Americans migrate

Yay for all the americans I manage to drag across the Atlantic to come visit Sweden. I know I alone might not be the reason, but I know several of you wouldn't have come here if it hadn't been for me.
Thanks for the visit Stevie, Tammy and Krystal!!!
Thank you Trevor for moving here to be with me. You are amazing <3
And thank you Solveig. It sucks that you can't be here this summer and I really wish you would go with my idea for next year and just stick around for me to be with, but more than anything I hope you know how much I will miss you once you leave. This year better go by quickly or you better stay, cause I can't be without you for too long, we both know that ;)

Postat av: Soso

:') <3

2012-06-26 @ 12:50:05

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