Quickly, before the rain

Seems my life consists of nothing but studying right now, even though I came back from fall break today. It's as if the books never let go of their grip on you, and honestly - I even dream about solutions to my case problems, and wake up frustrated that I can't recall how I solved the whole seminar.. 
However, I did have a fall break, and it was a wonderful break from needing to be places at certain times. Mandatory attendance for the entire semester means I can never miss a class, ever. Or I'm out of the program pretty much (ok after 3 missed classes but still). So a week of sleeping in a little and not stressing out was well needed!
Gotta get some pictures off my phone, but then I will update for real. here's just one for now!
(instragram copy) 

Postat av: mamslan

hej ser ut som sötnos i helvinterskrud! kram!

2013-11-06 @ 17:30:59

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