Monday can be the Best day of the week if you make it Happy

FINALLY I can speak again! It's still somewhat rusty and I've heard numerous times today that I sound like a teenage boy entering puberty.. Fun, but at least I'd rather be a teenage boy than mute :D
Today has been exciting enough with Swedish class, two hours of Chemistry which consisted of everyone being half panicking about the huge test tomorrow morning, Lunch during which Louise and I had an epiphany and went to her house to see an episode of the tv show we follow together, an apple muffin, physics class where we plugged in a nail and watched it catch on fire and melt, theater with a crazy wife armed with a golf club as well as guys putting on mascara, an apple cake and fat tuesday buns, then a quick stop at home for a tasty dinner and off to bellydance where we danced out superfast speed up dance and it went strangely well (=I didn't fall, I didn't die and I didn't break any bones). Now I am home and trying to make myself not pick up the chemistry book again because I KNOW I won't be able to study and actually LEARN anything else at this point. Oh well, I'm not too worried, this test will turn out as it pleases and I'll just have to face it right on when I sit there at 8 am tomorrow. Hence... I'm off to bed :)
Thanks for being here for me always sweet girl <3

Right now I can't even remember the basic alcohol molecules because my head is filled with the song from my last post. So pretty :)


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