Let you blow my mind

Thanks for today Soso. Nice seeing you again and woowh to the hair! Nice :D

And did you know I held a speech to you in school yesterday? It was an assignment but I'm gonna have to hold it for you some time because it made me smile :)
And THAT (above) is an OLD picture of us heheh

You think that you know me, know me

So, my bf started a new job yesterday. Now I sit here bored because he is working for another 2 hours so I don't know what to do. So I am going to do one of those games that are for bored people late at night.

Things you didn't know about me:
1. I cry during almost every movie I watch, but I've gotten really good at hiding it. The Fox and the Hound makes me sob if I even think of it.
2. I used to love tuna, but then I saw this movie in school about how they fish for tuna, and I decided to not like it anymore. Now I don't dare try it again.
3. In 3rd grade I told a friend I was allergic to tomatoes because I didn't like them. She then told her mom, who felt bad for me since I was then surely also allergic to strawberries. Fail on my part.
4. I cried the day I started 5th grade because I didn't get a letter to Hogwarts (who didn't tho??)
5. I can never drink twice from the same side of the glass, so I have to turn it slightly every time I drink.
6. In elementary school I used to dress in one color every day. Whole outfit was in a synchronized color, down to the socks and shoes.
7. I took jujitsu classes for a year and I thought I would be able to defeat most of my friends after that. Me ego got to me and now I can't even told back my 3-year-old niece.
8. In middle school I could never eat a sandwich unless I first ate the edges all the way around it.
9. I didn't get asked to the Homecoming dance in High school and still I had the best time in forever with my girlies.
10. I randomly get inspiration and cut my hair. That way I get to be creative, instead of a hair dresser having all the fun.
11. My biggest fear is being lonely. If I have nothing to do and no one to talk to, I feel so lost.
12. At my parents' wedding I walked up to the front and ate the decorative flowers while the priest was talking. It was my first birthday and no body paid any attention to me, what was I supposed to do??
13. When really sad things happen I hide out, eat chocolate ice cream and watch Legally Blonde three times in a row. Just like I'm in a chick flick movie.
14. I fear foods I haven't tried and say I don't like them before I even tried. Then I always have to take it back because I like almost everything.
15. If you want me to do something for you - the puppy eyes ALWAYS work.
Hope you learned something new! And if not... what creepy stalker are you really? :P


Just thought I'd update a little.. What's exciting?
1. I graduate in less than two weeks!!!
2. It's been sunny for a whole week!
3. American friends are arriving in little over one week!
4. Solveig's off to see her far off relatives in Sweden this weekend, excited to hear about that tuesday!
5. It's Erik's 19th birthday! Congraaaaatzzz!!! If you're nice there might be cake ;)
6. Trevor starts his new job tomorrow. Full time :P
7. I got a new bikini!
8. We got a new flower for our windowsill.
Lovehugzz :D

Ya baya ein el hawa

Emelie, Solveig, me and Louise from the Bellydance show last night, as well as a pic of the whole group. I'm on the far left (viewer's perspective) in yellow...
Trevor filmed it too so I hope to get that up here sometime soon. But these are it for now :)

Who is hiding when the sun is out

Masquerade Graduation Party! Yes it was fun to dress up xD so here are more pics from the actual party...
Louise and I
Axel, Louise, me and Gustav
...and a bunch of people ;)

Let's play dressup

Went to a fun graduation party last night. Wasn't much at first, but I think we got the dance floor going pretty well and I ended up having a blast. Best of all - it was a masquerade :D
Thanks Louise, Axel and Gustav for a great time :)

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