Let's all be Rockstars and Dance together

Enjoy, the Funkykidz show at the end of the fall semester. Visiting was Danny but the main attraction was of course the adorable kids who have worked so hard for 10 weks to learn these dances and I am SO proud! 
I have 5 groups, aged 2-3, 4-5, 4-5, 6-7 and 7-8. Hence I did 5 dances, all in front of the group to guide them through the moves except for the 2-3-yearolds where both the parents and I were up on stage with them. 
Age 4-5 Football Dance
(+ my assistant Elin up on stage)
Age 6-7 Neon Dance
Age 7-8 Dynamite Dance
After each number we thank the audience and I get up on stage with my Wonderful students. It's amazing to realise how much I mean to them and they mean to me. I hope many of them continue next semester because I sure will!
Thank you for this semester and the great times. Oh and btw, I high fived Danny. I'm cool ^_^


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