Have a holly jolly Christmas

Sara and the Gingerbread House of Malmer design :)
Quick recap of the last preparations...
Monday: Last Drama class of the year. Excited to keep the play going next semester!
Tuesday: School 10-12 then went with Louise and got Christmas yummies, sat down to exchange gifts and made Christmas cards all afternoon.
Wednesday: Christmas Ceremony at school, then off on break! I started it by going home and cleaning the entire day. Erik stopped by to drop of my films, but besides that I was busy cleaning and decorating the christmas tree all day!
Thursday: Got everything in place for the Little Christmas we have with my brothers and their families. My nieces were adorable, all three of them, and the food was great and it was all wonderful till I had to go work at 4. But now I'm off work till I get back from the break :)
Today, Friday: Got the last presents in the mail so I can now wrap them up and be excited!
Now I just hope I've been good enough to get some presents tomorrow! :D Merry Christmas Everyone!


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