stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

Awe Breaking Dawn was so pretty! I had no idea it would be so emotional and pretty.. So for this one post I get to be a total Twilight fan and then I'll stop again I promise :)
Let's just say the film was great, teary eye moments and breath taking moments and cute, silly, funny, intense, exciting, romantic, dreamy, horrifying, lovable moments. It was better than expected and I totally Adored that they put the song from Prom back into the wedding it was so cute how it was like in their heads and like no one was there but those two.. Here's the soundtrack of that part, wish I had the clip but couldn't find it.. however, it's better with the rest of the movie with it anyways. Check it out, it seriously made all three of us teary eyed :)
Thanks sweet Pauline and Louise for a girly and wonderful evening <3


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