Every little piece love

Yum Yum <3 A well spent afternoon ;D
Pic from my Sister

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Oh lovely weekend ^^ Spent Friday afternoon and evening at Louise's house, having a nice girly time with her. The went home in the -15 degrees cold midnight weather hehe it was Freeeeezing! Crashed and slept til pretty much noon today. Since then I've been going for a "anything but homework-policy". So had a quite nice afternoon :)
Sara and I are making dinner tonight, cause my wonderful family decided to have a thanksgiving dinner! I guess first thing I should be thankful for is them, for the people who live with me though I'm terrible and mean and grumpy sometimes, and have a horrible morning mood and sometimes act like a total pain.. But they adjust to everything and keep loving me and for that, I love them back ^^
Secondly, I have lots of people to be thankful for. I doubt I can name them all on here, but I'll try to get the most important ones at least...
Thanks to everyone who make me feel awesome, who I love, and who is just plain awesome <3
The drawing's Rachael's, isn't it pretty? :)

I like your beard

Of all the repetative songs....
...this one's actually kinda cute ;)

Pull me towards you and we start to dance

So many memories.. ^^

How cute are these?? <3
Night :)

If I could I would

Good morning world. It's 3 pm. I just got up. Heheh today's my once-a-month-sleepy-day and I've been lazy all morning and tried to come up with something to do besides sleeping. Which I needed so that was good to get caught up on. Too bad I missed out on today's sun tho since it's already set for today.
K so I did get up at 11 and make some breakfast, which was yummy, and ate it in bed with the last HP book in my hand :D
Love the plate Trevor ;)

Yesterday I had my Chemistry test at 8-10, then went to the SACO career thingy on the other side of town and checked out colleges. Still far ahead for me but well.. doesn't hurt to think about it, right?
Went back to town, did some shopping with Louise and then went to my audition for that job I'm hoping to get :) We'll see we'll see. It went well at least, so hopefully... ^^
Came home for a little bit, went to Louise's house and had dinner, as well as watched "Made of honor" before realising she hadn't seen Moulin Rouge!!!!!! Walked half an hour to the store and bought it, then watched that til my wonderful dad came and picked me up so I wouldn't have to catch the bus alone at midnight in the snow that's started to fall :)
Now I'm off to see a play that my cousin Hedvig's in =)

Miss you Sabi <3
Oh and P.S: Great job HHS Tigers at the State Football game! Can't believe we lost to Juan Diego third year in a row, but still you fought well and I'm proud to be a Tiger :) <3
P.S(2): I miss those shorts. Anyone fancy sending me some Tiger shorts for christmas? ^^ I'd love 'em, never found the same kind over here ;)

Head over heels in the moment

I was just at an interview for a job starting this spring so we'll see how that turns out :D Going to the audition tomorrow ;P After my Chemistry test and my visit at the SACO career thingy, and I'm going shopping with Louise too ^^
This is one of my favourite songs ever. I am not a big fan of Jonas Brothers at all, but somehow I just adore thing song. Listen to the chorus. Love it <3

Fighting to the end

I just finished my first version of my loooong terrible essay that I've been working on for Swedish class aaaall weekend! Yay finally I feel that even if it's crap I at least got something that's put together and written ^^

Now I am so worth next weeks episode of Desperate Housewives ^^ oh yeah :P

In sunshine or in shadow

Read fast ;)

I have been extremely crazy happy today :P It's like I can't stop smiling and bouncing around. It's been raining tons all day and I had to run errands after school and then I now have an evening of homework ahead of me.. yay :P But still I'm smiling =) Nothing can bring me down todaaaay :D
For some reason I just like this pic ^^ Cause of today's wonderful weather I guess :P
Also, for some strange reason I've had Danny Boy stuck in my head all day :P
I miss <3

When I tell the punchline wrong

Today I slept in for forever, had breakfast, went shopping with Sara and got myself 2 pairs of new jeans and new mascara, and stuff for Father's Day which is tomorrow :) Then worked out and now I'm trying to get started on my homework but some wonderful person is distracting me from it ;P <3

Heard this song in a store today and then had it stuck in my head all day :P

I want your eyes for Christmas

7 months and 5 days ago... 25 weeks the other day... Love you <3

So I got this strange clip from Trevor ^^ Enjoy :P

It's time to try defying gravity

Last day of Fall Break... Yes it feels terrible to go back to school tomorrow, I get used to lots of free time so easily ;) But I like the fact that a whole week of November is now in the past =)
Yesterday I went to Francesco's house with Louise, Sebastian and Axel and we ended up playing Poker haha I really suck at it I was the first one to lose :P Had tea and lovely vanilla buns and then we watched "Men who stare at goats" and had lots and lots of popcorn. Left by 1ish and had to walk home because well.. good luck finding public transportation after midnight. So I walked with Sebastian and Axel and finally got home at 2 am and then talked to Soso some and fell asleep at 3 am.
Slept for long and now I need to spend the day studying and cleaning (how come no matter now much I clean that's always on my to do-list???)
So yesterday was also All Saint's Day and I went to the graveyard with my parents and put candles on the grave according to tradition. Walked around the church and looked at the thousands of lit candles, and passed the Memorial Place where anyone can lit candles. Took a pic because it was so pretty :)

Because I said so

Totally and absolutely awesome
I love you mom <3

Making Something out of Nothing

Rent - the musical <3
I really like the movie version better, but that one's not available with lyrics without being super long on youtube. So though there's a bit of a lack of energy in this one, it's alright  still :)

Good morning World. I lack motivation to really do anything. But I will go hang out with Veronica some later and then I'm working out again. Sadly Tessan couldn't join so I guess it will be another time alone.

Some other of my favourites from that musical:

I try so very hard not to lose it

You're a falling star, you're the getaway car
you're the line in the sand when I go too far
you're the swiming pool on an August day
and you're the perfect thing to say
And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute
when you smile at me you know exactly what you do
baby don't pretend that you don't know it's true
cause you can see it when I look at you
And in this crazy life and through these crazy times
it's you it's you, you make me sing
you're every line, you're every word
you're everything <3

Hope you had a great Halloween :) This was mine..

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