You and me at the arctic circle

Back from summer vacation now, and what a summer it's been! Road trip, sleeping on ice and sailing.
Trevor and I drove through the entire country in two days, to get to Kiruna up north. We hiked the swedish mountains, including hiking by the tallest mountain in the country! It was really cool, but the mosquitoes like the scene too so we had to share our space with them, sadly.
Then, we had reservations at the world famous IceHotel in Jokkasjärvi! We had ice cream served on ice blocks, drank out of glasses made of ice, and hung out in a freezer all evening. Then - we slept in a room made of ice, where the bed was on an ice swan, by an ice pond with ice swans. It was all very adorable.
Our room was called "Swan me up" and was designed by AnnaSofia Maag.
All in all, it was a great vacation and I had tons of fun. The IceHotel is very much recommended by me, everyone should go see it. Tours are available and it is definately worth it. It was quite the experience.

Postat av: Soso

That last one is an adorable picture of you! <3

2012-08-10 @ 09:18:58
Postat av: mamma

Vilken fin bild! och vad häftigt det såg ut på hotellet!

2012-09-09 @ 19:32:05

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