Suddenly I remember...

...why I like summer so much. It never gets dark. This time of year it does. Ugh.

Ne m'oubliez pas

Funkykidz all day - now taking a break from that for two weeks - followed by going bowling with my sister. Fun fun and while I did totally and utterly suck at first I did manage to get two strikes in the 5th set xP Hah!
Mostly - this is how I bowl ^^

Absolutely adorable video to a very cute song :)

Sometimes it lasts

FINALLY my belly dance skirts are here!! One blue, one pink, and yes they make lots of jingly little noises ;) Woop woop!

First day of Fall Break is here :D Went on a long walk with mom and the dogs, and got more pics of the beauty of fall.
Beautiful huh? :) October is beautiful.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

I love you two

isn't she lovely isn't she wonderful

Big congrats to my dear Sabi who got married Saturday!! Aww I just loove the pics and adorable little Abby is just.. adorable! <3
I miss you! Can't wait to see you in only 2 months!

After a great weekend, yesterday was just a mess. Everything that can go wrong in a day went wrong, and then some more went wrong, and then I couldn't sleep and mostly the whole day was just like a big joke :P

Today was better, and after school I decided to go shopping. Not too fond of shopping solo, but I found what I needed and got it too :) Here's a pic of the ones I bought for using right now :P
Best part of the day is knowing tomorrow I don't start school till 2.45 pm ;)

That would belong to Louise

Finally I have some pictures of me an Louise, and this inspired me to write a appreciation post about this wonderful girl. My first day in my new class junior year, back from Utah and totally disoriented among all the new people, Louise grabbed my arm, said "you're Lisa right? I'm Louise" and ever since I have adored this girl.
She has this way of knowing exactly what I am thinking. She understands the weirdest things that I can't even explain really. She can read all my signals and knows exactly what would be best to do. She has a wonderful sense of humor that makes us laugh at the strangest things. She doesn't judge me when I get excited about something because I was with her outside John Lennon's house and have seen worse ;). She is there for me every day in school. She always makes me feel like I am special and worth something. She picks me first. She gives me chocolate when I am sad. She tells me I'm pretty. She listens to me and really hears what I have to say. She yells at me when I get whiny. She makes really tasty chocolate cakes. She is curious and willing to try completely random things. She was the first person I drove to when I got my license, and she screamed more than I had and made my day. She is completely honest with me. She gives me a hug when I need it but don't say it.


Finally here are pics from the trip to Liverpool and Wales!!
...second part - Liverpool!

Longest town name ever!
Our bus! And Gustav in front
Pretty awesome tour guide

Church where Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met!
Strawberry Fields Gate
Can you read it?
John Lennon's childhood home
Penny Lane!!

Thanks for the awesome trip :D


Finally here are pics from the trip to Liverpool and Wales!!

Travel pics

Hiking Snowdonia National Park

<3 Louise

We all live in a yellow submarine

I just watched a tv program about a group of boys who had run away from Colorado City on the border between Utah and Arizona. They grew up in the cult-religion of FLDS (Fundamentalistic Mormons) and realised it was no way to live under all the restrictions, threats and abuse. So they ran away, stayed in St George and tried to rescue their sisters and mothers as well. They managed to get their 14yearold sister out of there right before she was to be married off to some old guy.. I know it's a religion and I know all religions should be respected but it's just so sick. Some of the old men living in that community have up to 70 wives. 70! Imagine the amount of children if every woman has around 10 of them!

And what is just as crazy is that I lived for a year just about 10 min from this place. I find that all people should have the right to practise whatever religion they want. I do not at all agree with this kind of sect behavior that Warren Jeffs is putting these people through. It is just sad to see what terrible lives await them as they grow up there, and how little they know about the world. THey have no books, no movies, no music except choir singing. One of the boys who had left talked about school and how they had learned about the european wars and how Bill Clinton slaughtered all the little kids.. Do you mean Hitler? ....Oh yeah... O.ô

Beauty in all she is

Just love this video, so beautiful! And the song is very pretty too ^^ Worth watching for sure.
And serioysly - who is not a LITTLE excited for Breaking Dawn? ;P

I set fire to the rain

After a day filled with Chemistry, Physics and Dentist appointment... A rainstorm hit. Luckily, I got to spend all afternoon indoors. Studied a bit but mostly tried out my new watercolor pencils :) Don't judge me, it's been a while! ^^
Sunday was fantasticly busy but fun too. 7yearolds that meet a big bear can be quite the thing to handle ;)

And finally - for good old times :D Found when going through stuff.. Me and Gen <3

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

I'll put up pics from the Liverpool & Wales trip as soon as I get them from Louise's camera :)
These are from my phone's camera..
The awesomest of friends who made it an awesome trip :D

it's not the leaving of liverpool

I'm off on adventure! Back in a week :D Snowdonia, Wales, Liverpool... here I come!

a color, a feeling, a thought

Guess I'm in a poetry mood today ;) Maybe Laura inspired me with her compliments..

So intense, one long look

colored eyes so focused

don’t see the nearby world

lost in thought I assume


Could I stop the time now

paint a picture of you

forever save that look

one moment that I held

But what is one long look

without the soul behind

What beauty in the eyes

that look but do not see

No matter how twisted

no painting can evoke

innocence of color

distinguished by a thought

© Lisa Malmer

I miss you the most of all when automn leaves start to fall

New Season, New Header, New colors. What do you think?
This is a random yet pretty song :) I like it :P Old and black&white and stuff but still.. I like it :) Give it a chance.

Don't know where it goes but it's home to me

After a day full of cakes and relatives (celebrating my sisters' birthdays which are one week ago and one week from today) Elsa, Sara and I got stuck in a photo shoot ;) Fun fun :P Here are some of the results - as well as my new hair color! As usual - click on the first two to see the whole pic...
Pics are all taken by Elsa and some are edited by her too. Enjoy :)

Here's the yin yang cake I made for my sisters ;) Blueberry cream for Elsa turning 17 next week and Raspberry cream for Sara who turned 14 last week. Yum?

I find it funny how I woke up today and before I said something I thought "It's October 1st today. If I say "white bunny" before I say anything else today, it will be a lucky month (I was tricked into believeing this a few years ago..). I thought about it for a little bit, then fell back asleep. Just barely remembered it. Why on earth didn't I just say white bunny instead of thinking it?? I am weird.

I'm Nuts

Change of hair color again, gone nuts this time ;) Apparently this is supposed to be "nut brown" but I feel more like 70%dark chocolate :P I do like it though, feels very fall appropriate and fresh and nice :)
Hopefully I can have a pic of my new look up here soon :P

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