it's the most wonderful time

It's snowing it's snowing it's already snowing!! How exciting, that there has already been some snow on the ground, and it's still October!
Can it be that today is just the kind of day that no one expects and then it turns out great? I think so. Payday today (wihooo!) as well as first snow of the season. Also had Pauline over for lunch which is always nice, and spent the evening with my parents talking trips and plans. Dad made a fire in the fireplace when we realised the garden was getting whiter by the minute, and I ran out with the dogs to check it out. Had tea and stayed till it was completely dark. Lovely evening, for sure. 

I guess the only downside to this day would be the dental visit I had to endure this morning at 7.50 am :S First off, I don't like dentists. Second, I dislike my dentist even more. Third, I came home with my teeth hurting a ton more than they did when I woke up (which was nothing at all). 


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