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Exciting and new, I had a job interview today! Contacted Explorius the other day, the organisation that I went to Utah, US with a few years ago for my awesome exchange year at Hurricane High School, and the wanted to meet me and talk. So I went to their office today and met with Lina who I remember from back when I was nervous and getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. It was so nice to catch up and reconnect with all that excitement and anticipation. 
So what I'm hoping is that I end up with another part time job, and one that sure seems fun and inspiring to me. As a representative of Explorius it is one's job to spread the word, so to speak. With everything from spreading information on paper to facebook to interviewing future exchange students! I am so thrilled and I figured I might as well start out right away. I do after all keep a blog in English where I (if you go back a few years among the posts) wrote all about my experiences during MY exchange year, and even though every exchange year is unique, I might as well spread the information here as anywhere else. 
Check out the website. If as little as one person clicks this link and finds information they are interested in, this post was not for nothing. All I can say is that my judgement is only clouded by how insanely awesome my exchange year was and how badly I want the same for everyone I know. 

I know right? The pic could be from a catalogue for exchange students. One of the best days of my life.
And Soso (i know you're one of the few people who actually always reads my blog and I love you for it) these songs are growing on me and I can only say "Thank you all-mighty, all-knowing Soso" ;)

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Du e så vuxen å ja känner mig så liten å Gud va stor du har blivit! Puss på dig <3333

2012-09-17 @ 22:59:58

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