Bright bright bright Sunshine day

I think today is a happy day. Today is a perfect day. Today could very well be more amazing than I ever dared hope for.
For one thing - I got my Graduation Hat today and it looks more amazing than I imagined and graduation is in just 57 schooldays and I've caught every bus and train without having to wait today and I had tortellini and corn and olives for lunch and I wrote a nice email to the migration board after a nice lady on the phone helped me find the right email address and I managed to stay away from buying anything unhealthy at the cafeteria in school and I didn't have my first hour today because my teacher was sick so I got a nice sleepin and I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I got around to finished unpacking my bags from skiing week and I had company all the way home from school twice today so didn't have to go alone and I feel less sore from the workout yesterday than I thought I would and it was sunny today. It was way sunny and I felt like sitting outside during lunch and soak up the sun. Today is a great day.
Hope to see some of these in the garden soon. Think the pic is taken by Elsa last spring :)

Postat av: Elsa

jag är bara otroligt avundsjuk på din fantastiska dag <3 och lite smått på ditt fantastiska liv..

älskar dig med <3 massor <3

2012-03-07 @ 20:33:30
Postat av: Soso

You are the cutest freaking thing. What a great post. I love you. xP <3 Keep smiling cutie!

2012-03-10 @ 11:01:23

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