Through the window

Oh sunny day...

Just after eight o'clock I was outside the American Embassy, standing in the neverending line of people wanting to come inside. It took quite a while before I got inside, and in the meantime a guard was walking along the line checking that everyone had all their papers in order. Of course the reason was to get my Visa for my year in Utah.

When I finally got inside the area I got to stand in a new line, this time to get into the house itself. Trust me, it gets kinda frustrating after standing there for a while... in the heat... standing...euch

Once I came into the building (it was about twenty past nine by then) I got to hand over my papers and passport and stuff to a lady behind a window and was told to sit and wait among all the others who waited just like me. At about ten to ten my name was called and I walked over to another window, being told to leave my fingerprints and then answer a few questions like "You're going to Utah, right?", "Where do your parents work?" and "How many years will you have left to study once you're back?". Not that they really care, it felt mostly like small chatter to make sure I was I and there wasn't any mistake of mixed up papers.

Then I was done. By ten o'clock I was back where my parents work (I walked there, hooot weather killing me) and after running to some shops for my dad and getting myself a new bus ticket thing I went home. Of course it was even hotter out here on the island, and now I've just walked the dogs for about an hour, visiting Adam who's in a film thingy they're making close to where I live. Now I'll pack my bags, lock the dogs in the kitchen and head off to town again. This time I'm going to the train station to catch the train to Pauline's summerhouse. Fun fun fun!! =D

Then I have two important birthdays to celebrate on thursday and friday (guess who?) and hopefully (if I get in touch with Hanna soon) I will go to Göteborg over the weekend and then next wednesday my cousin Louise will come here and stay the week out.

See you in a few days! ^_^

P.S. Isn't this the craziest map of the US you've ever seen? ;) Well it's not really a map, but it clearly shows the states xD

I am sailing

Here are some pics from the last week, thought you'd like to see them =)

Hanna and Kajsa in the fountain

The tiny boat we used to drag the kids around in the fountain... With the ropes we made it feel like they were sailing. The parents were incredibly proud ^^

Amanda and Johanna at the station kalled "Kim's game", where the three of us sat all day getting burned drinking milkshakes =P

This saturday we took care of Siri (my brother's daughter) all day because my brother and his bride-to-be Christine were away celebrating before the wedding which is in about a month. This pic was taken when we were down by the lake to swim, and Sara and mum are in the water while I stayed on the shore to take care of this little beauty. She was crazy about going in the water too, crawling towards it all the time. So we spent some time sitting really close to it touching the water with our fingers ;) Indeed a very warm and sweet day ^^

You're paralyzed

Today's been sooo hot, like the hottest yet this summer and probably as hot as it will ever get here in sweden. I mean, I swam behind the boat today as we went sailing, and it was only 15 degrees celsius in the water!!! That is freakin cold, I'm telling you for sure. But since the weather was about the same as in Greece, I dried in only seconds and could spend the day lying on deck in the sun with the great book I'm reading right now (read it, it's amazing) called "Regina's song". I'm reading it in Swedish though, but I'd guess the english one is good too ^^

I slept in Vivvi's cabin tonight, and it was freezing during the evening when we watched movies, so I put on a really warm pyjamas.. Stupid me =P When waking up I was sweating like hell
Anyway, when I was half-asleep last night, Vivvi and I had a silly conversation that totally made us laugh for so long =) It was in Swedish of course, but I'll translate it for you guys ;)

"Lisa, you're so lazy"
"I'm not!"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure"
"How can you be that?"
"How can you be sure you're not lazy?"
"What are we talking about?"
"We're talking about how you can be sure you're not lazy, Lisa!"
"But the cable isn't connected to the charger device..."
"Eeeeeh... " *realising I'm babbling about god knows what* "The computer..."

Heheh ^^

Now it's time to watch Poirot, eating cherries.. yum

We will remember

R.I.P Michael Jackson

He leaves many great songs behind for the world to remember him.

Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean, Black or White, The Way You Make Me Feel, Blame It On The Boogie, They Don't Care About Us, All I Do Is Think Of You, I'll Be There, I Want You Back, My Girl, Ain't No Sunshine, Rockin Robin, Heal The World, Girlfriend, Music And Me, Ben, Scream and We Are The World..

These are some of the best of his songs, in my opinion. At least all of them are worth listening to, and they're all pretty good. I remember in first grade when we always sang "We are the world" in Music class, and here's his version of it. Very very nostalgic <3

Seven rows

Hi there. Today was last day of work, which made me feel slightly sad because the people there have really been great to be with during these 11 days of work, and I'll miss some of them. Anyway, the day was just as hot as expected, and I'm totally melting right now.. After work I joined Vivvi for some shopping she had to do, and then I came home and now I think I'll sleep some because somehow I'm still superdupertired. Then I'll have Vivvi and Magdalena over for a movienight or whatever we're gonna do, and then Vivvi and (hopefully) Magdalena will sleep over. Nice

Also, my boyfriend stopped by quickly today (at work) just to say hi. Gonna see him tomorrow =)

Now, enjoy these two extremely funny covers made by "Weird Al Yankovic". They're just for fun, but somewhat weird and funny.. ^^

Heheh kinda hilerious they are, right? Old but fun xD

I'mma tell you

Good morning
I feel like I haven't uploaded any music in here in a while, so here's a nice song (I absolutely looove the chorus) that makes me think about Johanna.. I dunno if you read my blog Jo, but if you do please let me know ^^ This song is for you <3

Now - off to work in the sun (aka work on my tan) ^^ ttyl!

As sweet as candy

McFlurry with daim and chocolate sause = my day

Gosh it was hot today. Gotta be some kinda record. Or maybe it was just me, standing in the sun at work all day ^^

Let an angel swing

Hi my dear readers
I'm glad the two of you who've answered my question truly do like summer, or so it seems. Unfortunately I won't go on with the questions, because basically I can't really be bothered. It just makes me sad to know how many people are reading without commenting... SO, let's move on to cheerier stuff ^^

Yesterday I had the best day of summer break so far. I spent the day at work, but it was very sunny and me and Fredrik had a water fight which mostly was just him splashing me with water until I was dripping like I'd been swimming with clothes, while he was almost all dry. Gaaah my hair.. I'm telling you it was messy. And y'know how we've been fighting and kicking each other..? well we continued and I'll just say this; When walking home I was limping and my legs are now shifting in blue-purple. Very nice.

Then I spent the evening with Magdalena, which was cosy because I haven't seen her for so long! <3

Unfortunately today wasn't quite as fun. Well it was sunny but I have no one left to fight with since Fredrik's at the sailing school thingy this week and for the next month. So today I mostly just sat by the bracelet-station making bracelets which was incredibly lame after my very eventful yesterday xD

Then I've spent the evening today first at home having a nice dinner with my parents (this is veeery unusual, that both my sisters are away at once... never happens) and strawberries, and then I went to Fritjof and stayed til later.

I thought of something today.. I was thinking of this song I love by Five for Fighting - it's called The Riddle. I tried to realise what it's all about, but then I realised that the beauty of it is to not know. Well, it is an incredibly beautiful song. This and their other biggest song "100 years" are some of my old favvies. Go find this song on youtube because I don't have the time right now =P And think while reading it, the lyrics are great <3

There was a man back in '95
Whose heart ran out of summers
But before he died, I asked him

Wait, what's the sense in life
Come over me, Come over me

He said,

Son why you got to sing that tune
Catch a Dylan song or some eclipse of the moon
Let an angel swing and make you swoon
Then you will see... You will see

Then he said,

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

Picked up my kid from school today

Did you learn anything cause in the world today
You can't live in a castle far away
Now talk to me, come talk to me

He said,

Dad I'm big but we're smaller than small
In the scheme of things, well we're nothing at all
Still every mother's child sings a lonely song
So play with me, come play with me

And Hey Dad
Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

I said,

Son for all I've told you
When you get right down to the
Reason for the world...
Who am I?

There are secrets that we still have left to find
There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
There are answers we're not wise enough to see

He said... You looking for a clue I Love You free...

The batter swings and the summer flies
As I look into my angel's eyes
A song plays on while the moon is hiding over me
Something comes over me

I guess we're big and I guess we're small
If you think about it man you know we got it all
Cause we're all we got on this bouncing ball
And I love you free
I love you freely

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

For all that you have done

Wow I've gotta officially thank you Chris and Solveig. You're like the only people to comment on my blog, and yet I know other people are reading it because they keep referring to it or talking about it. So I asked them why they don't comment, and mostly I got the answer "I dunno what to write". Hmm. be creative =P
Naah I'll help you guys. I'll start posting a question at the end of every post, just to see if that gives you something to write. You can comment anything, thoughts or answer to the question, and don't be shy! ^_^ I love getting comments =D

So the weather today is just like yesterday. Some blue skies, but mostly clouded, and then the rain far away that might come here.. Hopefully not though... =)

Well, answering your comments...
Chris I'm sorry you don't celebrate it, but Solveig I think your family might be kinda alone in the "Fira midsommar"... You are extremely Swedish for being americans, in all cathegories ^^ Have fun at the celebration next week!

And Chris, I'm glad you translated the poem ^^ Did you understand what a fjortis is? This poem is, just like you thought, about them dying one by one, in ways that surely tell you how funny fjortisar truly are. Like one is drowning because her huge jacket (they have their very special kind of jackets) got so heavy and she refused to take it off, and one is left in a bush to starve because her messy hair got stuck and she wouldn't cut it off, That kind of things.. =P

So, today's question then.. hmm.. *thinking*

What is your definition of summer? ^^


Hey, I found this poem thingy on Facebook, in a group called "Fjortisjakt" which means Fjortis hunt. So what is a fjortis, in english.. hmm. Hard to explain really. It's a kind of style which many girls in the age of 12-14 apply, and yeah it's a way of life kinda. Here are some pics of fjortisar, just to make you understand why this poem isn't really as horrible as you might think. But then again, anyone who knows swedish enough to understand this poem, should also know what a Fjortis is.. *feeling smart*

This is what you get when googling "fjortis":


Well then, you've all been warned. This is a poem called "10 små Fjortisar". Enjoy!

Skogen är snårig, terrängen är svår,
Tio små fjortisar i natten där går.
Krille har nya skor ifrån Fila,
i dem han på stigen i förväg ska kila.
Ser inte vargen och får sig en chock,
Krille blir middag åt en hungrig flock.

Lummig är skogen, där går mången myra,
Nio små fjortisar vandrar som yra.
Ringer så nallen, och snart hörs en svara,
"Hallå, det är Cilla?", men vänta nu bara.
Hon märker ej tallen som plötsligt rasa,
fjortis och nalle under trädstammen krasa.

Till skydd mot kyla går fjortisar åtta,
att värma sig nu i den mörka grotta.
Tandställning glimmar i björnens öga,
skrik och slagsmål det hjälper föga.
Tjutet hörs ända ner till strand:
"Björnen har fjortisblod på sin tand!"

Sju små fjortisar vill lyssna på Bombay,
men bandarn' är trasig så det går ej.
Mankan är teknisk så han får den fixa,
med sladdar och kablar han börjar att trixa.
Sätter så fingret på ett ställe så fel,
skakar av chocken han får utav el.

Sex små fjortisar ska supa i skogen,
det blir ju lätt så för de nobbas på krogen.
De blandar i flaskor och skakar sen om,
whiskey med pepsi, fanta med rom.
Bettan är törstig och sveper sin häxa,
alvedon och sprit blir en dödlig läxa.

Fem små fjortisar spyr och hickar,
Ronny ska fightas och övar på kickar.
Tror att han ser ett offer att sparka,
men det är en älg som stilla där snarka.
Lägger så kicken: "Kom igen jälva bög!",
Ronny stångas till en blodig hög.

Fyra små fjortisar över ån ska vada,
en liten fjortis får oväntat bada.
I stretchjeans så tajta, det går ej att simma,
fjortisen skriker på hjälp i en timma.
Från vassruggen tystnar sen plötsligt stänket,
den vattenfyllda dunjackan var det som blev sänket.

Tre små fjortisar i skogen mörk går,
snubblar så snart i ett enrisesnår.
En liten fjortis i håret snärjs fast,
men vägrar att klippa, "my hair is a must".
Hon lämnas i snåret att svälta ihjäl,
de andra kom loss, och det var ju väl.

Två små fjortisar nu fryser på heden,
så de letar bland snåren och hittar snart veden.
En liten fjortis med ciggen ska tända,
men med fjortisar och eld kan allt möjligt hända.
Lollo hon fumlar, med ciggen hon vackla,
springer sen runt som en levande fackla.

En liten fjortis nu ensam är kvar,
har tröttnat på festen och vill hem till far.
Hittar en genväg vid ett övningsfält,
där plutonen lagt minor och slagit upp tält.
Ett litet felsteg och i luften hon far,
så finns det ingen fjortis kvar.

Så. Himla. Klockren.

It's gonna be great

Glad Midsommar alla!! =D

Today's midsummer, which in Sweden is very celebrated as the top summer holiday where we eat a lot of nice food and there are a lot of traditions about picking flowers and dreaming of your true love, or other stuff that's old tradition. And also, we dance around a huge.. well it's called a Maypole in english but it's really something much more funny, we realised when we were gonna explain the holiday to Gen.. xD

We also make these rings of flowers and put on our heads (what on earth can that be called in english, I wonder..) as you can see on the pic with the dogs ^^

Then we dance around the Maypoles (pic 3, they look different from place to place), some people wearing the Swedish national costume.. Not many though =P

The typical food on Midsummer are on pic 4, things like barbeque, potatoes, herring, strawberries, cream, ice cream and other stuff.. And watermelon, and yeah basically whatever you like and it's gonna be summerish food ^^

Vila i Frid

Hi everyone, today's midsummer and it's morning. I'll just mention how totally rainy it was yesterday at work, so we spent some time hidden under the little roof we had and sent Fredrik and Gustav out in the rain to drag the boats in the fountain, because believe it or not, some kids wanted to go in the boats though it was.. well let's just say it rained a lot.

Actually, this post is for Therese Johansson Rojo. I don't think you've all heard the story, because all of my readers aren't Swedish, but it's quite a big story here at the moment. Therese was killed by some people her own age on the swedish national day (6th of june). Just a week before she was gonna turn 16 years old. The motive is said to be jealousy or something, and I think that's just the saddest thing ever. This is something that happens to adults, not girls my own age!

I hope she rests in peace, and that they will find the guilty people soon. And I also feel for her friends and family. There are a lot of people who wants to show they care, and some proof is the over 2000 comments on her last blogpost, all of them saying "Vila i Frid" (Rest in Peace). Let's just hope this kind of thing never happens again, it never should.

Here is the link to the blog her best friends have started to honour her memory and write about their thoughts and grief.

And here's her own blog, if you too would like to comment R.I.P

Rest in peace Therese.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Good morning folks
I've just had breakfast, and am about to leave for another day of work. Yesterday was what I call "a perfect day". The sun was shining all day, which was lovely and warm enough to burn your cheeks and shoulders. At the job, we were gonna change stations so I was at the station of "knowledge of boats" instead of the bracelet thingy. But it was very fun too, because while the guys I'd been with Monday and Tuesday took care of the paperwork, me and Johanna and Adam dragged the tiny boats (Optimist jolle) around in the fountain with small kids in it. =) I even got to to in it three times because some kids were too snall to go in it alone. So I spent the day doing that and gettin sun burned/tanned.

Well I have sailed them in this kinda weather too, but I can tell you it wasn't this windy in the fountain ^_^

In the afternoon Fritjof, Tessan and Chrille came to visit, and that was fun too because Chrille and Fritte did the "seven stations competition thingy" so I got to talk a lot to Tessan which I haven't done for so long, and then after work I went with Fritjof to buy some cup cakes that we ate on the way home =P

I didn't go home, instead I got straight to Laura's house where I spent some time watching her pack and eat ^^ Hehe it was actually more fun then it sounds. Tired as ever I took the train back home (met Elin and her mom and sisters on the train) and just as I was about to step inside our gate Jacob came home (my neighbour). We chatted for a while, then faught (not arguing, just physically he threw me on the ground lol) and then all our little sisters wanted us to play football with them so I let go of any thoughts of sleeping some, and instead played football til about 10 pm without getting any dinner (I forgot). It was me and Jacob (he's 15) against Anna (10), Sara (11) and Emelie (12). We surely have sisters the same age ^^

Then I took a shower and fell asleep at once =P Now I'm gonna head off to work, hoping this day will be just as much fun as yesterday <3

Your soul begins to scream

I got so scared tonight. Me and Pauline went to Max and his friends (one of them was André who I used to take acting classes with a few years ago and haven't met since, so that was fun) and watched "Strangers" which is a terrible horror movie. I kept my face hidden most of the time (to Max's amusement) to be able to drive home later. We had a lot of fun, they're all fun guys =)

Then me and Pauline were gonna drive home, and the fastest way to her house is through the forests of Ekholmsnäs... Creeepy. One of my lights suddenly stopped working, the road has no lights at all and it was completely dark. Then we drove past the grave yard (just my luck) and the church (ggiiaaahh) and then there was this huge black truck/bus standing in the road with lights on, and with my huge fear of trucks I panicked kinda and then I hyperventilated all the way to Pauline's house... All because of the scary ending of the movie with the mean guys just driving off with a little "It will be easier next time" after killing some people butally and creepy, tortured them mentally... All freakin sick...

Job today was just fun. Well, at least it was sunny, lots of more people and we kept doing macramé all day. Max and Pauline came to visit in the afternoon which was incredibly sweet of them. Big THANKS to them both <3 ^_^

Now I'm gonna sleep... *yawn*... Good night ^_^

Stay forever

I'm leaving in exactly 7 weeks, counting from today.. Aaaaaah

Luckily, today was the sunniest day of summer break (so far) and we got to sit in the sun all day just making A LOT of bracelets (my arm's all covered with them) and then Pauline and Max came and visited and we had ice cream and made Max a funny bracelet with pink stuff that he didn't like at all... It was great xD

Now I've gotta leave, Pauline's waiting. Sadly she's leaving for the summer house tomorrow, and she won't come back until after my departure :'( That is incredibly sad, I will miss her terribly <3

See you later!

New header

This is my old header, I thought it got a bit too crazy and confusing, so I've now changed into the one above =)
Hope you like it ^^

There's always something

Ok so things changed. I'm not that bored anymore because my brother and Christine and Siri just arrived =) So now I'm gonna babysit all evening ^^ Which I don't mind because there's no one as cute as Siri <3

In the park

I am extremely bored at the moment. I've spent the day making macramé in the rainy park in the middle of town. Kungsan was grey today =P


What I'm doing right now is.. yeah that's right, I have nothing to do. I'm just gonna sit here all alone (not even the dogs are at home) and wait for someone to get home. Oh, maybe I should sleep some..? Good idea

Naah, I'm gonna make myself a new header ^^ Check it out later (if I manage to finish it today)

I miss you sis, but I know you're having a great time in England :) It's just kinda empty around here without you..

Like today never happened

I'm trying to get my summer right, and this is what I've got so far. I will also see Hanna and Lisen (I really really hope so at least) and some other stuff might pop up too. And Monday week 27 I'm going to the American Embassady to get my Visa =)

I'll spend this evening at home with my family, roasting/toasting (never knew the difference between those words) marchmellows by our indoors fireplace ^^ Cosy

In the meantime, I'm giving you this song to listen to. It's randomly selected as the song I happened to listen to at the moment I am writing this. I also like this music video quite a bit, though I've seen one that was even better with other parts than just the man running against everyone. This other video also had clips of a man who had almost drowned and his friends were trying to save him (move, show that you're still alive), a teenager guy who just listened to his parents fighting without doing anything just sitting there, and two teenagers in love with their hands just an inch away and no one was taking the step and taking the other one's hand. I thought those scenes made good sense to the text.
Well, Enjoy ^^

Call me a saint

Sleepy time ^^

This is a part of one of my favourite movies (My Girl), one of the saddest scenes in the history of movies, according to moi. Pay it Forward, My Girl, The fox and the hound, Sisterhood of the Traveling pants... those are movies I can't help but cry when I watch (A)

If you have never called someone as a joke, you mustn't read this part if you don't want to:
I hate it when someone calls and pretends to be someone you know. I've had so many stupid calls during middle school with people asking weird stuff and pretending, and tonight someone kept calling me and pretended to be someone they're not. Just ask yourself - what are we doing? Get a life.

Now, time to sleep (soon) because tomorrow I'm.. gonna take a sleepin and then see Fritjof <3

Before I put on my makeup

Just got home from leaving Elsa on the airport. She's gonna have so much fun in England, I'm sure. I kinda envy her, but still I've got a big journey ahead of me as well.. =O

I got a request from Cornelia about the photos from the picnic, and I'll put up all the ones I've got =) But I didn't take that many so you'll have to bug the other girls - who actually brought real cameras - about it ^^

Cornelia was.. awake xD

Laura and Cornelia

Elin in the sun

Linn =)

Who is this monster? ^^ Hahaha cutie

Lovely ones

Sofia joined after a while, and as you can see the weather got kinda colder when we had been there for a while...

...and when it seemed to be rain coming any minute, we left (Laura brought this cosy coat) =P

That is all. Now I'll go have dinner, schweet <3

Darkest hour

I heard this really scary thing today. You all know about that flight that went from Brasil and crashed on the way across the Atlantic Ocean, and it disappeared for a while and stuff..? I heard there was an old lady who missed that plane though she intended to go with it, and so it was her lucky day, huh? Well what I heard today is that three weeks later she got killed in a car accident. Does this remind you of a certain movie? Surely it occurs to me that.. you'll the trailer...

Do you see the connection now? It's creepy that's what it is.

I'm really in the mood of horror movies, but still I managed to stop Otto from starting "The Shining" at Fritjof's place. I met some really nice people there, inkluding Evelina who lives almost next to me, Isolde, Otto and Mikael =) Nice people.
We watched some movies (I really wish I'd brought Grogg or Life of Brian because I was totally in that kinda mood lol) and played Guitar Hero and talked a lot. Fun it was ^^

Now I'm headed to bed, because I'm getting up early tomorrow to follow Elsa to the airport because (believe it or not) my baby sister is going abroad - to England - for three weeks!!! GOOD LUCK HONEY, I'LL MISS YOU <3

Also, I want to Congratulate (tecnically it was yesterday but what the hell) Linn on her 17th birthday =)

Sweet dreams

From across a distant shore

I felt like putting up some pictures of places I love, and this is the result.




Dartmore - England

Naxos - Greece

Stora Nassa


Cêsky Krumlov - Tjeckien

And last but not least

Now I'm headed to Fritjof to watch a movie with some of his friends. Just gotta stop by Willys on the way and buy some crisps or something =) See you later!

A thousand rivers running past my door

Today is a totally rainy day. I'm spending it inside with my computer as company, pathetically.

Don't have much to write, except some sad feelings for my oldest girlfriend who just told me she recently found out that the pains in her back that she's been having for a few years is because she's got "Tietzes syndrom"... Poor love I hope she's doing ok.. Some electronic hugs sent to her *huuuugs*

Swedish part:
För att citera en klockren låttext från min barndom, av Lasse Åberg...:

"I England när dom får en skur
så tror dom att det regnar djur
`It´s raining cats and dogs, oh dear´
fast väldigt få djur faller ner
och enligt våra svenska rön
så regnar det ju faktiskt spön".

It's true, there have been rivers on the streets outside my house today.. Well I'll go get some lunch, have a nice (wet) day <3

Seas would rise when I gave the word

This REALLY FREAKY thing just happened. After Sandhamn today, me and Elin went to Linn to "celebrate her birthday" which is really tomorrow but we made dinner and unofficially celebrated it. Then we watched a movie - Dirty Dancing - and the first thing I see when I'm about to log on to is this:

Talk about coincidence!!!!

Sandhamn was great with beautiful weather. The others took most of the photos, but I haven't recieved those yet so I'll just post some of my own here =) Enjoy

You cuties ^^ <3

I don't have any more pics of people, but as I said many pics were taken by the others and I'm getting every single one of them! =D So more will show up later, for sure. Anyway, it was a lovely day in the sun ^_^

I ain't more than a minute away from walking

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I didn't get home until halv past 12 and then my dogs wanted me to take them out. And then take them out again halv an hour later. You try sleeping with your dogs going all "ooruff" just ourside your bedroom door... Not happening.

So, yesterday was speechday (=skolavslutning, never knew that was the translation of it, hehe). The weather was pathetic, but we managed to have fun anyway. During the day we played this really boring game about "what's the right thing to do in this situation"... bluah.... Then the girls went to Laura's house and we made chocolateballs and watched Desperate Housewives Season 1. It was kinda fun actually to see it from the beginning, though I haven't seen the current parts of season 4 (or 5 is it?)

Then after I got my grades translated to english to send to Hurricane High, then the cermoni in school at 6 pm, the gang of girls went to have pizza and it was very nice indeed. Then we all joined to Elin's house to have strawberries and ice cream (swedish tradition once summer begins) and continue watching season 1. Or actually, we started all over and just hade time to watch as much as I'd seen the same afternoon ^^

Tired as ever, I fell asleep there in Elin's armchair... Then got up at ten past midnight and left with Linn, luckily I had my scooter and didn't have to walk to the bus station. Would have fallen asleep on the bus for sure. But driving in the wind is good, I don't understand how people can truly be sleepy when driving, it's such a thrill.

Today - today is the day - we're going to SANDHAMN =D Wiiie
Short info for those who aren't familiar with what that is...: Sandhamn is an island out in the swedish "World of islands" aka archipelago. What you really should do there is swim in the sea, but it's waaaaaay to cold outside still and out there it's probably freezing. So I don't really know what we're gonna do, but I'll go along anyway and just be with my friends *feeling a little melankolic when thinking about how this may be the last time we're all together (except Ida who isn't coming sadly) before I leave for the US*

I will put up some pics of the archipelago later, have a nice day =)

I still love you the same

The math test today went just fine, and I got my final grade for this term (MVG in math B which was a real surprise). So I now have 100 % mvg's!!! I know that sounds awful to say, but I'm just so incredibly happy about it =D

Then I joined Laura to her house where Sofia and Keena arrived later, and we all watched Desperate Housewives season 3, the first two episodes or something.. It was actually quite ok, though I usually don't watch the series.

After the final jujutsu lesson for a year (sadly, it's been great), I went to my boyfriend and stayed there til halv an hour ago when I had to go home and get some sleep before tomorrow, because it's the end of the schoolyear, with the entire cermony and stuff. But during the day we're only having a picnic, then official stuff is in the evening (weird and not like it's usually). Hopefully we won't have too much rain =)

Though it was nice being with my love, I'm now deathly tired from all the early mornings.. Tomorrow I'll get up and go to Elin to have breakfast with her and the girls before we go back to school for the last time as a class, all of us. I'm leaving.

I'll be fine.

Sweet dreams people, and also.. it worked out with my summer job, I got it and I've got the information about the following two weeks ^^ I'll tell you more later, right now I'm happy (good grades), tired (can't go to sleep at the right time) and all other things ^^

Sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite xD

P.S. I know Frijtof wanted this, for something to read in the eveings, but you'll have to live with what you've got even though it's short and blurry... I'm so tired I might have said stuff twice... =P Good night

Your poems

This poem/lyrics from Shinedown's song "The dream" is very nice I think. I like it quite a bit, but it's even better when read aloud. Try to imagine it, I couldn't find it on youtube =) It's available on Spotify though.

Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys
Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy
From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately
So I suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe
Time your riddles right, and make a point that has no sense
Make sure that you're smiling, and the money's been well spent
Innocence and ignorance, it all goes hand in hand
I'm not sure that I'm right, but I hope you'll understand
I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end
And all the plastic people have now become your friends
Before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream
I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream.

Other really cute poems are these two. I got them today, and I almost cried when these people wrote them to me <3

When the night falls down on your face know that you'll be on my mind
The heart that beats within this chest beats together with yours
When you feel down I'll be there to hold you in my arms
All that you feel, think or say, I'll be by you
Standing in the rain so you won't be wet alone
When your knight in shining armour fails to show
count on me I'll light your glow
When you go away I'll go with you, nothing can stop me, nothing can make me dwell
So in conclusion:
When you're feeling down turn to the Cat in the hat!

By Ida <3

To my beloved friend Liz

Are we friends or are we not? You told me once but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true, so I can say I'm here for you.
Of all the friends I've ever met, you're the one I won't forget.
And if I die before you do, I'll go to heaven and wait for you.

By Sofia  <3

My little angel

Seriously, shouldn't it be punishable to be this incredibly cute? Adorable little girl, you're forever my own little Siri <3 Or really you're Gustav and Christine's, but whatever. We both know you truly belong to me ^_^ Love

Still here to explain

A picture says more than thousand words. Even if it's a blackandwhite one ^_^

Pauline, thanks for being there for me whenever I need you <3


I'm about to head to Pauline and have some girl time with her <3 Just having some ice cream before, to make sure I survive after the french lesson that was spent eating cakes and drinking lemonade ^^ Heheh

Today I've basically just had grading talks with my teachers in different subjects. In Biology and Swedish and French I got MVG, and then my social science teacher scared the hell out of me.. I've had MVG on everything we've done through this year, and what he said was "Well, your results are enough for VG." Luckily he was only kidding, I was like "eeeeh ooh.." (aka WTF?!) But then he said I was the easiest person to grade this year, aka the one with the strongest MVG =D Wiiee Happi Lisa ^^ I know I'm showing off, but can't help it. I'm so happy!!
In case you don't know about it, the swedish grading system goes like this:  G - VG - MVG  =)

Then my cute boyfriend followed me to my scooter (poor him, he's got an hour of social science left today) and I got home about 20 min ago.

Gotta finish my ice cream and get going. Love

Doom on Tuesday

Aritmetisk talserie:


Geometrisk talserie:



I'm doomed. Tuesday, kill me slowly, math is taking over my day =S   Fibonacci is on my list ^^

And I

Anyone else looking forward to thiiiiis like crazy?!  xD I know Laura does, and Cornelia, and Agnes, and Solveig... hahah ^^

It's gonna be okay

OK so I knooow I have a lot of dance in the posts these days, but it's just because I keep finding clips from the show and I want to be kind to the people who for some reason couldn't be there to see it live, by putting them on my blog where people who want to can see them =)

So here are - for anyone who still wants to see some - some more videos from the show. Enjoy! ^^

The teachers dancing "Remix - girls vs boys of the 90s" Hahah


Self Inflicted - Special Force


Shoreline - Special Force


The Question of U - Mini force (aka the Pyjamas dance) ^^

I just chatted with Veronika from my language trip three years ago!! She's going to the US too, and it's so much fun to start talking to people you've lost contact with just to realise you still have things in common =)

AND, I found this old poem of mine.. I have no idea how old it is, but I'm sure it's at least ten years old. Haha soo cute ^^ It's in swedish though, hope you don't mind.

Allt som är gott
allt som är flott
Alltid är det nåt
Allt som är bra
det vill jag ha
Annars mår jag inte bra
Grönsaker nej
Pannkakor till mig
Det är min grej

Translated it's kinda like this:

Everything that's tasty
Everything that's flashy
There's always something
Everything that's good
I want it
Or I won't be feeling good
Vegetables no
Pancakes for me
That's my kinda thing

hahahah cute cute =P Sweet dreams

Girlfriends kick ass

Hi, I hope you noticed and like my new header. It's kinda like the old one, but still different. Same but different ^^ I have a million pics I'd like to put up there, along with thousands of own poems and quotes that means a lot ot me. But there's just not enough room for it all. There are also some people I'd like to have most pics of to put there, like Laura for example, but I haven't got a single photo of her and me. Shame on us, that photo needs to be taken within the next two months!!! =D

Yet, there's nothing stopping me from putting up a few quotes and stuff here in this post =P
Read, react, reflect and comment =)

"Hope is like a rollercoaster. It goes up and down, and sometimes it even feels like you're gonna lose it. But you always get back on track."

"Life with fake friends is like water, transparent. Life without friends is like juice, sour. Life with one good friend is like beer, addictive. A life full of friends is like hot chocolate. It warms your heart and stomach."

"True friends share the same interests, even if you don't think it's interesting, just because your friend does."

These are some quotes I've said, so they are made up by myself in random moments. Are they worth quoting? I like the first one quite a bit, and the reason I've still got them written down is because my friend saved the advice I was giving her and sent it to me later ^^ these are just a few of the wise things I've said heheh =P

Also, I wrote this poem not long ago to Vivvi.

Just stay still for a moment or two

Freeze the picture, remember

Better friends were never seen

Forever from that late December

You light up my sky like the shining stars

No wonder I always depend on you

You never stop caring and I always know

This is the meaning of"friendship is true"

Never has someone been there like you

A sister right from the start

Hard to find words that are strong enough

Your name is carved in my heart

Friendship is something I value above most other things, and so therefore this post is dedicated to my lovely girlfriends who are always there for me. Some to hug, some to talk to, some to laugh with and some who are just good at listening. Just to mention a few...
Vivvi, Tessan, Laura, Pauline, Magdalena, Elin, Sofia, Ida, Agnes, Keena, Linn, Hanna, Lisen, Gen, Hanna, Sara, Nicole, Rachie, Roey, Solveig, Pernilla, Marie, Emma, Hedvig Frida, Thildan... All of you who light up my days or have done so at some moment <3 Thank you ^_^

Wish upon a star

Fantazise on the track

Just got home from Laura's house. After the jujutsu thingy yesterday, and then the picnic (it turned out pretty nice, there was some sun at least) the girls came to my house and we watched "The sisterhood of the traveling pants" which was fun. Then when the others had left I joined Laura to her house and had a sleepover. Sweet =)

The we spent the day studying math. Laura was all hyper, "let's do this, we can do this, c'mon", while I was mostly "I HATE math, I can't do this, aaaah" ^^ heheh we all have our dark moments ;)

I know some people asked for more videos of me dancing, and here's one that I just found. It's from the show last weekend, and it's my group dancing Starstruck by Lady Gaga. I'm on the left side (seen from the audience). Second row, second person. Long white tank top and a black cap. I hope you'll find me in this mess of dancers =D

The awsome dance is coreographed by Celina Ryden and preformed on the Vasa Theater.

Student 09

Good morning world,
Finally I got to sleep longer, until 9.45 actually. Today I'm going to Bosön to get my new belt for jujutsu, and then I'm meeting my friends for a picknick (if the weather allows it) or we'll do something else. Watch a movie perhaps? I'll see..

Yesterday the third years graduated, and it was fun but I feel sorry for them. It was raining A LOT. Still, they had their traditional lorry platforms (lastbilsflak) where they stand with balloons and beer all over them and lol that's funny to watch.
For the readers who don't know that much about Swedish graduation tradition, here are a few pics to give you the idea of it...

Glada studenterGlada studenterUtspringUtspringUtspringSkolgården fylls med studentfordonStudentavslutning på Hersby gymnasium

Wow do I envy them or what? That looks awsome, I can't wait til I graduate (it's three years away but still) ^^

Have a nice day everyone <3

All the riches don't mean anything

Good morning, I'm up early - waaaay too early - because my parents forced me to get up and have breakfast with them at 7 am O.o   I was supposed to get a sleepin!!! Gaaah now I'm awake (I can rarely go back to sleep once I've been out of bed) yet tired still. I thought I'd be gaining some hours of sleep now after my weeks of tiredness... But nope

I can't believe how nervour and excited the third years must be now... HIHI I wanna graduate too!! =D

I got these questions/thoughts from Solveig's FB, thought I'd answer them here just for fun =)

Do you think that light blue is a childish color?
Nope, it's the colour of the sky and the sky is for everyone

What should you do if you are a cashier, swiping someone's credit card, and when you ask for their ID, you notice that it is not theirs at all?
Not their card? I'd probably just stand there, slightly surprised, then say something like "Eeh sorry but there's gotta be some mistake here sir.."

Would you ever consider having purple curtains?
I'd love to get light purple curtains, they're cute

Do you think it's weird to visit your ex-boy/girlfriend's dad/mom, just to say hi?
That depends on how serious your relaionship was and how well you know the parents, and also in which way you broke up

Why are the political animals an elephant and a donkey? Don't you think that's kind of random and weird?
Finally someone american who realises it's silly really. We don't have those animals as symbols, so I don't really get it.. why are they there??

Why do you think 13 became known as an unlucky number?
I think something horrible must have happened on friday the 13th sometime way back... I guess

Why does Hawaiian pizza always have Canadian bacon on it?
Never actually thought of it because.. Guess it's because Hawaiian pizza is exotic, and Canada is far away (exotic) for people like me ^^

Do you think there should even be such a thing as fruitless pear trees? How did those even come into being?
They're probably just having a hard year, give them a break will ya

Is John Lennon's song "Imagine" about love, or communism?
Interesting thought.. I've always thought it's about love in a "love your fellow humans-way" but true very true.. hm..

Why are Converse so popular?
They are comfy, good-looking and come in a colour for every person.. so they are kinda personal and yet you're part of the gang =P People like that

How come Grape Nuts cereal doesn't have any grapes or any nuts in it?
What the **** is Grape Nuts ceceal?? haha sounds tasty

Is there anything wrong with a young adult waving and shouting out (nice) things to random strangers? Or any person of any age, for that matter?
That is fun to do, I love talking to random people because they always look so surprised xD

Why on earth can't I receive music on my phone from my Bluetooth?
Try IR instead =P Or a cable to connect the phone

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Hmm I feel uneducated not knowing who that is...

Can you ever be too old for a food fight, a pillow fight, or a mud fight?
Consider mud fights on for everyone =)

Do you think it's possible that we all see different colors, but think they're the same because we've all been raised by having it pointed out as one thing? Like maybe what I see as blue, you see as what I see as yellow, but we've both been taught that it's maybe my blue is your yellow and your yellow is my blue?
I've had that thought too.. It's random and it just gets you into deep thinking that results in nothing.. But it's a facinating thought, I know...

Why do yellow roses seem to be by far the best-growing variety in Southern Utah, or at least Apple Valley?
Yellow roses stands for friendship, so maybe you're all very kind over there =D

Don't wanna be an american idiot

For anyone who's curious about my year abroad 09/10 (I bet Solveig is), here's some facts about what happens next:

DS2019 has arrived, the paper I need to get a Visa.
I've arranged a meeting at the ambassady to get it, in the middle of June I think.
My two friends who are going abroad too have started their very own blogs about their years;
Hedvig and Linda

I will keep updating about stuff that happens, and in the meantime... Only two months left now!!  Gaah so exciting yet scary...

Write more soon, love

I dare you to move

First, a mistake needs to be corrected. It's today that's Solveig's nameday, not last week ^^ Sry, my bad. Now you get a new chance to celebrate it though!

Second, I'm gonna stay up late tonight, and it's ok because I'm off school tomorrow due to the third years graduating!!! Wiiie gratulations to them (not that I know that many third years, but I can always gratulate.. Fredrik for example) Congrats to gradulating! I'm gonna go with my friends to watch them run out of school for the last time, tradition and all.. hehe

Third, I recently got home from jujutsu and I MADE IT =D I got the yellow belt, next level, better than before.... and I've just been practising for about 10 weeks, at all! Isn't that kinda well done? (A)

My new bible haha ^^

Fourth, I'm gonna get a long sleepin tomorrow, which I truly deserve. Then I'll meet up with my boyfriend, watch the third years thingy and then be with him =)

Fifth, I'm tired and considering getting some unhealthy food and a good movie ^^ Sweet dreams <3

Weeping willow

Hello there
I've spent then afternoon with math. Sometimes you've just gotta do it, and I thought I'd better get rid of it. I didn't exactly finish it, but at least I did some =)

Then I watched some clips on youtube, for example pieces of one of my favourite movies, "My girl". It's an incredible cute movie about friendship, family, fear of death and capability to live, and also about love and losing people you love and still move on... It's wonderful. The main character, Vada, is 11 years old and writes this poem after she's lost a very important person in her life.. I sob when reading this poem, cause it's so sweet and sad. Or maybe it's just because I've seen the movie with its heartbreaking scenes...

Weeping willow with your tears running down, why do you always weep and frown?
Is it because he left you one day?
is it because he could not stay?
On your branches he would swing, do you long for the happiness that day would bring?
he found shelter in your shade. You thought his laughter would never fade.
Weeping willow, stop your tears.
There is something to calm you fears.
You think death has ripped you forever apart.
But I know he'll always be in your heart

Tonight I have my jujutsu test thing, but I think I'm gonna do just fine. Just gotta remember the japanese words ^_^
Then I can finally beat Max. Or maybe not. Or maybe at the moment since he's got hurt in karate.. hmm =P hahah

Have a nice evening people <3

You know you want it

My group and another one dancing a really creepy dance, we're acting as mentally ill nightmares, kinda ^^ Enjoy!!

You'll find a way - Commerical Street F & F/M

I loved you first

I have the most wonderful dogs ever, the little one is asleep in my bed at the moment and has been doing so the entire afternoon <3 I dunno how I'm gonna manage without them for a whole year, they are both my dear sweet cute wonderful personalities that I love more than possible. My sis takes a lot of photos of them, so I thought I'd post some here. Love

Your Lullabys

I've finally got stuck in using Spotify after my Cutie decided to get it for me (I've protested and used youtube til now) and right now I'm falling asleep to the sweet sounds of "Crow and the Butterfly" which is such a sweet song.. aaw <3

Love ^^

Dance Dance Dance

Why am I up this late? I thought I was going to bed early tonight?! Well, to my defence... I did sleep two hours after dinner =)

I found these videos from the show, they're much better than the facebook versions. I'll upload these too (there can never be too many dance videos hehe) in case someone wants to watch. Enjoy!

Oh and randomly I found this old dance too ^^ I remember watching it about a year ago or so, it's great =)

Ok, enough dancing for a while now.. teehee ^^^
Sweet dreams<3

You'll remember me

Oh my god, guess what I just found?!?! This awsome clip of my newest friend Keena singing, she's totally awsome!!! She can truly sing, and I just randomly found her on Youtube!! Wow.. You've gotta hear this!

Here are two other covers by her:
Fix you - Coldplay
Fields of gold - Sting


Baby I'm a superstar

I just spent some time using the lawn cutter in the garden... But before that I slept some (I think I'm getting sick because I'm not feeling very well at all) after spending the afternoon with Fritjof ^^ Today school's been mostly just listening to presentations and then we watched Harry Potter 1 in english class. Tomorrow we're gonna start watching Twilight! =) Guess our teacher doesn't have much else for us to do than watching movies. We could go outside in the EXTREMELY NICE WEATHER that's been going on since friday... This morning it was almost 30 degrees celsius!!! But rain's coming. Both the news papers and my head are telling me so. I get such a head ache when there's bad weather coming up.. isch

Rebecka's been putting these lovely clips from the show on facebook, so go check them out! I dunno if anyone can watch them or if you have to be friends with her, but it's worth a try.

Circus - Minivibe, Ultimate vibe and Feminine vibe (my favvie dance of this show) 

Pokerface - Minivibe 

Love game - Feminine vibe

Go girl - Ultimate vibe 

Untouched - Ultimate vibe

There are also a lot of nice pics from almost all of my dances =) And here are some good old stuff from the show last winter....

Pretty boy - Feminine vibe

When I grow up - Mini vibe (not the best quality but still an awsome dance)

Just dance - SAM3

All the dances with Mini vibe, Ultimate vibe and Feminine vibe were choreographed by my fantastic dance teacher Celina Rydén =)

Now I'm gonna finish the reading for Biology for tomorrow, then I might go to sleep. Oh look, it's 21.21! Good night sweeties ¨<3

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