Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Jetlagged enough to sleep till 2 pm today, I am already back in the darkness and rain of Sweden. I've had a marvelous trip with my love to Utah for a week, and already I want to go back to the sunshine and the warmth. Host family visit, late night Denny's date, lots of driving, LOTS of turkey through three thanksgiving dinners, lots of Trevor's family and much shopping on Black Friday. Thanks everyone for giving me some sunshine to keep me sane till it finds its way back to Sweden (some time in April probably).
Trevor, me, Aryn and Zack hiking in Zion
Solveig and Matt with the gang at Denny's, around 1 am. Yes, she's hyper :)
Christmas decorations in Salt Lake City <3
Sadly Trevor's phone went missing somewhere between the flight to Minneapolis and the flight to Amsterdam... Probably it's laying around the Minneapolis airport somewhere so if anyone happens to find it near gate G4 or G5, let me know :P More importantly (in my opinion) most of our photos from the trip were lost with the phone and these are just the few that automatically uploaded to his Google+ account. Thank goodness not all were lost but sadly this is almost all the photos I have. Besides some silly travel photos from my phone that I might put up later. Peace out ^^

Postat av: Soso

Haha, I'm stealing that picture of Matt and me. :P Too bad about Trevor's phone! :( You are both missed!

2012-11-27 @ 04:59:09

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