At the beginning with you

New life, new chapter, new apartment.. Life sure shows a new side behind every bend in the road. Here I sit, alone in this big, beautiful apartment that Trevor and I are living in since yesterday, and I feel incredibly lucky. 
More than anything I feel lucky to have such a marvelous family who won't make up excuses or watch from a distance, but who did everything they could this weekend and yesterday to help us out. My mom has supported and organized all of us, but mainly me when I was chaotic and confused. My dad has driven here and there and back again, and carried more boxes than the rest of us combined. Elsa has supported, understood and been patient, all the while motivating me and making me feel excited about it all. Sara has patiently carried boxes and cheered me on, though I secretly think both my sisters are a little jealous. 
And Trevor, I know we are moving into this apartment together but his neverending patience and energy and plain excitement inspired me and made me feel less of a melancholy about the fact that I move so far away from everyone, and rather appreciate and enjoy the wonderful opportunity and the chances we take. And when he happily continues putting together chairs past midnight, on the floor, I love him.


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