Another Day Belongs to You and Me

Who doesn't need a little Christmas Break every now and then? Well here I am, back and writing. Might also be a result of me spending more time home alone during the fall, and now I work three jobs and my schedule is way busier. I'm actually heading to work in just a little bit, but figured I should at least post some pictures and updates real quick. 
Well I wrote right after Christmas, I believe, so here's New Year's Eve:
Compliments to my little sister who made great and pretty drinks at my parents'!
The evening then continued with a bunch of friends coming over to the apartment to celebrate the strike of midnight on our balcony. Sadly I took no pictures of the night, but let's just said I had fun and didn't have the time :)

Hello 2013! First year since 1987 where all four numbers are different. Strange as always to have a new year. Well it's started out great, got another six months in our apartment ahead of us, and I've signed up for an overview Law course in April-May at the Stockholm University. Considering Law for next fall, we'll see. 
I work more than ever, even if all three jobs are just part time, and fill up the remaining time hanging out with friends, and being with Trevor. 
Ice skating on the frozen lake
Elsa and mom


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