The laughter penetrates my silence

Finally got the report from SLC after Trevor's interview, and I've handed it in after my nice dad drove me to the migration board yesterday and it's now in the hands of the person handling our case. Now we wait and wait....
Photo taken in Grövelsjön by Soso
All the snow is now gone and it feels like spring. The air is still cold and when I woke up today the kitchen thermometer showed negative 9 degrees celsius. I definately encourage spring to arrive, since I am completely over winter by now and eager to run in the grass and feel the sun on my face. Today while waiting for the bus, heading to the gym after school, I stood for a few minutes and just let the sun warm me and I felt like if I closed my eyes I could almost imagine I wasn't wearing a big coat, or a scarf, or boots... Like it was summer. Somehow the nickname I have received from some people - Sunflower - makes so much sense. I really do turn towards the sun and just absorb it as much as I can. I have enjoyed winter but I am ready for spring to arrive!

This could possibly be one of the prettiest duets I know :) Like it a lot <3

Postat av: Soso

Oooh, I didn't know you listened to Snow Patrol. :P Yay!

You are adorable in that pic. Very glad I took it. And hope to hear back from the migration peoples soon! :)

2012-03-06 @ 23:02:40

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