I'm the kind girl that would love to be yours

I can't believe I leave for Utah in a week. Next Sunday I will spend the whole day on a plane and then at 6ish pm I will land in Las Vegas to meet Laura and Trevor, and though I feel sad about missing out on traditional stuff back home I will have the best time possible and I know it's cheesy and stuff to go on and on about it but I am so excited to see my love again because it's been way too long since I hugged him last. Today I get to be the cute silly teenage girl who is so in love it makes her smile at everyone and walk around humming sweet songs all day. Today I get to be the girl who feels pretty in baggy jeans and no makeup, the girl who knows she is loved and the girl who can't wait to be a few thousand miles closer to her boyfriend. I love being this girl and though I try to keep her somewhat contained most of the time because I don't want people to start puking rainbows, I love being her some days.

Postat av: Elsa

ni två är så brutalt söta <3 <3 du kommer ha det så braaaaaaa, och jag kommer sakna dig som F***N på nyår <3 <3

2011-12-20 @ 20:44:24
Postat av: mamma

ja söta. men kom hem fort!

2011-12-27 @ 18:07:19

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