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When one finally thought spring was coming around, and the air was clear and the sun was bright enough to spread some warmth, I wake up to snow. All day today those evil flakes have been falling. We're more than halfway through March and I feel less envigorated and enthusiastic for spring when I can't even see the ground. 
Today I finally got ahold of my last book for the pre-law course I'm taking, starting April 2nd. I'm excited yet scared, because for this 2 month course I have more litterature to read than for my entire senior year (at least it feels like it). And the book "Swedish Law" is not any less intimidating, being thicker than THREE of my largest Harry Potter books put together! Crazy... 
It's been a stressful weekend, but when is it not nowadays.. Extra work, to ensure that I can be off for Easter Eve, as well as dance classes and the annual easter loppis that the sea scouts arrange. Sunday it was so nice and warm outside that Trevor and I went and bought ice cream. Looking out the window today I can only sigh at the thought of ice cream.
But at least I have had this nice day to do all the things I never have time for, like blogging. Hope someone read it. Over and out. 


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