I am the shadow on the moon at night

Halloween has come and gone, and though this year I didn't dress up for school (since I'm no longer enrolling in a school, at least not atm) and I didn't go to any Halloween parties, I had a great time. Trevor and I set up the decorations in the beginning of October because we figured we might as well get to see them for a while and enjoy the scary setting of the apartment for more than just a few days. Spiderwebs covering the ceiling, little spiders all over, a big spider in a nest of web in a corner, a black cat by a lantern, bats in the ceiling lights and a slug on the bathroom mirror. It was epic to put it all up and I'm dreading taking it down in a few days. 
However, the Halloween Gettogether we had with some friends, and the Annual Family Halloween Dinner, both turned out nicely and we had so much fun making all the food and desserts and stuff ourselves!
I love you.
And by now all the Halloween food and candy is gone too, and I'm starting to get a tiny bit excited for Christmas to approach =D


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