Every turn a surprise with new horizons to pursue

So much has happened since I moved to Upplands Väsby, and hence I have had absolutely no time to write on this blog. None AT ALL! The first, stressful weeks of school have been taking up most of my time and the only reason I have time to write today is because I cancelled my plans this morning to stay home and GET WELL. Been somewhat sick all week, but I guess that is what to expect after such an intense start. Then I went to the big Nation Gasque last night and even though I went home before midnight I still managed to lose most of my voice (silly me should know better by now!).
So to start out my wonderful first weeks at Uppsala I was part of the Law Club's intro week. I got placed in team Scrubs, and with the theme being Hollywood there were other teams such as TopGun, Bollywood, Little Mermaid, Simpsons, PirateBay, Paparazzi and Superheroes. 
Here are some of the best photos from our week:
RecceDance with TopGun
The team is ready for today's challenges
Me, Elin and Cara ready for the TogaParty
"Omvänder en ekonom"
Parkour Freestyle-style
Water fight in a fountain
Flashmob with TopGun and Bollywood at the central station in Uppsala
I think we were being seals.. not sure
Felix, Elin and I give the lonely Superhero a big hug!
SoapSlide!!! xD
Thank you Uppsala, JF, Faddrarna, the Committe and all the new people I have met and gotten to know over the past three weeks, for a wonderful introduction to College life! 
Now all I gotta do is get through ALL THESE BOOKS

Postat av: mama

ser så kul ut!!!!! för tusende gången önskar jag att jag också gjort det. men glad för att du gör det. hur du än väljer framöver!

2013-09-17 @ 11:13:05

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