. What was the last thing you bought? Two pair of knee-lenght jeans
6. Do you have a pet? My adorable dogs back home, and here the birds and Chase who's missing right now

1. Favourite food? All kinds of fish and Portugese caldeirada when dad makes it
2. Colour of your make up bag? Don't have one at the moment, but I guess I could say pink and green
3. Most handsome celebrity? Elijah Wood is no. 1 as always, then I guess Leo DiCaprio is high on the list as well as Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Hutcherson <3
4. Favourite movie right now? Geeez how can I choose?! They have more than 500 movies at this house..! Hmm I guess A walk to remember is kinda the best right now :')
5. Something I really don't like? Ballet class, Cinnemon ice cream, running in the heat, being sick and homesickness.

It's getting dark, I'd better finish my *shudder* lovely drink (see post before for details) and do something productive. Bye for now!

L is for the way you Look at me

Hey there,

today is one of those slow days that you're supposed to spend studying or doing something good that needs to be done... like starting to work on my and Solveig's halloween costumes... but you end up doing nothing.
Solveig and I were supposed to practise for Choir, but lying on my bed we talked, put on some music, and fell asleep. Waking up we did some singing (mostly she, I sung some too but not as serious hehe) and then left with the rest of the family to go to the movie theater. Morgan saw "Aliens in the Attic", Steve and Myrna watched "500 days of Summer" (the one we saw earlier) and me and Solveig went to see "Julie and Julia". It was an ok movie. Not great but there was a lot of cooking in it and some reeeally delicious things that made me hungry ;P

The film starred Meryl Streep and Amy Adams who were good in the roles of the old lady who taught America how to cook, and the naive young writer who tried to find somegoal in life before turning 30.


Once we got back home Solveig was feeling a little sick so she had some "Airbourne" and so did Morgan and I. Just to prevent any deceases to spread in the house in case she's got something. So at the moment I'm drinking this water-mixed effervescent tablet. The content of the glass looks just like the water in those natural puddles on the islands in the swedish archipelago.. with a nice colour of seaweed in it to give it the lovely colour of light green. And the taste is.. well I can't honestly recommend it. But if it prevents me from getting sick, I'm all up for it.

Hope everyone else is having a good time, I will go to bed early today so I won't have sleepybags under my eyes tomorrow in school. Guess I'll have some dinner before I go to bed though, but well goodnight (some people are already asleep since it's about four in the morning there.. haha)


Förgrömmade unge

This is hilerious lyrics to Emil in Lönneberga, please translate in google translator ^^ Hahah I love it x)

Opp och ner
ner och opp
grisen gal i granens topp
och en mus
i vårt hus svär och tuggar snus.
Lammet skäller,
värper karameller,
hunden jamar,
lilla grisen gal.

Opp och ner
ner och opp
grisen gal i granens topp
och vår ko,
må ni tro,
hon ska ut och ro.
Geten dansar,
tuppen har fem svansar,
oxen kacklar,
lilla grisen gal.

Opp och ner
ner och opp
grisen gal i granens topp
och vår katt
han tror att
myssan är en hatt.
Hönan jagar
räv i våra hagar,
kossan gnäggar,
lilla grisen gal.

Opp och ner
ner och opp
grisen gal i granens topp
och vår stut
flyger ut.
Nu är visan slut.

Reach out and hold my hand

Today it was Selena's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday sweetie <3

After spending the day in St George with Solveig and Kayla, we picked up Gaby and went to Selena's house to celebrate her. Anna was there too, and we had a great time. One thing we did (the sickest game ever) was the Skittle Game. If you don't know this, skittles are like M&Ms only hard to chew since they turn into something like glue kinda.

skittles.jpg skittles image by jesusjones42 

So the game is that one person at a time picks up two skittles without looking, and if they're not matching in colour you just put both in your mouth without chewing and keeps them there. Next person's turn. If they do match, you still put them in your mouth but you get to chew until someone else gets matching ones. Eventually your jaws get really tired. I didn't get to chew once until I had about 28 skittles in my mouth (painful!) and poor Gaby didn't get matching ones a single time so she kept filling her mouth until there were none left and she started chewing with 39 skittles in her mouth. Hahah poor girl.

Skittles are just plain sugar, and they're even banned in Denmark (and Sweden I think) because they have so much sugar in them hahaha and we all ate like 40 each.. Guaach

Pictures will probably be uploaded tomorrow, am too tired now. Gonna take a shower then go to bed, and I'll update soon. Love <3

Oh I almost forgot. Maybe you'd like to read the poem I wrote this morning for Selena..?
Here it is whether you want it or not ;P And if you wanna copy it and post it somewhere else please write that it was written by me, and ask me first! :)

Far away, never the same again

Leaving without a clue

Out in the undiscovered world

Everything seems strange to you


I know what you think because I think it too

I recognise that wondering gaze

The words that won’t escape your mouth

The sadness that always stays


Times of loneliness, I’m sure we both have

Days with no end, so it seems

Nights when darkness won’t leave you alone

And nightmares take over your dreams


There is always a sun behind the horizon

No mountains can keep it away

There are always people to trust and hug

While waiting for a better day


Knowing that we have just barely met

I still hope that you understand

That anytime you feel alone or sad

Just reach out and hold my hand

So Beautiful

Okey finally here are the pics I've promised!! It will be a long post but I'm sure you're all very eager to see pics from my everyday life here in Utah :D So, here we go...

Me and Gaby at Ladies Choir

Gaby, Solveig and Selena in school at lunch.. in front of the vending machine of course ^^

Breakfast yummie ;P

At the soccergame against Pineview High School, weren't Solveig and Kayla dressed nice? ^^ We had to go buy some new outfits because we went directly from school to the game, and had no red clothes with us...


We met one in Zion Canyon and Solveig almost stepped on one when we went running in Apple Valley - Tarantulas xD about the size of my hand

This year's slogan for Hurricane High School!

Steve, Myrna and Morgan at the play Aida

One of the bigger roads in Apple Valley^^

The stage for Aida, and the audience

Solveig was getting "healing treatment through relaxing" from me hahaha cutie

Älskar dej för alltid gumman <3

Cute Tess and Trevor ^^

Me heading for the soccer game

Lovely Selena and adorable Kayla <3

Ok I hope you liked them =) Also, congrats Selena it's your birthday today!! As the speakers say every morning at 9:36..: Selena today it's your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Go tigers!

Love to people who support others, and especially the people who support me =)

I'm a survivor

not gonna write much, just easing the worried people back home, telling them I'm ok.

I just got home from watching the musical Aida with my hostfamily, and it was an awsome experience! The stage is outdoors, and the huge red mountains are right behind the set so that's the natural background. Then they have all these red rocks in the set, as part of it, and really cool specialeffects. And all of a sudden.... dumdumdumdum... The stage turns into a RIVER!!! It was awsome I'm really glad we went there =D

Now I have to sleep - it's soo late - but I'll upload pics and stuff later some other time... Goodnight <3

Vilken underbar dag det är

Ett svenskt inlägg!!!!

For englishspeaking readers, this is a swedish post about a Facebook group of mine where I've put a list of things that people who grew up in the late 90s remember. It's swedish though but feel free to translate if you want to. I wouldn't, it's kinda long ^^ And it might not be as funny to you =)

Minns du...
-tidiga morgonar på helgerna för att titta på Sailormoon och Totally Spies
-när all that var det roligaste som fanns
-när nikelodeon var på hela dagarna
-att det var läskigt spännande när madicken hoppade med paraply
-pokemon och digimon
-när man spelade kulor på skolgården varje rast
-när Britney Spears och Spice Girls var det enda man lyssnade på
-när man fick Hitz for kidz i julklapp
-när man tog med sig freestylen och en trave CDskivor istället för iPoden
-när Pippis pappa var fångad av pirater
-när Timon och Pumba bara var med i Lejonkungen och inte hade ett eget program
-alla hus man byggde med tjejlego/vanligt lego
-och alla fajter om bästa delarna
-när tamagutchi var allas bästa vän
-"I'm a tamagutchi, and I can make you happy..."
-"I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world, I'm made of plastic, it's fantastic"
-"Sola å bada, tio pina colada. På sommar'n är livet som bäst"
-"Mål mål mål, mera mål, å mål, det kommer det att bli"
-"boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room"
-"Mama mia, here I go again"
-alla låtarnas melodi utantill
-tiden innan harry potter
-när du såg din första harry potter bok och tänkte att den kommer jag aldrig orka läsa
-när rugrats inte hade ersatts av all grown up
-när lattjo lajban var veckans höjdpunkt
-att "mojje och mimmi" förut var "nicke och nilla" och innan det "nicke och mojje"
-första gången det hölls melodifestivalen för barn, MGP Junior och Sofie sjöng om Superduperkillen
-du kommer ihåg melodin till superduperkillen och delar av texten (han är min superduperkille, bara min. Han är den som jag gillar bäst)
-att du växte upp i tron på att madicken, emil, lotta, pippi, alla barna i bullerbyn m.fl fanns på riktigt
-när det var jojo-period och alla övade in tricks
-när inte disneychannel fanns, eller iallafall inte var upptäckt
-Creep School, Aahh! Riktiga monster!, Dough m.fl
-Signaturmelodin "hej, hej, vilken underbar dag det är, om man kan den man är, och alltid leva tillsammans, vi säger hej, hej..."
-när du läste "Vad gör folk hela dagarna" eller "Så fungerar det"
-när piggelinglassen kostade 6 kr
-och sandwichen 10 kr?

-och framför allt, minns du när det blev år 2000 och alla vuxna sa att du hade tur som fick uppleva det, men du tyckte att det kändes precis likadant som när det blev 1999?


Vad kul att så många har gått med, är uppe i drygt 1100 medlemmar nu!! Helt fantastiskt, hade aldrig trott det ^^
Tog inte med allt i min första lista, så här kommer mer :D
Och tack alla som skrivit att de blev lyckliga och nostalgiska av min lista =) Det var lixom poängen ^^

Minns du även...
-när Greveholm var julkalendern och Greven skrämde livet ur dig
-"Vi drar till fjällen, fest hela kvällen, ute och glider på snowboard och skidor"
-väntan på att babysolen i Teletubbies skulle gå ner så andra program kunde börja
-REAs testpatrull
-du såg på TV när Doris dansade med Göran Persson
-S club 7 och A-teens
-Brum var din favoritbil och hjälte
-Alla spelade Gameboy, innan de togs över av Snake på mobilen
-När alla såg på Noas ö och sen gick runt och sa "Ojski pojski"
-muminböckerna som sen blev film, fast filmerna överträffade aldrig böckerna
-när man lärde sig tillverka och blåsa säckpipa av en plastpåse i Hajk
-Lilla sportspegeln med Tom&Jerry i pausen...
-"Du kan alltid bli, nummer ett. Bara börja sätt i gååång..."
-När Vintergatan 5A var först ut som sommarlovsmorgon
-När man försökte ringa till Zonkofonerna på rymdskeppet
-Alla minns.. Dr Bombay
-S-s-s-s-s-stövlarna som fixar allt (Mina röda gummistövlar)
-Kajsa som hade en ko i trädgården
-"Jag har en koo en egen koo. Hon hoppar i sängen, dansar på ängen, detta kan ni tro. Hon är min allra bästa vän. För hon är min koo min egen koo.."
-Daddy DJ
-Upprepar: ARTHUR borde sändas igen!!
-när man lärde sig siffor och bokstäver från 5 myror är fler än 4 elefanter
-"Där är där där man inte är. Här är här där man äär. Och här har man alltid med sig.."
-Känsliga bitar som sjöng om känslor
-Svingelskogen och Elektrik Banana Band var CDskivorna högst upp i högen
-innan Pixar Animations började göra filmer och Disney var the one and only
-MAX skattkisteglass med en leksak under botten.. i det hemliga facket!
-tävlingarna i Kannan, du minns även vad de gick ut på.. Kulstötning, gå loss fången ur tornet etc.
-innan mobiler hade kameror, eller ens färg
-den gamla varianten av kanal etts symbol, med streck som en etta
-"Har ni sett... kanal ett?!"
-när bolibompadraken studsade bland stjärnor mot en blå bakgrund
-när Hjärnkontoret hade svar på alla dina frågor
-"Vi fixar det, vi fixar det... Vi säger Ja Ja Ja såhär går det till. Vi grejar precis vad ni vill.."
-Göstas korsord bakom jordhögen
-Diselråttor och sjömansmöss, inkl Kölsvinet
-"Du är så yeah yeah wow wow" ♥
-när Sune åt snus, Rudolfs ben blev påkört och Håkan blev överkörd i Sunes Sommar
-Någon som känner igen: "Kommer du ihåg hur det var förra sommarn? Kommer du ihåg hur vi bada i havet? Kommer du ihåg alla fiskar som simmade runt?"
-Mimmi som gick på dagis och de släppte ut det rosa hattmonstret ur frökens skåp
-Björne och Snigel, och Anki och Pytte
-Gladiatorerna på fredagskvällarna klockan åtta
-Pelle Svanslös och Karusellerna sover, julkalendrar i favorit
-"Hipp hurraaa för här kommer bumbibjörnarna! Studdsar fram igenom sagorna.."?

För att gå med i gruppen gå till Sidan

Lovely memories... ♥
Sååå, om du minns det mesta av detta, växte du troligtvis upp i slutet på 90talet. Jag är född 92 så jag minns inget innan 96 typ och därför växte jag (medvetandes) upp i slutet på 90-talet. Hoppas det får er att känna er nostalgiska, jag blir jättenostalgisk ^^


Today I had my speech about Good and Bad Communication in Speech&Debate. I did pretty well, at least people told me afterwards that I'd done a good job. And I started with a great AGD or whatever it's called. I asked the room in Swedish if anyone could understand what I was saying..? Hahah it was funny they all looked so surprised!

Then we had Drama Rehearsal as usual and learned a lot about blocking and what the different parts of the stage are refered to as... Like UpperRightCenter or LeftDownAisle.... heheh But it was fun and when we got back to Apple Valley Steve had come back from Texas =)

Here's on of my favourite parts from Snoopy, love it ^^

And here's the Theme song from the show, which I also love ^^ heheh this melody has soo many memories =D And geez I love those weird kids dancing around... The 2 girls throwing their hair back and forth, the guy doing the shoulder shoulder dance, the guy who seems to be sleepwalking.... They're all wonderful xP And doesn't Charlie Brown somehow remind you of Rich? I dunno, maybe he need a little more ENERGY?! xD

good night people, sleep well =)

But after all

Hahah I just had to put this thing up here, I hope some of you enjoy it because I just love it ^^ Enjoy!

You guys have been the stars of my life for ten years. Love <3

Sum it up

Hey, it's pretty late and I'm heading to bed so I'll just keep this post as short as possible (you know I'm so bad at that)..

Thanks Chris for all the wonderful comments on Every Post ^^ And yeah we did play Red Rover, good guess =)

Today was Gaby's first soccer game so she told us we should come watch her team play at Pineview high school. Also, she had some wishes about our clothing and stuff, and we followed it in detail. Pigtails, only wearing black, while and red, and signs that said "Go", "Gaby" and "Gaby". ^^ hihi it was fun because we looked so serious compared to others who were there. Unfortunately, the Pineview Panthers won with 5-0 against the Hurricane Tigers... But they did a good game anyway =)

Tomorrow I have more school, and then drama rehearsal which is turning into one of my favourite parts of the schoolday. It's fun, because the group of people in drama club are so much fun and I like all of them a lot. I'm soo looking forward to the Play in October and then Shakespeare Competition.. FUN! =D

Now, time to get some sleep. Love you guys ^^

P.S. Pics of our adorable outfits for the cheering will come =) Good night!

Alla snubbar vill ju vara katt

Yesterday after the party, me and Solveig watched "What lies beneath" which is one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. It might be because it was completely dark (it never gets this dark in a city, ever!) and stormy with lightning and thunder. And it was about 11 pm and we were sitting in the sofa and everytime something happened we screamed a lot! It was fun but that scene in the bathtub, that seriously scared the h*ll out of me. Paralyzed! Oooh


And then later we were both afraid of the bathroom hahah xP We had to watch some Aristocats to be able to sleep ^^

Geez how much I love AristoCats, they were always some of my favourites! <333

Then today we slept in til about 11.30 which was lovely. Though I will try to get to bed earlier tonight so I can make it through school tomorrow and then drama rehearsal til 5.40... =)

Also, today I've experienced thunderstorm rain =P Wearing a tanktop and a skirt, we went running to put up notes about Chase (Solveig's cat) who's gone missing :'(
Anyway, it started raining A LOT and we were running through the sharp icey rain and got soaked. Heheh it was fun but cold so we had some hot chocolate when we got back inside. And we were in the other end of Apple Valley so it took quite a while to get back ^^

Anyway, I'll finish my speech for Debate class now. It's about good and bad communication. Post comments, and love to everyone back home! <3

There is nothing to it

Oh and for your information..:

I have added the Swedish and the American times to the right, as well as some information about myself. I hope it will start working soon ^^

Also enjoy my awsome header cause there might be a new one coming up soon.. I'll see when I have the time ^^

lots of love

Just a little late

I'm so tired!

Yesterday was an exciting day because I got to know I got into Drama club and I'm playing one of the fairies in a Midsummernight's Dream which isn't a big role but I'm just glad I got in and now I have theater rehersals every day after school! The shows are the 2nd week of October and then the competition of monologues and dialoges is held and I'm gonna play Puck etc in those scenes ^^

Yesterday evening we had a "Girly-crying-movie-pyjamas-sleepover-pizza-ice cream-party"..! It was awsome, and while Kayla and Selena slept in the living room, Gaby got my bed (she went to bed earlier then the rest of us and I didn't have the heart to wake her up when she was so tired. So I slept on Solveig's floor, and so did Krystal, and Solveig got her very own bed =)


(I fell asleep in the middle of Garden State..)

We went to bed at about 2 am, and I got up at 6.30 to help Gaby get ready to leave for practise... Poor girl had to get back to Hurricane at 7 and run all morning for soccer... Summary=not much sleep but red finger- and toenails =D

Then I wanted to go back to sleep but I'd had a nightmare and so I decided to talk to some people online while waiting for my mum and Sara to log on to skype. Then I had a loooong konversation with them before breakfast. Crepes to breakfast with strawberries =P Yummie!

And then it was the Drama Club Party at 11, and everybody had fun and we played games and soccer and softball (I didn't join softball, last time I played it it ended with me running right into someone which hurt... not good). Also we played a game I can't remember which basically was two teams trying to wipe out the other team. Both teams were standing opposite, holding hands, and called someone over from the other team. The person had to try and run towards them and break the chain somewhere to get a member back with them to their own team. Failure (aka captured by the chain) resulted in changing team to the one who caught you. It was fun even though I cut my heel on the grass.. and the hands hurt soo badly after a few people had run into them ^^

Here's some music I'd like to share with you, some songs I have stuck in my head constantly... enjoy!

Technological makes me think of Tessan, and how incredibly alike she and Krystal are..!! It's amazing

Crazy makes me think of Solveig, because you love Alanis Morissette and you always sing along in this song in the car

You found me is just like I dare you to move - jag bara älskar den utan att veta varför

Ha det bäst alla!! Have a great day, love <3

Music still on MTV


Just went skating with Solveig on the parking lot by the gas station since that's the one and only place in Apple Valley that's got pavement xD It was fun though it got dark at once and when it gets dark in Apple Valley - it's really dark. The stars are very bright though... And there are a lot of them.

I'm seriously so nervous about tomorrow morning. Besides having dance (aka ballet) in the morning, the list of the people who made it through tryouts and into drama club for Shakespeare team will be up in the morning.. I think I made it, because I did a good audition and I'm in Rich's theater class and Speech so he absolutely knows who I am. I just don't wanna take out the joy of making it before I even know for sure. So you'll all get to know tomorrow ^^

Then on saturday the Drama Club has a party for the members and the people in Theater class and Debate. I'm starting to seriously like the drama group of people, they're all really nice. And I really really hope I make it into the play. Then this winter we're doing Beauty and the Beast, and this spring it's Alice in Wonderland! =D Wonderful choice of plays...!

I got this song stuck in my head since it played in the car on our way to school. Solveig knew it but I'd never heard it before. Like it though. Enjoy, they chorus gets stuck in your head at once.. ^^

1985 - Bowling for Soup

Much love,

To be or Knot to be

Hello there,
today I spent the day kinda nervous, because the tryouts for Shakespeare team were this afternoon. Rich had us all go up on stage, do a little quiet scene with breaking a branch and throw it to the ground, and then say "Now the hungry lion roars, and the wolf behowles the moon".. with feeling, pretending we really saw the animals and the moon.. It was fun, and there were tons of eightgraders there to try out... some very shy, but some were really good. I'm soo nervous about friday morning when the list will be up saying who got which part.. if you even make it into the team.

Another weird thing that happened today was that I - believe it or not - managed to break a string on the guitar that I just started using for Guitar Class...!! I was tuning it and suddenly just "plonk!".. I've never done that before, ever! And now I have to find out how I can get hold of a new string.. if I have to buy an entire new set of strings, that's gonna cost me. Then I'd rather go to the counseling office and start another class instead of Guitar...


Time to sleep, or as you Swedes like it, time to get up!
Tomorrow's time to take school photos, so I'll have to get up early and decide what to wear.. hmm

Any ideas on what to do on the Guitar Issue? Help, someone?
Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite <3

I'm Autumn

Heeey people,

It's Tuesday today and B-day, which means I had art (practised drawing), history (read about the european colonization), Guitar (what did we? Practised to clean away the chairs..) and Debate. Then this afternoon me, Solveig, Selena, Kayla and Kayla's two friends all went to see 500 days of Summer which was actually a great film. Cute Selena fell asleep in the cinema, just like when we watched "The timetraveller's wife".. heheh

I loved that a lot of scenes were in IKEA, which is a huge Swedish company if you didn't know that, and on signs it said "IKEA Stockholm" which is my hometown!! =D
Also, the irony of the words "I'm Autumn"... hahah great film ^^

Yesterday in Dance we had to do ballet, which I really hate and quit back home because it was so boring.. Well I didn't do ballet but close enough.. Ballet-Jazz.... All the pliées and first position, second, third, fifth.... gaaah and everybody's so flexible which I'm not. Geez I hate it. Hopefully we'll do more modern dancing soon.. I have it tomorrow morning too..


...And then in the afternoon there are auditions for "A midsummer night's dream" which I will go to with Solveig and I will try my best and I'll see what happens. Wish me luck! <3

Oh and P.S. Trevor is so dead for not showing up in time for the movie today, just ditching us all.. Well, he was going with a bunch of girls but anyway.. hmm We'll see if he has an explanation tomorrow.. xP


Hi again,
Julia from ASSE was just here, talking seperatly to me and the family to see that we were ok, and I assuredher that I like it here ^^

Anyway, after a typical american breakfast yesterday, me and Solveig and Krystal went rollerskating in a park in Washington which is (I think, not entirely sure though) between Hurricane and St George.. Krystal had done it before, but me and Solveig.. well a picture says more than a thousand words so see for your selves:

Solveig making panncakes for breakfast, and we had smoothie with them =P

It looked good before we started moving...

... we weren't as good as we thought we'd be xP

We deserved a break, right?

We totally did xD

All of you guys who comment, you are my angels ^^

Thanks to Chris for always being the first one to post, always making me laugh at what you write ^^ I'm warning you, some day I might send you blue yoghurt just to surprise you =)

Thanks to my little sister who created a special blogg for her competition stuff so I wouldn't have to read all of it xP And for always making me smile.

Thanks to Gaby.. where shall I begin? Without you I would still be in Newark Airport, sitting in a corner somewhere crying lonely without you I wouldn't be where I am I love you girl <3

Thanks to Cornelia for reading my blog at all, not many girls in our class do.. Or maybe they do but they don't comment (do it!). I hope it all works out for you..!

Thanks to Laura for having such an incredible patience with me never finishing the email I'm sending her, and for standing there at the airport with her tea lighting up the mood.. ANd for crying when I left <3

Thanks to Bull and Såpa who read my blog and comment though you really are my little sister's friends (oh well mine too, kinda.. Såpa vi vet att jag är din kosis^^)

And Thanks to Solveig for being an incredible hostsister <3 No one could ask for more ^^ And thanks for not hating me for attacking the milk with the cereal.... xD I totally love you for drowning the cereal with the milk =)

Thanks to anyone who reads this without commenting.... COMMENT!! =P


Back to School

Hi guys!!!

First and former: I'm working on a new header but it's not done yet so you'll just have to stick with NYC for now ^^

I'm a SENIOR!!! Which is awsome because that allows me to (if I take all the classes needed) graduate this spring! And since I've taken so many academic classes in Sweden - I only have to take "US History", "English Speech and Debate" and "US Government". This is what my days look like:


Dance 3
US Government
Theater 3


Art 2
US History
Speech and Debate

Wiiie so many fun classes! And I do deserve some fun classes after all the hard work I've put down on last year back home... So tomorrow I start having B-day, and then it goes on every second day... Today I had all classes but only 20 min each ^^ and then there was a barbeque by the school. And then me, Solveig, Gaby, Krystal, Kayla, Anna, Selena and Trevor went across the street (me, Gaby and Trevor actually forced the others to walk there instead of getting the car - how typical american they all are ^^).

Then we've all been hanging out except Gaby who had soccer practise. I'm so proud of my sweetie making Varsity team!! That's the very best one! Though I didn't make it (I'm glad I didn't, it's about 40 degrees Celsius here when practise is)...
So now Kayla is staying with me and Solveig over the night, and we'll all go to school together tomorrow =D wiie

Also, yesterday was an awsome day.

We slept in, then went to pick up Gaby, and we went to eat with Kayla, Selena and Anna at the Pirate Island where the people who work there are dressed up as pirates ^^
We then missed our movie - Julie Julia or whatever it's called - and went to pick up Krystal (I really don't know how to spell her name.. sorry if I do it wrong xP ). Before getting her we managed to fit six people into a photo box thingy and get pictures of us all ^^ It was so much fun.

After playing Mao in a park for a while (I won!!) we went to the fair and I - against any odds because of my terrifyedness (xD) of such things - went in the zipper and this other weird thing that took you upsidedown.. In the zipper I went with Kayla and I just freaked out the entire time just screaming how I would kill her and I had my eyes closed the whole time.

^The zipper
I mean you are seriously sitting in those small things and they just rock randomly back and forth as they feel like.. We even did five backflips in a row according to Kayla.. I have no idea I think I must have been slightly unconscious ^^

Me, Solveig and Krystal stayed a bit longer (til about 11) and then we passed a drive through and got Krystal some french fries and went home to sleep.

And yeah just an random add: Me and Solveig watched the stars that fell the other night from their roof of the shed, and I almost fell asleep and started saying these weird stuff about a christmastree and blue yoghurt.. hahahah

Now I'm gonna go be social with Kayla and Solveig =P ttyl and thanks for comments and emails and stuff <3
love you ^^

Freaky Friday

Hi people,
I am no longer stuck in Phoenix and able to post. Here's the story:
Me and Gaby (danish student also staying in Hurricane) missed our flight in NYC because we weren't on the first bus from the hotel. After several hours of freaking out we managed to get stand by tickets for a flight at noon to Phoenix, and we made it on that flight but we could no longer get in contact with out group leader so we were on our own. We got there at about 3 pm, and finally finding the continental service desk we found out that our other flights had left so long ago that we couldn't get new tickets. Freaking out again, no tickets and stuck in Phoenix?!! So finally we made them get us tickets that afternoon to LA, and then when we got on that flight our bags (carry on luggage) were taken from us because there was no room on the plane.

After an hour on the plane we had to get off because there was something wrong with the engine, and we went to the US Airways desk. Since we'd never make it to their last flight from LA to St George that night, we'd have to stay in LA over the night. Natalie M helped us by getting us dinner, and since we weren’t 18 we couldn’t get a hotel room but she let us sleep on the floor of their office. It was cold (what is it with Americans and air conditioner?) but sweet of her. She also got us new tickets to Salt Lake City instead. The next morning, after about 2 hours of sleep, the lovely Ramona got us breakfast and helped us all the way to the gate. So after having missed 6 flights in less than 14 hours, only getting to Phoenix in 24 hours, and spending 16 hours in Phoenix, we finally made it to Salt Lake and then on to Hurricane Saturday morning.

Creepy enough, our carry on luggage was not on that flight so we think it might be in LA since it was on that flight there that we were taking. So yesterday I went to see RENT where Solveig’s playing a part, and it was great and we went out to eat with her friends afterwards. They’re all really nice people. And today they let me sleep til 1.30 pm because I was so tired.

Then we went to Zion National Park which was just beautiful. I’ll tell you more some other time because right now it’s late and I’m using Solveig’s computer since mine is probably still stuck in LA. The thing is that we didn’t get real tags for those bags since we didn’t check them in for real we just left them with the air company..

So Freakin me out at the moment is the fact that my computer, power cord to phone, hairbrush, photos, everything personal I did bring across the planet – it’s all stuck somewhere and they can’t trace it. Hopefully they will find it manually, but it’s gonna take some time.

Thank all of you guys who write comments, I will answer to all of them but I have to sleep now.
Miss you all and love to everyone. And Happy Birthday dad (Saturday it was) and hugs <3 And Congrats to my brother who got married this Saturday and to Christine and Siri ^^ Love

Top of the Rock

Ok here are some more pics from yesterday, and further down there'll be pics from today =) Enjoy!

 The Rockerfeller Center - we were at the very top floor today ^^

 The huge M&M's store on Broadway

 Our sweet guide Mike in front of one of the millions of houses where a character in a movie lived.. ^^ He was really nice and helped us to use the subway today, No one knows where we might have ended up otherwise..

 Madde och jag kollade in ALLT på Forever 21, trodde vi tills efter att vi betalat och hittade tredje våningen ^^

 The apartment where Heith Ledger was found dead - the top floor in the white-ish house

Now the pics from today =D Wiie

 The whole group (makes me think of a class on a trip) on the building by Ground Zero

 Linda in front of a view over Downtown Manhattan

 Linda with our cool bus ^^ It took us around town both these days

 A view of Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge at front

 Mikaela and me on the Brooklyn Bridge with Upptown Manhattan behind us

 Emma and Linda coming out of the subway station near Times Square where we managed to get by train

 Us on Broadway ^^

  M&M's store on Broadway - the inside second floor <3

Top of the Rock - Observation Deck of Rockerfeller Center

And just to annoy Elsa a bit - here's me at Abercrombie  Fitch^^ And then me and Madde had photos taken with the male model by the door hahaha lmao so funny

 Dinner! xD + we had some pizza after it heheh
 Frappuchino at Starbucks

Thanks for reading =) Or mostly just listening and watching actually.. But you were geat and I'll keep you updated on what's going on.

Tomorrow I'm leaving at 4.45 am for Newark Airport and the plane to Phoenix =D
Love you til then,

I want to be a part of it - New York

Central Park
Times Square
Little Italy
Greenwich Village
Fifth Ave
Rockefeller Center
Victoria's secret
Forever 21
Empire State Building

What's there to say? I love NYC and I would totally come to live here if I could afford it ^^ Lovely city, and there will be more of it tomorrow.. And I'm gonna buy a Starbuck's cup and a "I <3 NY"-t-shirt I think =P

Click on the images to see them in full size =)


 In Central Park, in memory of John Lennon...

...and the very spot where he was shot!

 Emma and Linda in Central Park

 Could it be more obvious..? I mean, a red hand and a big sign.. AND CARS!

 The most famous view in Central Park - where lots of movie scenes were shot - apparently. At least according to our guide.

 Annika with the camera ready ^^ and some people from our group that's with Swedes and students from Norway and Denmark too =)

 Crazy Chick on Adventure in Central Park still

 Madde in front of the camera in NYC =P

 The wonderful statue of Alice in Wonderland

 The St Patrick's Cathedral - magnificent and soo big!!

 Everything's so big... Oh my ^^

More pics will come soon - I have a lot of them

Time to sleep <3

New Jersey

As you could see, I had Laura write about my departure. I would probably not have made it myself, and I wasn't sure if I'd have internet on the hotel where we're staying these three days. The hotel is in New Jersey, and the airplanes from Newark pass just above us as they take off and land. It's really scary, they're so close =P

On the plane I sat with Maria who's going to Indiana, and we watched some movies because the plane had a great number of films, games and music you could choose from. They also had a camera at the nose of the aircraft and you could see the landscape as we took off..

We then arrived (after about 8-9 h flying) to Newark, and went by bus (it took forever just to get out of the airport) and are staying at a nice hotel. I'm sharing a room with Madeleine och Annika, two nice girls who are later headed to Oklahoma and Arkansas =) This is our room with mine and Madeleine's beds. Annika's is fit between ours, after the picture was taken by Madeleine.

Everything with the flight went well, and though I'm nervous about all the flights and connections I'm gonna make on Friday, I'm very excited to be here and there are lots of nice girls. And we've got a pool xP

Will write tomorrow and tell you about my sightseeing day in NYC ^^

Bye bye Lisa

Hi everyone! This is Laura writing, Lisa's friend. I am writing because Lisa probably won't be able to post anything during her three days in N.Y. from today. So I am going to tell you all about Lisa's last morning here, from my point of view. Lisa was probably a little bit freaked out, t

So, this morning at 5.30 a.m. I woke up, alert as ever before. 15 minutes later, I run out on the street with my breakfast in one hand and tea in the other to get picked up by Lisa's dad. We went to L's house to pick up her and the rest of her family. After a sad goodbye to the dogs we went off to Arlanda the airport. When we came there we sat and waited as other nervous exchange students gathered there. Some of them looked calm, some of them didn't, and some had crying girlfriends with them. Those things hurts just watching it. Heartbreaking. After a long time people from the organisation which Lisa is travelling with came and started gathering everyone. All the students checked in their bags and all suddenly we were standing there, outside the security check thing. We had come to the point where we couldn't follow Lisa anymore. Until this moment I had been happy all morning, happy for Lisa and not emotional at all. But I couldn't hold it anymore now, and when I had to hug her and say goodbye for the absolutely last time in 10 months I burst into tears. We waved goodbye until we couldn't see her anymore. All the students familys were crying too.

As we drove home it felt weird not having Lisa on the seat beside me. But everything had gone well and I think it felt good for everyone that the hardest part was over. It's not easy letting go. But I am not sad today, even if I know I won't see one of my absolute best friends in 10 months. Because I have heard so much about her family in Utah and her new home and town so I am pretty sure that she will have a fantastic year. I admire her for being so brave, going away for a year to a whole new country on the other side of the world. And you lucky guys on the other side of the big ocean, take good care of Lisa (I know you will, but anyways) because she's one of a kind, a better friend you would have to look for.

I will miss you so much Lisa (and who am I gonna study with now!?) but I this is going to be so fun for you!!

These pics are from this sunday at Lisa's place when she said good bye to us girls.

Love, Laura

Always us

I wrote a really long post and I totally emptied all my feeling into it, and then my stupid computer went and deleted it.. Grr I get so mad at it sometimes.. Anyway, I can't be bothered to rewrite it all (emotional breakdown it would be called) so I will just give you the times of the flights and times...

I leave tomorrow morning at 10.40 (Swe-time)
I arrive to NY at 13.15 (NY-time which is 6 hours behind Swe-time, so I fly for about 8 h)
I stay in NY for three days
I leave NY on friday at about 6 am (lunchtime in Sweden)
I fly by Phoenix and LA
I land in St George at 4.51 pm (Utah time) which is about 7 pm NY-time and 1 am (saturday morning) Swedish time


Thanks to all the girls who stopped by yesterday to say bye, and to Sofia who did it today, and to Ida who stayed the night and was my comfort when I felt lonely. And thanks for all the wishes of luck I've recieved these past days =) Warms my heart.

Ok, so the original title of was "Sea eagles fly when mermaids cry" but that was the terribly self-pitying post I made earlier.. Now I'll name it something cheerier..

And yeah, I dunno for sure when I'll be able to post again, gotta check with my host family when I can get online again.. But well I will stay in touch, I promise <3
much love, always

Hello world this is me

Wiiie I'm back home!! =D

First  - answers to all of the lovely comments I've recieved while I was away... <3

Yep Chris I will be in America all the time til you turn 18.. wooow that's cool ^^ And I'm glad you had fun in north carolina =)
Also, I have a webcam and I have facebook and msn and I will get skype too.. So I will be able to talk to people (thanks for caring, I appriciate you thinking about it) but what I'm really afraid of is how I will be around my friends when I come home again. I mean, what if we'll be totally different persons and all of my friends have changed into some people I don't know any longer? Geez I guess I can't do anything about that if it happens, so I just go with the flow xP hugs

Solveig - oh how I've spoken to you the past couple of days.. My mobile phone actually died two times in one day because of battery loss... Because I was on fb too much talking to you ^^
And I know that I will do fine in the US, because I have you to talk to about everything and anything =) So glad I have you dear. See you sooon xD

And Sarah, dear dear Sarah... I will miss your crazy writing, but I'm sure we'll stay in touch as I'm away.. Keeping some things just like they always are - that's a way of staying my old me.. you get my point? Anyway, I'm glad you found my little blog, and I hope you keep reading it. Otherwise I will see you around <3

This is btw my picture of true happiness and the sign of summer. Walking along a beach where the waves can just reach your feet when they hit the shore... Aaaahhww

Can you believe it? In just TWO FREAKIN DAYS I'm leaving Sweden for a whole YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I haven't even packed yet.. wooh I've gotta finish that tomorrow, after I've seen all of my lovely friends to say goodbye to them.. ='(

Anyway, for those of you who are familiar with the writer Astrid Lindgren (famous swedish one), I can tell you that I visited Bullerbyn today - the scene of the movies made in 1986.. That felt truly nostalgic <3

Also, I've arrived home this evening, and made a cake for dad that looks like a huge cookie =P

We're gonna celebrate his birthday tomorrow since I've left before th 8th and that's also the date of my brother's wedding ^^ How typical, isn't it?

Anyway - I'll tell you more later.. Love <3

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