Frozen berries in the smoothie

Almost a month, crazy how time flies when one has no time at all. Thanks Elsa for reminding me to blog some :)
Lots of things have happened, and really nothing at the same time. Just found out yesterday that my beloved Soso will be moving to Sweden in the end of May! That's way exciting news, wasn't expecting her until end of summer. She also got a job and since I know she reads this blog sometimes - Congrats!
So, a little update on the winter in this cold, northern land...
Grövelsjön, norwegian border
I have been on sports break, though I am not sure it's still called a break if it's just be taking time off of work. However, I packed away my three jobs for a week and went up north with the family, including Trevor. Spent a week in "our" old cabins up in Grövelsjön, where I have gone for sportsbreak basically every year for my whole life. It was good to be back and I loved showing Trevor all the fun we have up there. Cross country skiing, slalom, sledding, going shopping with "the kick", millions of stars at night and jumping in the snow after a sauna. I'm not sure he appreciated the långfil, but the rest seemed to be as much of an adventure for him as it was for me. 
We be cold and snowy :D


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