Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable

It's been two weeks in the new apartment and time has passed really quickly. Had a birthday/move in dinner for Solveig and Max, and have had most of my family over to check it out. I can't believe the luck; a big apartment with three rooms plus a big entry, a nice kitchen, a big balcony, and still on the island. Just amazing.
Besides working for the past few weeks almost every day, I have figured out the area and where the best grocery stores are etc. Suddenly I can take the bus places, which is an option I haven't had before since I've lived along the train only. And a week from now I go on three weeks of vacation from work to go sailing and maybe up north to hike with Trevor. We'll see, because the best part of vacation is not knowing what's coming and taking every day one at a time. Like, tomorrow Elsa is coming over for breakfast, out of the blue. So nice.
There haven't been many visitors yet, just family and my grandma and aunt stopped by which was very nice. Also, Solveig and Max ofc, and Louise has been here a few times. And Laura came by the other day with biscuits, and I ran into Sebastian today who promised to come by. Pauline and Benjamin also came over on Pauline's birthday for a nice lunch. It's so much fun to to cook and bake for visitors so I'd like some more of those =D
pic by Stevie

Postat av: Soso

Jag saknar dig! :(

2012-07-22 @ 07:29:09
Postat av: Soso

Jag saknar dig! :(

2012-07-22 @ 07:29:20

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