Next year I'll be just as good

There are few joys as great as wrapping christmas presents to christmas music with less than two weeks to go till the day in question :) Heading off to a Christmas party with the family soon, and the only sadness in the world is the lack of snow still..
"Santa buddy" by Michael Bublé
Yesterday Solveig, Louise and I had the end-of-semester dance show with our belly dance group. I think we did great and we looked so hot ;) hahah and when we came home Solveig and I did our performance number for the family and Elsa took pics... here are some...
Love the sound the hip scarves make when doing the movement shown above... ^^

Postat av: gemmsan <3

naaww va duktigt av er! lisa jag saknar dig! kan ärligt säga att din blogg; som ja läste åtminstone en tredjedel av :), är den första blogg jag läst .

luv u

2011-12-12 @ 01:08:38

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