Pictures on your wall

So I guess Funkykidz decided to update their website and fill it with the pictures they took of us instructors during the kick-off in August... Can't say it's the most charming photo of moi, but hey I look happy and that's all that the kids who will see this care about :) So that's all that matters. 
Other than that, my life is slowly falling into some sort of habit where I live in this apartment, visit my parents once or twice a week for dinner, work 2-3 days a week at ICA, spend my Sundays dancing with little kids and try to catch a glimpse of every moment I get to spend with Trevor. Also trying to fit my dear friends into the equation, which equals strangely little time to do nothing. One might think that me taking a year off before college, taking a year to work and figure out what I want to study and where the path of career will lead me... one might think that I have whole days to do nothing at all. You couldn't be more wrong. I have filled my days with things that I want to do, and also I have gone from interviews to auditions to work to birthday celebrations to dance practise to girls night to doing dishes to just taking the time to breath and write blog posts like this. My life is as full and lively as ever, and I hope have enough time to make the big decisions I am working on for next year. Time will tell. 


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