Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer...

Official Summerbreak starts NOW :D

Du ska inte tro det blir Sommar

Feels like summer break already though I have a whole other week of school left. But I have just been spending the past few days really happy and in the sun and life is just great.

I wrote a song for you

I love you

Solveig Britta Rundquist - Hurry up and join the party, come here sooon!!! :D <3

Start of Something New

I can't sleep. Today's been both great and slow, but overall been a good day. Won my Final Debate in Speech B class which was an energy boost for the rest of the day ^^ Then got the Physics Final back with a vg (equivelent to a B) so that lowers my grade there to a B which kinda sucks because I have gotten A's on several things during the year in Physics. But well we shall see :P
I am also having a slightly huge panic attack concerning the Senior Project that's coming up. On Thuesday I have to have the whole plan thingy handed in, and I don't even know what to do yet!! I need something that takes all fall, that can develop during it's time being done, that includes making choices, that has something to do with Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and that I will endure for a year ;)

What is currently keeping me from sleeping is none of these issues though, but rather the fact that Trevor is now on his flight from Chicago to Stockholm! ^^ So soon he will be here! :D Gotta sleep so I can get up and be at the airport when he lands early tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see him again <3

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