Så länge solen den glittrar på böljorna blå

Short update on a short day. Exciting to go get Solveig at the airport yesterday, and finally she is living in Sweden for real. Though her flight was delayed a couple of times, and I ended up waiting around for 3+ hours... it was envigorating to go pick her up myself this time!
One of the first pictures ever taken of the two of us. SOO long ago ;) <3 We look little and strange..
After that the evening was pretty much an update on everybody's lives for the past 7 months, and meeting the family again and having a nice summer dinner outside. I think Solveig slept through parts of it, and I know how killer-tiring the trip from Utah is so I don't blame her. 
Today has been all about installing her into our apartment and landing, basically. We have had a calm day, and I got some studying done so now I'm not freaking out AS MUCH for my first college final ever. Everyone, think of me or pray for me or whatever you do to help :) Thanks!
Now - I'm just anticipating summer and all I want to do is head out with the boat and stay away from reality for a few days, just long enough to honestly forget what day it is, or when you last washed your hair, or what date that thing was due, or when you need to pay rent or study or figure out your life. Right now I want sun and a good book. And some green grass would be nice. 

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2013-06-14 @ 14:14:46

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