Waiting for the buds of spring

I think I can surely assume that it warms everyone's heart to see the snow finally beginning to melt away and the ground peeking out. At least it makes me really happy to know that spring just might be around the corner, though it is not yet here. Nothing is green and there is still ice covering the streets, making them a dangerous hazard to all us uncareful pedestrians. 
The best part of all is that the sun is up when I leave for work in the early morning. The worst part is that "up with the sun" can no longer justify a late morning and sleeping in. It is in any case nice to wake up on this one day that I have off work after working 7 days straight, with 7 workdays ahead of me, and realise it's late enough that the sun is breaking through the bedroom window and telling me it's time to get up.
I am counting down to many exciting things right now. In three weeks easter will surely bring some green and maybe even some spring flowers. Three weeks away is also the beginning of my course in Law Overviewing, which will help me decide if Law is the major I want to go for in college in the fall. Three weeks is also the time until April Fools, which is always a positive thing to look forward to. Basically, I can take three weeks of this grey half-spring weather with a hint of ice, because after that I am sure even spring can't wait any longer!
 This is what I remember from Easter time last year <3 Paris with Louise


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